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How to Keep Your Car in Great Condition

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As we look after ourselves, eat the right things and keep the right shape, you need the same basic concepts if your car is to be kept in the best shape possible.


It’s always painful to have to look around for savings to pay for car repairs, and the way the economy is developing make it even more difficult lately.

To ensure that you preserve the value of your car (possibly your most important asset) and minimize repair costs, here are some simple, easy to remember tips on how to keep it in top condition.


Your car runs on oil. It is like the blood of your car, and without it, your car has no use. So, you need to check your car’s oil regularly (at least once a week) and have it changed after a certain period of time. It is usually recommended to change your car’s oil every three months.

A car with bad engine oil can be harmful, but regular oil change ensures it stays efficient and reliable well into the future. By checking the car oil frequently, you can identify problems early, such as a leak, enough and fix it quickly before it leads to any serious problem.


The headlights of your car protect you from accidents at night. Compromises in poor lighting conditions are not an option, as a restricted view in the dark can increase the risk of traffic accidents. If you can’t see clearly on the road, immediately replace your car’s headlights.

Change filters regularly

Your car’s oil filter and air filter will become clogged over time. It is therefore important to renew them regularly. They should be replaced as part of scheduled maintenance.

However, both jobs are relatively easy – especially changing the air filter – so you may want to try them out yourself and save a few dollars on maintenance.

By washing it too, you can often extend the air filter’s life. Check your manual for how to clean and replace the filter, and use original parts. Cheap filters of poor quality can damage your engine in the long run.

Avoid speeding

You should practice driving calmly and at normal speed. In this way, wear is reduced and more kilometres are covered per tank filling.


It is important that the vital parts and controls of the vehicle, like the steering wheel, gearbox and pedals function smoothly in order to keep your car in good condition. You also need to look far ahead to reduce the need for sudden braking.

Check your tire pressure

After the engine, the tires are the most critical part of your car. Driving without tire control will not only wear the tires quickly but also put the occupants at high risk.

Tires with insufficient air pressure also wear out faster than tires with insufficient air pressure. Therefore the tire pressure must be checked regularly. A tire pressure that is too low also leads to fuel consumption that is too low.

Overfilled tires are as dangerous as underfilled tires as they can increase the likelihood of failure. You can avoid these situations by checking your tires twice a month.

Check your car’s battery

If you don’t want to get stuck on the roadside, you should check the vehicle’s battery. Instead of waiting for the battery to drain, you should have it checked regularly. In this way, problems can be identified at an early stage. Generally, car batteries last about four to five years.

Install automatic garage door

Good quality automatic garage doors not only offer guaranteed security for your vehicle and shield it from the effects of the weather, but it also important for your car maintenance.

With your car regularly parked in a good automatic garage, it is protected from external damage such as scratches, dents and fading paint.

It also helps to protect the car engines and parts. The engine of your cars and vehicles is vulnerable. It can be damaged immediately. The engine may heat up, causing the car to stop working.

Therefore, it helps a lot if you leave your car in the garage. It is an excellent precaution to take to keep your cars working for a long time.

In conclusion, these tips are extremely practical when it comes to keeping your car in top condition. They also help you avoid unfortunate incidents! Good luck!


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