How to Disable Bixby?

Disable Bixby

Are you looking to disable Bixby on your Samsung smartphone? we know exactly how to help you. If you are wondering what Bixby is, then you probably don’t know about the Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, and Note 9.

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10+ also come with this feature, so brace yourself and read till the end if you’ll be purchasing any of the above smartphones.

Since the lunch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is the first Samsung device to come with the onboard assistant, Bixby, many Samsung users have been in search of how they can disable Bixby and totally forget the button is even a part of their phone.

While I am sure that you know you can’t take away the hardware button, there is definitely a lot you can do about the software.

How can you do that? here is how to completely disable Bixby on Samsung Galaxy S & Note Phones.

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Why do people want to disable Bixby?

One of the major frustrations with these Samsung devices with the Bixby button is its location; the button is placed right under the volume keys and almost directly opposite the phones power buttons.

On bigger devices such as the Galaxy S10+, this placement usually leads to mistakenly pressing and unintended launches of the Bixby, especially when you choose to double-press the power button for the purpose of launching the camera.

On the Samsung note 10 and 10+, it is annoying how the power button is now combined with the Bixby button because this combination adds a whole new level of complication to using the phone.

What Samsung phone do you have?

If you use a Galaxy S8 or S8+, Note 8, Galaxy S9 or S9+, Note 9, or Galaxy S10 series, all you need to do is follow the directions below to disable Bixby.

Your reason instructions are specific is because your phone is designed with a power button separate from your Bixby button, which makes it somewhat more difficult to fully disable Bixby (don’t worry, you can still do it).

If you use a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or 10+, your instructions for disabling Bixby are a bit different, but also a little bit easier, since the combined Bixby/Power button means you have the chance to disable Bixby completely and forget it was ever there. You don’t even need to log into your Samsung account to disable it!

I guess, this adjustment made because Samsung knew just how frustrating it was to be unable to fully disable Bixby on the other phones, or just maybe the adjustment is just a side effect of consolidating two separate buttons into one. Either way, it’s super easy to fully disable Bixby on the Note 10 series.

Not only is it unnecessary for you to log into a Samsung account, but once you successfully disabled it, you never have to worry about interacting with Bixby again if you do not desire to ? either accidentally or on purpose.

How to disable the Bixby button?

Disable Bixby

Straight from the box, the Galaxy Note 10 smartphone has Bixby turned on by default: it activates the Bixby Home application when you double-press the power button; and when you lunch a long-press, it activates the Bixby Voice.

Lucky for you, you can disable both of these for good in one fell swoop.

  1. Simply swipe down on the notifications shade.
  2. Click on the Power menu button that is found in the quick settings panel.
  3. Go to the power menu and tap on the Side key settings.
  4. When you see Double press interaction, change to Quick launch camera or change to Open app.

If you choose to select Open App, click on the cog button to choose you’d prefer to open with a double-press.

  1. Change the Press and hold the option of interaction to Power off menu.

Now, you don’t have to worry about accidentally bringing up Bixby whenever you press or hold the power button. Once that is done, the last thing you have to do is to take away Bixby Home from your home screen.

How to take away Bixby Home from your phone home screen

  1. 1. From the home screen, press down on the empty space or just pinch your fingers together until the menu shows up.
  2. 2. Simply swipe to the right to get to the left home panel.
  3. 3. You can the disable Bixby Home.

Putting Bixby where it should belong

To be honest, Bixby has indeed improved since its birth in the year 2017 together with the Galaxy S8. But even though Bixby has its rightful place, the widely used Google Assistant is no doubt a far better voice assistant for a lot of people.

Maybe this is because the Google Assistant is built into every Android phone, even the Galaxy S and Note series. Also, it is quite easy to access whenever you want by simply holding down the home button.

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