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How to Fix Airpods Volume Sound Problems?

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Have had any problems with the volume of your AirPods? Before you try replacing it or getting another why don’t you try troubleshooting the issues before thinking about getting a replacement?

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This article will be providing all the necessary information you need to fix the volume problems of your AirPods. But first, you will need to identify the issues before dealing with them.

Most Airpods users have reported two common problems:

  • The sound coming from the earbuds is too low
  • One earbuds volume is softer and louder than the other

By identifying these issues will give way for the next step which is the solution.

Troubleshooting unequal volume output of your AirPods

The first step to take is to head to the settings menu of your device. Then you navigate to the general menu and select “Accessibility”. One that is done scroll down and looks for the “Hearing” section.

This section enables you to set the audio balance for your AirPods. Remember to do this if you notice that one earbuds volume does not match the other. The AirPods are designed to have the same volume level unless the settings have been altered. You can then go ahead to adjust the level of the volume for each earbuds using this.

Restart everything

For this, to work, you have to restart the iOS device or any other device that is connected to the AirPods. Switch off your device’s Bluetooth and then wait for a few seconds before turning on your Bluetooth back on.

On your iPad or iPhone, you can do this by going to the Settings menu and selecting on Bluetooth. Swipe to switch it off. Wait a few seconds then swipe it back on.


Start from Zero

Most times, the changes in the setting don’t get saved. To fix this, you need to turn everything down to its zero settings then slowly increase the volume to your preferred level. Turn down your AirPods volume while it is being used.

Turn everything all the way down to zero while you are listening to music. When the volume is at zero, disconnected the earbuds by clicking on the blue “i” icon that is next to the AirPods. Then select “Disconnect”. However, make sure that you only disconnect and not unpair the device.

Then next, you have to open the music application from your device and try playing some music. Afterwards, turn down the volume to zero. Try to reconnect the AirPods to the device. Now turn the volume up. This should fix the problem regarding too low volume on the earbuds.

Update the Firmware

Another problem for malfunctioning AirPods I outdated firmware. Apple release update regularly and it is advisable to follow up with these updates to keep your devices updated because most updates come with a bug fix. Below are the steps you need to update your AirPods firmware:

Place your AirPods in its charging unit.

Plug in the charging unit into a power source

Make sure that your iOS device is not too far from its charging unit or case and it’s connected to the Internet.

Clean your AirPods


Whenever you hear a muffled sound of one of the pods is getting slightly quieter, then it is likely that your AirPods need cleaning. Dead skin cells and ear wax go into the earbuds whenever you wear them. It can build up inside the speaker thereby causing issues that are related to volume. There are a lot of ways to remove these gunk. Below are the best options:

  • Get a lint-free cloth. Always make sure that the cloth is dry. Rub the AirPods using the cloth. When it comes to the speaker make sure it’s cotton swab, rub it gently until it’s free of debris. For any hard or pushed-in gunk that is trapped within, remove it with a soft-bristled brush. Remember not to use anything that would scratch the inside of your AirPods. This can damage the earbuds permanently.
  • Another way to go about this is to clean using a toothbrush with soft bristles. Use this brush to remove the wax and dead cell that build up from the sound openings. These can be found in the large openings on the earbuds. Remember not to abrade anything by brushing too hard. This can make the issues worse if you push in the debris into the opening. The next step is to suck the debris from the mesh using a micro-vacuum tool. When you feel the air is flowing through the openings, brush the debris off.

However, if the following instructions do not fix the issues on your pods, there may be a problem with the hardware. And if this is the case, you may take your earbuds to an Apple service centre and also consider the possibility of getting a new pair of AirPods.

Tell us what you feel about this article by using the comments section below.

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