How to Make Sure Your Business is Making the Most of Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads

Whether you are a small business trying to reach out to your local target audience or an up and coming brand that wants to find the best way to talk to its customers, you cannot possibly ignore Instagram as a platform.

Instagram has a user base of 1 billion every month, with each person spending almost 53 minutes each day on the platform. This right here is the gold mine of an audience that your brand is trying to reach.

While the organic posts of your page get the views and likes that you desire, unfortunately, it reaches only a fraction of the real crowd that it can possibly reach out to.

This is where Instagram business becomes an important tool for all brands to tap into.

Instagram Business Profile and Its Advantages

Instagram business is when you switch your brand’s profile from a regular user profile to a business profile. This change has a lot of advantages for your brand such as –

  • You can promote your posts.
  • You can run ads on Instagram.
  • You can apply for verification for your account.
  • You will also be able to add additional information about your business like a phone number, an official email ID as well as the physical address of your business.
  • You can view your audience, content, and activity statistics.

Having a business profile opens up a host of opportunities for you as a brand. You will be able to understand your audience better and create content that is more relevant to them. You will also be able to reach a whole new follower base through your Instagram ads and garner more followers.

How To Use Instagram Ads Optimally

Since it is a Facebook enterprise, you can easily do paid advertising on Instagram using Ads Manager on Facebook business. This allows you to choose and set specific objectives for your ads.

The objectives for your ad can be classified among the following;

  • Brand awareness: This objective suits your need to tell more people about your brand. For your products, or services to be considered, people first need to know you, and this is where brand awareness comes handy!
  • Reach: If people know who you are, and you simply need to appear on the feeds of more people than you currently are, this should be selected as the objective for your ad.
  • Video views: If your team of digital marketers is creating clever and fun videos that you want to see go viral, this might be the objective that you select for your ads.
  • Conversions: This is for when your brand has specific goals to convert your ads to sales or sign-ups for a service or contributing to a  crowdfund.
  • App Installs: Whether you want people to check out your new, cool app or move the traffic from your website to a more app oriented engagement, this is the perfect objective for your ad.
  • Lead Generation: Perfect for those who are trying to create a database of their target audience, this objective helps gather data such as audience demographic, names, phone numbers, and addresses for future callbacks and direct marketing.
  • Traffic: This objective is purely to increase the website traffic for your brand. You can run ads with this objective to redirect your audience from Instagram to another external page where they can engage with you.

Using these objectives, you can come up with the perfect way to target your audience and make the most of your Instagram ads. But this is not where your endeavor as an entrepreneur to gain most out of this platform should end.

Get Creative with Your Ads

The most important part of your ad that would make people engage with you is the creative aspect of it. You can use as many targeting criteria as you want, but if your ads are not intriguing, it is unlikely that your audience will elicit the reaction that you want from them.

Here are 4 easy ways in which you can create great Instagram ads for your business –

1. Make Them Visually Appealing

Instagram is a visual platform, and if you will run ads on it, you need to make sure that they are going to catch your audience’s eyes. Make sure you use extremely interesting images or GIFs that say a lot about your brand, product or service using very little words!

Keep the written content confined to the post copy, which also must be easy-to-read and informative but only in a line or two.

2. Make Interesting Videos

Content in video form has a larger possibility of being viewed, and hence if you have the budget, make informative and interesting videos about your brand. Make sure that you catch the audience’s attention in the first 3-7 secs before they move on to the next post on their feed!

3. Use Instagram Story Ads

People spend more time tapping through stories than they do on their feed posts, and hence, it would be very cool to advertise your brand and products using this method.

They are short and easy to catch the eye. You can make these ads text-heavy and informative while using great visuals. They come up between stories posted by friends of the user and can be a great way to quickly catch their attention in 15 secs or less!

You can use one of the readily available Instagram story templates to create an ad that’s perfect for you.

4. Retarget your Audience

Don’t go for a new audience group every time you run an ad. The best way for your audience to engage with you and remember you is to keep seeing your ads over and over again on their feed.

The first time a person sees your ad, they might not click on it, but if you show them your products enough time, they might be intrigued to go visit your profile or engage in the way you desired them to.


Whatever be the size of your business, Instagram is a great platform for you to display your ads and get more people interested in what you offer. Use innovative formats, the correct audience targeting, and the perfect objective to make the most of the ads on this platform!

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