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How to Get Wider Hips?

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Getting wider hips is the in thing at the moment, and anyone can achieve that body. The first thing that catches a persons attention when watching a beauty product commercial on television, is the beauty and shape of the ladies used.

Asides how undeniably clean and supple their skin appears, there’s this sexiness that comes with their tiny waists and wide hips.

Today’s beauty standards suggest that to be attractive, you must sculpt your body to take the shape of an hourglass. While there are women in the Caribbean, in the African continent, and places like Brazil, who naturally have this highly desired shape, there are millions of other women who would do anything to get this shape.

So, what are the possible ways a woman can get wider hips, putting in perspective the fact that women come in different body sizes, shapes, and types?

The available options include survey, wearing hip pads, changing diet, exercising, and using products that claim to help you build wider hips. In all of this, the most important thing to have in mind is that you are what you eat.

The role of food in bodybuilding and even weight loss cannot be downplayed for any reason. If you are looking to get this buttock to look great and you want to get wider hips, eating the right kind of foods works hand in hand with doing the right exercise. This is the best and healthiest way to achieve that shape you desire.

We at Healthtian, have decided to share a few valuable tips here to help you get a rounder but that will fill up those jeans, and a wider waist that will have you looking like the number 8.

Basic tips for hip and butt building

Wider Hips

If you have heard about getting implants but you would rather go the natural route to getting wider hips, then you need to exercise.

Working out is the only way to make your butt grow bigger naturally and have the best shape possible. There are two phases of exercise you have to go through to get desired results.

1. Consistent glute-strengthening workout.

2. Your nutrition after a workout, during your recovery period.

After doing your exercise, your butt enters into the repair cycle, and at that stage, it’s vital to pick the right types and quantity of foods to make sure that your buttocks will get bigger. This will also widen your hips.

Keep this simple time at the back of your mind: If you are looking to experience an increase in your weight, then it is vital that you eat more food. If you are only trying to increase your butt, then you must begin to eat a regulated amount of food.

Even good things, when done in excess, is bad: so even though protein is great for you, do not overconsume it because you are trying to build your hips. Neither should you eat carbohydrates in excess, as it can lead to medical problems.

Make sure that you consume at least one fruit a day: even though the daily recommendation for fruit consumption is between three and five daily.

These are the foods that will help you increase the size of your butt and some effective exercises that are bum-friendly.

3. Eat proteins

If you have already achieved a well-established exercise routine, it is highly recommended that you get a drink of protein shake after every workout session.

There are so many natural sources of healthy protein. Some of them are tuna, turkey, eggs, tilapia, lean red meat, chicken, legumes, cottage cheese, legumes, and any fish ( avoid having them fried).

4. Carbohydrates

You may not fancy eating carbohydrates rich foods as I do (basically because the only food options in my country are carbohydrates), but trust me when I say you need carbohydrates if you must get enough energy to exercise and reach your goal.

You love white bread and pasta, but you may have to swap them for whole grain or whole wheat alternatives. There are carbohydrates that will help you keep an excellent musculature. These are options like quinoa, oats, sweet potato, couscous, brown rice, and whole-grain cereal.

5. Fat

Now hold on a minute before you flip. I know that when a lot of us hear of reading about fat, they just want what do everything possible to avoid it as it may be counterproductive to the bodybuilding goals we seek to achieve.

However, unlike bad fats, good fats offer an amazing array of health benefits. These fats can also help you in sculpting that perfect body of your dreams (include making your hips wider), and also helps you lose weight.

There are a few sources of good fats, but the best sources of these healthy fats are extra virgin olive oil, fish oil, peanut butter (I like the homemade ones better), almonds, and walnuts. These days won’t harm you, but you must consume them in moderation.

6. Vegetables

No matter how much of a sweet tooth you are, remember that eating healthy is an anthem you’ve heard for years, and vegetables always find a platinum healthy eating. You will have to focus on vegetables that are rich in antioxidants, such as kale, broccoli, any green vegetables, and spinach.

The good thing about eating these guys is that they help you achieve your goal and it is almost impossible for you to eat too many vegetables. To make vegetables work best for your hip building, blend them with fruits to make a smoothie.

7. Exercise

Remember that even with the right food, if you avoid exercise, you will not get any results, and worse still, you can put on some ugly weight. Your exercise routine must include styles such as squats lunges, and butt bridges, as they help to build your butt and make your hips wider.


Stand upright with both of your feet separated hip-width apart. Make sure you are balanced and then take one big step forward with your heel first, and gradually lower your body. Do this while bending both knees.

Do not forget to keep your back and your upper body straight, and avoid bending your knees lowers than a 90 degrees angle. Do the same with your other leg and repeat at many times as you can.

The Butt bridge

Lie down on the ground on your back. Take both your arms and place them by your sides, then bend your knees. With your knees bent, place your feet around shoulder width.

Press both of your heels firmly into the ground, then quickly lift your hips from the floor with your back straight, and then squeeze your butt while maintaining a straight back.

As you do this part, ensure that you breathe out, and hold that position for eight to ten seconds. Gradually breathe in as you return back to the starting position.

We hope that these amazing tips help you to build a wider waist, and the bitter you’ve always wanted. Leave a comment below to share your thoughts with us.

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Emmanuella Oluwafemi
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