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How to Preserve the Romance While Self-isolating With Your Partner

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Love, they say, always find its way even in the midst of difficulties. The coronavirus pandemic has torn through almost every aspect of the society, and issues of the heart are no exception.

Whether you and your partner have been together for a few months or years, your relationship should not be void of all the tiny sparks and gestures that it began with.

Although, this could be difficult, especially ding this times when the focus and vigor you’re supposed to put into your relationship is being channeled elsewhere.

Well, it actually isn’t wrong to hang unto the comfort of an instituted relationship with some added value of routine during this period, maintaining the glow of the romance bids well for your physical and emotional attachment, and also your mental health.

Here are ways to foster romance amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Spontaneous expressions of love

Relationship examinations have deduced severally that continuous expression of affection and love to your partner is fundamental to being emotionally intimate and attached.

Being intimate emotionally is essential for every aspect of a lively partnership. Every human is uniquely different as to the type of expressions they tend to appreciate more, and you understand your partner most.

These expressions could be in the form of:

  • Having time for hugs and kisses every day.
  • Making them breakfast in the morning.
  • Making them a cup of tea or coffee (depending on their preference).
  • Sending them a sweet text message in the middle of work (Even if you are just a few blocks away).
  • Helping to complete a difficult task.

The quality of time you’re having together gives excellent opportunities to make one little expression every day. You’ll also feel good having to give these signs of love as well.

Make frequent contact with your partner

It doesn’t matter if you know what’s going through your partner’s mind every time; we all are going through something we’ve never experienced before.

If you’re also at the start of a relationship or getting to know each other well, it’s also necessary to make contact with your partner frequently.

The endpoint is that taking time to explicitly ask your partner what it is they may need from you during this rough time indicate to them your love for them, enhances a romantic attachment, and can aid you both to withstand the storm.

With life moving at this rate, it might be somewhat difficult to notice your partner’s needs, but you will never find out if you don’t make contact with them.

They may try to keep it together and act like everything is fine with them, but deep down, they are going through hard times. They may also get easily provoked by little things, but honestly, they are scared or nervous for their loved ones.

Here are a few things you could say to help:

  • I know you are going through all these quite well, but I wanted to make sure that you’re okay.
  • In what way can I be of support to you right now?
  • Would you like to talk about whatever is bothering you right now?

You could also use this opportunity to share your own thoughts and feelings with your partner. Being defenseless will make you both

on the same page, stand as a figurative shoulder to cry on, and it will be easier to identify each other’s emotions even when getting mad at each other.

However, learn to know when its time to give them a little space. They may need a little time out for themselves to figure certain things out. Make sure to respect their decision to be alone, and don’t force yourself on them.

Become physical

Sometimes life makes it gets intensely challenging to be physically close with your partner. Nonetheless, physical intimacy remains extremely fundamental to fostering romance and deep emotional attachment with your partner.

This doesn’t have to get down to sex. There is a list of ways to enhance physical intimacy:

  • Taking time to give each other a warm massage.
  • Cuddling on the couch
  • Kissing
  • Going on long walks while holding hands

Having to talk about physical closeness could aid in igniting the longing and bond. You may also discover that it’s an excellent time to go over each other’s imagination or go through things you both have been interested in.

It is, however, fascinating that sex has also been connected to reducing stress.

Privately recall pleasant memories

Looking back at the memories you both shared tend to make you smile, and make you remember how far you both have come in the relationship over the period of time.

Brain study has made us understand that consciously recalling good old times aids to make firm the neurons that sustains well-being.

Intentionally, remembering fun, sweet, and appealing times with your partner aids in combining the feelings created by these memories with your partner.

If your relationship is fresh, you just have to race your mind back to those times when you had those flirtatious text conversations. You can recall the first time you both met, and other interesting times that might have happened when you met each other’s families, friends, and acquaintances.

What if you’re in a more steady relationship? Simple! Just go on to opening old photo albums or video reel, remembering every bit of it and enjoying the moment sitting, facing each other, and remembering funny, heartfelt, and pleasant memories.

Design a plan for dates

You obviously spend plenty of time with your partner, thanks to the current situation. However, it would help if you also endeavored to spend quality time together with them.

It is also worthy to note that spending quality time with your partner during this isolation period is essential. You both might have dinner every night while staying home, but date night is all about bonding and uniting.

The detail here is, yes, date night still takes place in the same house, it will take a few steps of originality to transform the layout.

This transformation might be in the form of filling the room with beautiful decorations or moving the furniture out to make a dance floor area. Movie nights are also great, just make sure you’re mapping out occasions where you both can actually bond.

Whatever your date night may be fixed on, be sure to maintain conversations on yourselves and try as much as possible to avoid talking about anything else.

There will always be a time to discuss other things, but the main aim of the date night is to fall into each other.

Final note

Relationships will definitely be put to the test over time, especially with the presence of the scourge, but it’s being able to stand the test of time that matters a lot.

Now is the time to enhance intimacy. Of course, setbacks would set in, but being able to stay as a team having the same aim and pursuing the same goal of coming out of it stronger and more physically close, that is the breakthrough.

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