How to Identify Your Potential Clients?


If you are in the marketing department of any organization or freelancer, you will understand that identifying and getting the right clients is an uphill task.

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This article is created to make this easier for all, including freelancers.

Design your standard client archetype

Before you can identify your client, you need to design your basic client archetype. You have to know and understand what you want before you get them. For instance, leaving the house to the mall without knowing what to buy, where to buy them, will make shopping difficult.

Designing your standard client archetype means you have to create the details of your ideal clients; it will help you identify in an instant when you come across a potential client.

How to design your standard client?

The first thing is analyzing your clients’ demographics, and then you narrow it down to a more detailed cognitive profile for instance; gender, age, profession, lifestyle, and income level. Check out the few questions below, to help you tailor your ideal clients;

  • What are their dislikes and likes?
  • What are their concerns and frustrations?
  • What do they want?
  • How do they relax?
  • How can my product help them?
  • Why would they choose me over somebody else?
  • What’s their preference for hanging out in person or online?

Examples of client archetype

Let’s take for an example you are a graphic designer; you don’t just leave your client archetype at anyone who wants to design a logo or brochure.

You can narrow it down to a more detailed cognitive profile. Who is our targeted audience? Corporations or small business owners? Is it about sharing information or selling a product? Etc.

Targeting the right audience or customers can either make or mar your business.  For instance, you worked in a restaurant and later got interested in writing, instead of competing with thousands of writers, you reach out to people who want to write cookbooks or recipes.

Your experience will give you an edge over other writers.  By aiming at the right clients, you have eliminated most competitors.

How to connect with your potential clients?

Now that you know who your potential clients are, the next question is how do you connect with your potential clients? What is the best way to reach out to your clients? The answer is simple, keep it simple.

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Your first clients are always relevant and special; they are the ones who took the leap of faith to offer you opportunities to prove yourself. If you look closely, you will realize that your first few clients are gotten from relationships.

This is where identifying your potential clients comes into play. Get to know your potential clients, where they hang out and try to hang out there too. In fact, do what they do. It will make you understand them better.

If you are working in freelancing site, you can know your potential clients by checking previous reviews, what did past freelancers say about them? Study their pattern before connecting with them.

Propose an irresistible offer

Be ready to pitch a mouthwatering deal to your clients; this is where many freelancers both new and old get it wrong.

In the proposal it is all about them, they talk more about themselves; how great their works are, how privilege the supposed client will be to work with them; you see proposals like this

I can write a great nonfiction story for you. I write perfect romantic stories both fiction and NF. I know the different genres and how to move swiftly from one genre to another etc. (if you are a freelance writer)

The above example is not a winning pitch. The potential client you are pitching to may not know or even care about the abbreviations or your long list of great codes (if you are a web designer) what they want is someone who understands their problem and can solve it.

Let your prospective clients feel that you understand their business’ problems, needs and you can provide the best solution. Remember in business, it is about the client and not you.

How to write a winning proposal?

Identify the client’s challenges, needs, purpose, and goals.

Propose a solution: recommend strategy, solution, and the reason you are specially positioned to solve their problem.

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Project schedule and fee: you need to be careful when scheduling the deadlines.  Ensure you keep to timelines don’t schedule shorter duration if you know you can’t deliver at the said time; these can give you a bad review.

Secondly, your fee shouldn’t be too high, it can drive prospective clients away or too low; it can give your ideal clients the feeling that you don’t know what you are doing. It’s all about keeping balance.

Don’t rack your brain about giving the right price. Let people see your great works first. By the time clients start pouring in, you can upgrade your price.


No matter the kind of job you find yourself, having the right attitude will draw clients to you naturally. Remember that it will take several proposals and repetitions to hit your first few clients. The key word here is patience.

It may seem nothing is happening, no job is forthcoming, and you might be tempted to go back to submitting your CV to companies to get a steady income. Don’t worry, just keep pushing and you will get it.

Joy Ebarefeye
Joy is a creative writer who loves to decode boring information and transform them into the simplest, but innovative ideas for positive impact. She provides practical tips on how to solve life's challenges. Joy is also a full-stack developer who designs and develops beautiful and responsive websites.