How to Keep Your Remote Teams Working Together

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It is no secret that most remote workers can at times feel very alone and cut off from their co-workers, especially those that are still on the business premises.

As a boss, it is your job to make sure that your workers, remote and otherwise, stay happy within your employment; otherwise, you run the risk of losing them to other businesses within your sector.

There are some ways in which you can improve their relationship with their fellow teammates and even your business, but you may need to put a bit of effort into yourself to make sure that everyone is totally comfortable with each other.

Encourage video meetings

It is important that you actively encourage your teams to take part in video meetings when they are working remotely; this is so much better than just communicating by text or email messages and can even be better than speaking on the phone as there is a lot of hidden communication that happens in the face, hands, and body language that is missed in other forms of communication.

This is not to say that your teams should only communicate using video calls, but it is beneficial for all parties if these meetings are held on a regular basis.

Help your teams share data

Having software that helps your teams share their data and also promotes communication is also very highly beneficial as it stops any of your remote workers from feeling isolated and cut off from the other members, which can especially happen if there are two or more members working in the same space and yet others are not physically present.

Having your own business-based cloud system will help with all of this, as well as help manage remote workers’ and onsite workers’ schedules alike.

It is important that you get a professional business involved when you are looking to migrate your business from one cloud to another or even consolidate all your data, such as, which will not only be able to do the job to a particularly high standard but will be able to keep your business safe and secure throughout.

Organize virtual team building events

Another great way of keeping your remote teams working well together and getting along is to organize team-building events. Now, this may be totally impractical as a face-to-face in-person affair, but it can be created within a virtual space. 

Indeed, if your workers have time to socialize with each other outside working hours, it can build strong bonds of friendship which, in turn, will improve their understanding of each other, and you may be surprised to hear, improve the work that they create together and the support that they provide one another.

The kind of virtual events that are best are things like quiz nights, problem-solving, or other team games that get your teams working in a fun way with each other against other teams from other departments.

You may find that after a while, your teams will make their own arrangements to get in contact with each other for social events which are separate from your business.

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