How to Grow a Beard When All Hope Is Lost?

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Culturally, having beards is seen as a sign of power, masculinity, strength, maturity, and wisdom. Men from all works of life grow beards to compliment how they look.

Pastors, Imams, Christians, Muslims, atheists, your next-door neighbor, siblings, relatives. It really doesn’t matter, as long as the person who has them is comfortable with it.

However, growing thick full beards isn’t a universal trait as some men find difficulty maintaining full beards.

The itching can be discomforting, and the sparse growth scattered here and there on the face may be embarrassingly dull and lackluster. The struggle to grow a full beard is on a global scale amongst men who have settled for a complete shave instead.

There is hope though, for men who are willing to put in extra work to fertilise the dry land on their face. Follow the simple steps below and watch your face go through a sexy transformation.

The four weeks rule

This demanding stage requires patience since the first four weeks of hair growth causes the strongest itch, and most men can’t bear it long enough not to shave it off.

This step asks that you don’t shave your beard when the itching starts. Men need to be patient to let nature take its course completely because beard hair reaches “full-potential” after about four weeks. Relax and take a chill pill.

Pay attention to your skin

If after you have endured through the 4-week huddle and hair has managed to show on your face or at least enough for your fingers to pick on, then you should consider skin care.

Ensure always to wash, clean, and moisturise your face, especially where the facial hair is growing. This step helps to exfoliate dead cells and you could do that with facial scrubs. Using scrub also helps prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs, opens the pore of skin for fresh air to gain passage.

Regular exercise

You don’t know what you are missing if exercise isn’t part of your daily routine. Daily work out helps enhance circulation of healthy blood in the body, hence feeding your facial hair with an abundant and healthy nutrient that improves and speeds beard hair growth.

Working out also helps you produce more testosterone that can contribute to quality, thicker and healthier facial hair follicles.

Monitor your diet

You are what you eat; this sentence goes a long way to explain just how what you eat affect what your body produces.

Maintaining a healthy diet is very vital and completely helpful in ensuring rich facial hair. Meals rich in protein contributes to luxurious and thicker beard hair, and constant consumption of protein products like fish, beans and beef would do the magic.

Fruits endowed in vitamin C, eggs, and plenty of water to help keep the body hydrated should also be part of your daily intake.

Avoid stress

Constant exposure to stress can drastically affect a man’s beard growth as stress produces cortisol that prevents the production and effect of testosterone.

Stress constricts the blood vessels and, thus, prevents nutrients in the blood from reaching the hair follicles. This just means getting enough rest equals beard hair.

Use oils

The use of beard oil is beneficial especially for men living in countries with harsh weather conditions. Regular exposure to extreme heat or extreme cold is dangerous for men who want to grow beards, so it is advised to add a thin layer of oil to moisturise and hold it in.

This gives the beard hair needed protection from damage. It is recommended that you try using oils that contain jojoba oil as one of the primary ingredients.

Regularly trim and shape the beard

Just as woman cut the tip of their hair to make it longer, men can trim their beards with scissors or clippers but ensure it isn’t done before the 4- week stage. Depending on the intensity of the beard growth, you could try trimming every 2 or 3 weeks.

NOTE: desist from trimming after taking a shower; else you might end up cutting off more hair than you plan to.

Use supplements

Sadly, people don’t get the minerals necessary to ensure rich, full beard hair in the food they eat, hence, lack the minerals needed in their body. Supplements containing minerals such as zinc, iron, Magnesium, and vitamin B, D and E can significantly contribute to the growth of a healthy and full beard hair.

Apply hair balm

Once in a while, it is essential to wash your beard with shampoo, conditioner and apply hair balm to improve to grow a thicker and shinier beard. Hair conditioner should be applied to the beard after shampooing, leave for a while, gently run your fingers through the hair like you are combing it and rinse thoroughly.

If you have other methods of growing and improving facial hair, do feel free to leave tips in the comment section. Thanks.

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