How to Keep Your Flights Cheap

cheap flight

Every now and again we get bitten by the travel bug. We dream about exotic locales, alluring accents, and enriching cultural experiences. But finances tend to be a problem for most people as flying can be quite expensive.

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So what do you need to consider when looking for cheap international flights?

Book Your Flight in the Off-Season

This point cannot be stressed enough because the cost of a flight can dramatically increase if you happen to go during a major holiday or festival.

For example, if you were to go to Munich, Germany right before or during Oktoberfest, you could pay as much as several hundred dollars more for the flight. However, this is not just limited to intercontinental flights either.

Flying to Mexico during Dia de Muertos, or Day of the Dead, would have the same result. Unless your intention is to witness and partake in these cultural events, you will have some difficulty in finding cheap international flights to these locations.

You should also take note that sometimes there may be cultural events or holidays going on in the country that you may not be aware of. These still can have an effect on the cost of your flight.

Time of Day and Week

Even the time of day your flight leaves has affects the price of the flight. Since most people would prefer to leave after work or school, or at least not first thing in the morning, midday and late afternoon departures are more expensive.

Cheap international flights are easier to find if you plan on leaving either very early in the morning or very late at night. But you must also consider what day of the week you want to fly.

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Weekend flights tend to be more expensive because of people’s work schedules so you should aim to fly between Monday and Wednesday.

The Airline

There are many North American airlines that cater to working class vacations. Although they may offer cheap flights, typically these companies also run less flights each day.

Which means the options for when you can leave are less flexible, but may not be a problem depending on your needs. The other thing about discount airlines is that they tend to have destinations that are tourist hot spots.

So if your intention is to go straight from the airport to the resort, this may be ideal. But if you have other plans in mind, this could be problematic.

Length of the Flight

This is perhaps the most painful thing about flying, the time you spend on the airplane and waiting at the airport.

But is perhaps the most immediate factor in determining the price of a flight. The difference in cost for a flight from my home town to Tokyo was $1000 between the cheapest flight and the quickest flight.

But the difference in length of the flight was ten hours. Longer flights are more inconvenient but they can come with a considerable discount when you are looking for cheap international flights.