How to Prevent Windows 10 From Automatically Updating?

Windows 10

Microsoft has been releasing frequent updates for Windows 10 using its Windows as a Service system and the latest available update is Windows 10 1809.

While it is advisable to update and get the latest features and security updates, they may be reasons why one would want to put off the updates till when ready.

This might include having limited data or avoiding the bugs that come with the updates and also compatibility issues. Here is how to postpone/delay Windows 10 Update on your PC without putting it at risk.

1. Delay Windows Update in Windows 10 Home Edition

If you are using Windows 10 Home Edition, here is how to postpone Windows update

  • First open Settings > Update & security > Windows Update.
  • Now click on Change active hours to avoid surprise restarts during your work hours.

Change active hours helps you delay the update for just a few hours to make sure the installation process doesn’t start while you are at work.

You can also delay the update for up to 6 days by clicking on Schedule the restart after version 1809 has finished downloading but hasn’t yet been installed. This button allows you to delay the restart and installation process for up to 6 days.

2. Delay Windows 10 Update By Turning on Metered Connection

Turning on metered connection is a great way to defer new updates till you are ready to download and install them.

This helps you save data and prevent unnecessary downloads through critical updates would still be downloaded.

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To set metered connections;

  • Navigate to Settings > Network & internet > Wi-Fi.
  • Now to set your Wi-Fi connection as a metered connection, click on the wifi network you use to connect to the internet and toggle on Set as metered connection in the next screen. When you are ready to download the updates, follow the same step to turn off metered connections.

3. Using Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise Block Option

Users of Windows 10 Pro, Education and Enterprise have the option to defer updates for up to a year. This helps postpone updates without any security risks.

  • Go to Settings > Update & security.
  • Under Update settings, click on Advanced options.

Here, you can choose to either defer updates for as many as 365 days OR to delay the process until an update is more stable.

To delay, under Choose when updates are installed select Semi-Annual Channel, else choose the number of days it can be deferred.

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