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How to install Serverpilot on Digitalocean, Linode and Vultr

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I recently decided to move all my blogs to a vps and I was in need of a control panel in other to manage my sites easily so I tried different type of control panels like Vestacp, Webuzo, Plesk and serverpilot. During the early days of serverpilot, I found it confusing until recently when I returned everything seems easy.

What is Serverpilot?

ServerPilot is a cloud service for hosting WordPress and other PHP websites on your servers at DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Rackspace, or anywhere else. You can think of ServerPilot as a modern, centralized hosting control panel.

How You Use ServerPilot

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After you create your ServerPilot account, the first step is to connect your server to ServerPilot. You’ll start with a completely fresh Ubuntu 14.04 server. If you’ve already installed Apache, Nginx, PHP, or MySQL, then you won’t be able to connect your server to ServerPilot.

After completing the sign up, ServerPilot agent will install serverpilot on your server. The agent keeps a secure connection open to ServerPilot, does the actual management of your server, and sends back stats and logs.

All you need to do is Connect your server from serverpilot web interface by following these steps;

  1. Login to serverpilot account.

2. Click on Connect Server button at the top right corner of your screen.

install Serverpilot

3. Now fill up the form and watch serverpilot agent install everything on your server.

install Serverpilot


You can then use ServerPilot to create a new app for each website you want to host on your server. For each app you create, ServerPilot will handle all of the server reconfiguration. You never need to do any configuration of Nginx, Apache, MySQL, or PHP. You can use the built-in WordPress installer or SSH/SFTP to upload your site’s files to your server.

What ServerPilot Does

Software Installation – ServerPilot installs all of the software your server needs, including PHP, MySQL, Nginx, and Apache.

Firewall Configuration – ServerPilot secures your server with an iptables firewall.

Automatic Updates – ServerPilot keeps your server’s packages updated.

Simple Control Panel – ServerPilot’s control panel makes it easy to host multiple sites on a server, manage databases, change PHP versions, deploy SSL, and more.

Stats and Monitoring – ServerPilot provides stats and monitoring for your servers and apps.

Professional PHP and WordPress HostingServerPilot‘s free plan provides everything you need for secure, reliable hosting on your server. there are paid plans that offer additional features that may be helpful to you as your business grows.



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