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How to Free up Space on iPhone for iOS 9 and Above?

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We all are excited about iPhone. Actually we are not good enough……. But When we talk about space, Apple has a little heart for it. I am just kidding…… ? However, Apple gives a little bit low space, it’s application and games are in high bytes (Those are in MBs or in GBs).

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In example, Starting price of Mac is around 1200 to 1500 USD. In that price, it gives up to only 256 GB HDD then other. No doubt, it gives better performance and offers an excellent ability to work.

Let’s take an example of iPhone. In iPhone, apple gives you the best performance and also have a great features (Those are advanced). A normal man can afford an iPhone of 16 GB. But this advanced features take more space.

In 16 Gb of iPhone, we can not save more things to gather. Either you have to reduce the use of iPhone or increase your space in it. I know, you can not avoid using of an iPhone. So you have only one way that is free up space on iPhone. You might have a question : How to free up space on iPhone?

Don’t worry, I have the best solution to increase your space in your iPhone. I will share you few massive tips and tricks, with that you can upgrade to more space to your phone for free.

Just do few things and you will definitely save more space in iOS device. You can apply these tips in iOS 7, 8, 9 and above.

Say Good Bye to unwanted Apps

All Apple iOS device are running on apps, not a whole system, I would say 80% of device consume apps which are updated and advanced.

We always want to check new apps. Therefore, In excitement we install all apps whether it is necessary or not. If these apps are bad, we don’t use it for next time.

And those are remains installed as it is on the phone. These apps are run in high bytes and it takes a lot of space of iPhone. With these apps iOS becomes slow. So we have to remove these unnecessary apps.

If you want to check which apps are installed in your iOS device and how much space they taking up. Just go Got to Settings ► General ► Usage ► Manage Storage under Storage.


To delete apps, Follow these simple steps to remove apps.

Settings ► General ► Usage ► Manage Storage and tap the app you want to delete and tap the “Delete App” button on the next screen. Another way, from the Home screen, tap and hold the app icon and wait for it to wiggle. Now tap the “X” in the upper right-hand corner to delete the app.

Clean out Junk Messages

If you think Messages does not take space, you are wrong. However, Messages have a low space it can take up high space. If you check message library, you will get too much junk messages in it. These messages have enough space to make your storage full.

You didn’tget my point?

I will show you.

Well, I am not just talking about your only message library, I am also talking about messaging apps. We all are using  top messaging apps such as WhatsApp, FB messenger, Gmail and many alternatives of it. But these apps have direct configured in our mobile storage.

So every time we use chat, it generates a message history itself. And these history takes up more space. So once you clear that you don’t need these message history or any junk messages, just delete it.

In running way, I would like to say don’t store text forever. Whenever you receive and send messages, Your iPhone stores all texts. If you have any important messages then you can store it. Otherwise please remove it.

To do that, just go in settings ► messages. Go down until you find Message History and tap on Keep Messages. You will see these kinds of option: Forever, 1 year, 30 days etc. You can change it as per your need.

Similarly, clear out iMessages. go to the iMessage app then tap “Edit” in the top left-hand corner. Select all the conversations you want to clear out and tap “Delete” in the bottom right-hand corner. Make sure these messages are not an important.


Be careful about Photos, Audios and Videos

Here is another most important way of How to Free up space on iPhone and any iOS device. You would have many photos, Music and even video as well in your iPhone.

Because iOS device supports high definition picture quality of photos and videos. That’s why we like to store pictures and videos. Right !?

Whenever we capture an image, we save it. I know it automatically saves. But However, an image angle is bad, we like it. Because iPhone’s camera gives the best result. And also we can run 1080p video on iPhone. So we keep videos in HD clarity.

In continue, we all are using messaging apps, with the help of that we transfer Audio, pictures and video as well. So whenever we receive a media, it gets download automatically. May you know or don’t, I don’t know.

To stop automatically download, in settings of those apps, there is a setting option of media, please uncheck to “Auto download media”. This thing creates a limit to downloading unnecessary data. If it gets a download in unacquainted, delete that files.

Likewise, if you have many unwanted files such as HD images, HD videos and music as we talked next to the above phrase, guys please delete. Don’t get embarrassed. Take your time, find that junk file and hit delete.

This thing will help you to get more free space in your iPhone and an iOS devices.

Don’t save more photos of each photo

You don’t create more photos of each pic, It generates itself. When you capture a photo in burst mode, it creates more images of the same image. Burst mode helps you to take the best shot of sports mode or any action. So when you take any snapshot in burst mode, don’t forget delete unwanted pic after capturing.

Do you know HDR mode in camera ??

In other way, when you capture any pic in HDR mode, HDR mode takes a 2 or 3 image of same image and it combine these images and fetch it and then gives the best result. However, your image is in high-key or low-key or even it gets more bright or a contrast, HDR mode convert them into the perfect output. Once you get an output image delete those 2 or 3 images.


To stop double or tipple saving the photo, open the Settings ► Photos & Camera. Scroll down to the bottom and uncheck the toggle next to Keep Normal Photo.

Even Instagram also saves a double photo. When you upload any pic on that and gives to image any effect, it creates double photo: One the original one and Second the photo which you gives an effect. To delete them, Under Settings, untick the toggle next to Save Original Photos.

Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

Your browser taking up more space. When you surf anything on the browser, the photos and the web page takes a bit of space of your phone to load, for that the browser creates a cache and cookies and also creates a history.

So when you load any images or any web pages you don’t have to load again. It uses your phone memory to keep the loaded data. If you don’t need those data clear it from your phone. how to free up space on iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac clearing cache and cookies?

To clear Safari’s browser cache and cookies, just go to the Settings and tap on Safari. Scroll down and click Clear History and Website Data.

If you are using another browser, Just go browser settings and you will see “clear browsing data” this type of option. Go on that and clear your data.

Conclusion: if you surfing necessary data or anything, don’t delete it. Because it takes space up to in megabyte(MB) so there is no big issue with that. And even we have enough data plan. and once we delete cache, we have to load images and web pages every time. So avoid doing this.

Save backup to Safe place

If you have many important data in message library, in the browser, and important media you have, please take a backup to your desktop or keep it to the iCloud library.

Sync your iPhone to the desktop with iTunes and create a backup in the desktop. Also, you can save your data to the iCloud library and give space to your phone.

Here I have shared few tips of how to free up space on iPhone. Using these tips you can save too much space in your iPhone or any iOS device.


If you have any problem about iPhone or iOS device’s space or how to free up space on iPhone, let me know in comment section.

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