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How to Check if Apps Are Fake in the Google Play Store?

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The first thing that comes to mind when we get our hands on a new mobile device is to install our favourite apps from Play Store or App Store. To keep our phone safe, we should be careful and analyse before installing any apps on to our mobile devices.

The apps include games, apps, messaging, utility and you name it. When it comes to the Google Play Store, there are a lot of apps that are available on the market including Fake apps with malware infestation.

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Sometimes these fake apps will pose as some security updates, and clicking on the download links may lead to your information being stolen. When it comes to misleading users with fake apps, people create listings designed to look exactly like the favourite apps, with same name and icon, to trick anyone into downloading it.

In previous times the Google Play Store has come in the news for being infested with fake and malicious apps. In this article, I will guide you through the steps on how to recognise the fake apps from the Play Store.

  • Before commencing any app installation, always carry out a little research about the developers of the app. in the Play Store, every developer’s name is mentioned right in the app. if the developer is genuine, he will likely have verifiable details on the internet or an owned website.
  • If you are downloading any of your favourite apps, always take a look at the number of downloads. If the amount is not convincing enough, then there’s a chance that the app is fake.
  • In cases where you are not confident about a specific app, don’t install it for risk sakes. In case you are still doubting, do a bit of research before you tap the install button.
  • If you start reading about the description of the app with a bit of common sense, it can help you tell the right from wrong. Remember that most of the permissions asked by an app comply with its functions/feature, so take note of its functions/features.
  • Remember that the genuine developers develop “apps” that will be useful to the users and not mobile websites or links to scam you into clicking on ads.
  • And finally, if you passed all the other stages and everything is clear after you’ve looked at all the details, take a look at the app reviews. There will be some legitimate reviews from previous users of the app who realised the app was fake after installing it and also remember counterfeit apps will have fake reviews, and you can’t miss it.

Good luck with exploring your favourite apps. Don’t forget to share with friends.

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