How to Decide Which Identity Theft Protection is Right for You

Identity Theft Protection

With increasing risk to digital identity online, it becomes important to place necessary counter measures. Here, selecting best identity protection service is one up-hill task that may consume a lot of your time & efforts. To deal with this issue here we have mentioned steps you should follow to identify the best identity protection service for you.

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Read Online Reviews: To begin with, you should look for reviews & ratings of identity theft protection services available online. Here, you can check different review sites and agencies to know how suitable any service would be when it comes to crucial identity theft protection. Remember to check all positive & negative reviews & ratings and compare them for the best results. Further, check reviews for multiple services and then decide which one to choose.

Compare identity theft protection services: Once you read the reviews and checked ratings for different services next is to compare these services based on features & options they provide. Here, you can compare services based on features like what credit monitoring & replacement services they are using, whether they provide reimbursement for stolen information or not, do they provide identity theft insurance, whether they offer lost wages reimbursement and more. You should carefully check and compare these services based on other important factors as well before finalizing the best service for you.

Evaluate information provided on the website: Next step to follow should be to check and verify the information provided on identity theft protection services websites. Here, you should verify the services mentioned on the site are actually available or not. You should be extra careful with big promises like “100% identity theft protection” as no company can guarantee 100% protection. You should also aware of websites that provide information ambiguously. Further, beware of exaggerated or misleading content on the site to avoid unnecessary trouble. You should also verify which sources it monitors to help you avoid identity theft. Here, you can select the service which clearly mentions why monitoring specific source could be helpful to you.

Review the company’s pricing plans: Pricing plans play a crucial role to help you decide which identity theft protection service is perfect for you. While checking for features of different identity theft protection services, you may find numerous options that not necessarily help you protect you from identity theft. Thus, there is no use of paying for these services. Further, be cautious for companies that don’t clearly identify the pricing for each service they offer.

Review guarantees, insurance etc.: While deciding for the best identity theft protection service, you should review all guarantees and insurance cover provided by the service provider. Here, many companies provide 1-million-dollar coverage that is only limited to type of loss mentioned in the policy, so you should read those terms & conditions as well. Here, you should also check for personal information companies are asking you and how they will use it. Are they going to share your personal information with other companies and why?

Select best identity theft protection service: Now when you have tested various services based on different features they offer this is the time to find best one for you. In addition to full-fledged identity theft protection services, you can also rely on such third-party apps that offer best services to keep your identity safe. One such app is Advanced Identity Protector that works on advanced algorithms to help you manage your identity traces. Let’s discuss how it works?

Once you install & launch this program, click on “Start Scan Now” button. Here, it will instantly start looking for all identity traces on your device storage.

It will display scan results on Identity Scan window. It will include information related to browsers, email clients, Windows Registry and documents & files. Here, you will find different options to manage this information that includes an option to remove identity traces permanently, add them to the exclusion list or moving the information to Secure Vault.

Once you move information to Secure Vault, you can manage all these identity traces under the Secure Vault window given in the program.

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You can access the Settings window to manage all settings of the program. These settings include auto start, auto updater, create log, schedule scan, excluded items or folders and scan logs.

Features of Advanced Identity Protector (AIP)

Protects Sensitive Information: This powerful tool works on advanced algorithms to help you protect all your identity traces in secured manner. You can use this tool to protect information like passwords, email ids, banking credentials, login details and more.

Organize Personal Data Securely: Once it scans and detects all important identity traces on your device, it helps you move them to an encrypted Secure Vault. Once you move your data to this encrypted vault, your data will remain protected for all cyber threats.

Protect Credit Card Information: In addition to protecting your other identity traces, it also helps you secure your credit card details. It puts all your sensitive information to Secure Vault where all the information remains in an encrypted manner for better security.

Quick Access to Information: Moving all your sensitive & important details to Secure Vault will reduce the need to remember all this information. Further, you can access this information anywhere anytime you want.

Areas Protected by AIP: It helps you protect information gathered in a browser, email clients, documents & files and Windows registry.

Conclusion: While selecting the best identity theft protection service could be a cumbersome task for you, using Advanced Identity Protector helps you reduce this task. This smart solution offers advanced features to help you manage all sensitive identity traces in a jiffy. We highly recommend this app to keep your identity traces safe.

Summary: When users are increasing exponentially on online platforms, it becomes important to keep their identities safe from cyber threats. Let’s discuss ways to select the best identity theft protection service for you to keep your identity traces safe online.

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