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How to Fix Netflix Download Problems?

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One of my favourite part of going on a vacation was taking along a couple of Netflix shows and original movies. But the most annoying that can happen to you on your vacation is when you notice the big yellow warning that said Expired. Well, that will leave you astounded.

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With a vast network, you will rarely face any challenges streaming Netflix shows, but you will be caught off guard by the Expired message. Although streaming has its perks, offline downloads make the scene a tad different. So if you frequently download shows and originals, the odds are you will run into similar issues.

So this article will be a compilation of some of the most common downloaded issues and problems and their solutions while using Netflix. Let’s begin.

Does Netflix have a Download Limit?

Before we start going into the problems, let’s take a look at Netflix’s download limits. Though the streaming service offers a lot of original content, its vast library also carries titles which are licensed from the original creators.

Hence, depending on the title and the running time of the licensing rights, Netflix sets a specific download limit for each show and movie.

And to the answer to the question asked above, yes Netflix does have a download limit. The streaming platform lets you download up to 100 titles per device. After which, Netflix will throw up an error of ‘There was a problem…’ when the limit is exceeded. Reaching a number this high on a single device is a rare occurrence.

But if you use your Netflix details across multiple devices, these numbers might vary. Thankfully, in such cases, you will receive a warning so that you can remove the old titles. The best option is to delete the download all together instead of removing them one by one.

All you need to do is to navigate to More > App Settings in the Netflix app and then tap on the Delete all Downloads option.


However, there are no strict guideline and rules. Depending on the title, the time of availability and the download limit may vary.


The question you should be asking is, is there a download limit per title? The answer is yes. Sadly, Netflix does not make you aware of the limit that is set on each title. Meaning you have to resort to the trial and error method of downloading the title and checking it.

Now, that we have established the cause of this article, let’s check out some of the common download issues.

1. How to remove the “Too many devices error.”

This error usually occurs when you have downloaded titles on multiple devices or profiles. That is because Netflix restricts video downloads to one device per account.

But to remove these errors, you will have to delete the older titles from your other devices. To do this, tap on the Exclamation icon that is next to the title and then selects Delete Download.


After that, you are required to restart the app.

2. Downloaded titles showing expired tag

Downloaded shows should not stay on your device for a long time because some titles are available for offline viewing for a certain period like about a week or two. Usually, when a show passes the stipulated time, the Expired tag will pop up next to the content’s thumbnail.

How-to-Fix-These-Netflix-Download-Problems How-to-Fix-These-Netflix-Download-Problems

Though many titles will allow you to renew the download quickly, that is not the case for all. Some studios allow only a certain number of downloads. If in any case, you are not able to do so, the only solution you have is to stream it online.

Also, note that the shows that leave Netflix platform also show an Expired tag next to them.


3. Yearly download limit error

This error is related to the one already discussed above. As mentioned earlier, some content rights holders allow a certain number of downloads for their creations. In this situation, makers put a restriction on the number of downloads per year.


And again, there’s no workable way around this error except to either wait for a few months or to stream it online.

4. Netflix downloads not showing up/disappeared

have you ever noticed your Downloaded TV shows disappearing, well the chances are that the Smart Downloads feature is enabled on the app. this feature deletes the episode you have seen only to replace it with the next episode.

It was quite shocking when it happened to me. Thankfully, I figured it out, and i shall explain it in detail towards the end of this post.

5. Netflix downloads showing unavailable

This error occurs mostly when you haven’t watched any of the downloaded content on your app, and then you will see the Unavailable error.


The worst thing is the thumbnail that doesn’t even show an exclamation sign nor a warning sign. The error only pops up when you click on the thumbnail to watch it.

However, you can solve that error very quickly too by tapping on the Download Again button. Remember to apply the usual rules of restarting your app if the download does not resume.

6. Titles not downloading

Sometimes downloads do not initiate, even when you tap on the Download button multiple times. Or in some cases, downloads do not resume even when you tap on the Renew button.



In such a situation, a wise thing to do is to restart the app and to start the process from scratch.

And at the end of the day, always remember that not every title on Netflix is up for downloads. Also, the downloaded files are massive, and it will most likely eat up space and data on your device.

So, if you are someone who sometimes forgets to watch downloaded shows, the Smart Downloads feature was created for you.

What are Smart Downloads and how do you go about it?

Netflix Smart Downloads is all about automatic downloads. Built for extended series such as The Stranger Things, The Crown, and when this feature is enabled, it automatically downloads the next episode in the series after you have seen the previous.

And not only that, the app is smart enough to delete the old episode from your phone.

It can be enabled from the settings section ‘More > App Settings.’ once that is done, you’ll see the option at the top of the download page.

How-to-Fix-These-Netflix-Download-Problems How-to-Fix-These-Netflix-Download-Problems

If you are subscribed to a limited cellular internet plan, you don’t need to worry because this feature only kicks in when the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network. So you are safe.

Furthermore, Smart Downloads also allows you to delete shows easily. This is done from the Download page, and you tap on any title to activate the selection and then after you check the titles that you want to be deleted followed by tapping on the Trash icon for it to be erased off your device.


How-to-Fix-These-Netflix-Download-Problems How-to-Fix-These-Netflix-Download-Problems

Also, you can quickly deactivate the feature by just tapping on the I-icon.

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