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How to Promote Your YouTube Channel for Free

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Everybody knows that when they need to do something and don’t know how to approach this task, YouTube has all the answers.

No matter what, it is exactly what you want, but for sure this can be found on YouTube – one of the world’s most visited websites.

However, YouTube is about much more than just video lessons, because it offers video content of all possible kinds on any subject imaginable.

All circumstances considered, no wonder that its popularity has been only growing with time, and this trend will for sure prevail for decades to come.

Yet, being an active user is quite a different experience from developing your own YouTube channel.

Given the huge number of existing channels, creating a new one is one of the biggest challenges one can think of.

On the other hand, it’s always worth trying and this unforgettable experience can come in handy on many occasions in your professional career.

If you really want to succeed, then you definitely should have a precise action plan.

There is no doubt that every case is unique and should be viewed individually, but still here come some practical pieces of advice you might find useful when promoting your YouTube channel.

Decide on Your Target Audience 

Most likely, you’ve already heard this advice before, but it’s worthwhile repeating multiple times, because this is perhaps the most crucial prerequisite of launching a successful YouTube channel.

The target audience is the backbone of a channel. No matter how good you are at what you do, or how relevant you consider your content to be, it’s impossible to target everyone globally.

So, take your time and think of who would be an average subscriber of your channel.

Consider as many parameters as possible: age, occupation, preferences, interests, expectations of the content, needs etc.

You may go as far as creating a persona of your most typical follower – a fictional personality with a detailed description of all their characteristics. 

Don’t Miss the Graphic Design

YouTube is a platform for sharing video content solely, which means that when it comes to design, there is no such a thing as an unimportant detail.

If a user who is visiting your channel for the first time gets the impression that its visual quality lacks a professional touch and was done offhand, then they will not care to watch your videos.

Start by developing a video graphics strategy and then apply it to every video you make. And of course, thumbnails are another vital element of any YouTube video.

To make sure you are on the right track, use a thumbnail maker.

Develop Your Community

Truth be told, there will always be users who will be visiting your channel, staying with you for some time and then leaving.

It happens to everyone; don’t let this fact disappoint you. Your focus must always be on your core users who have been with you for a long time and don’t seem to be leaving your channel, rain or shine.

Without any exaggeration, your community is your most valuable asset, because they are the ones that generate likes, comments and make a most significant contribution to the promotion of your channel.

Do your best to build up your community by responding to their needs and requests in a most efficient manner.

Make sure you know what these needs are by following closely their activities and most common trends in general peculiar to your target audience.

Rely on Your Own Success

Many beginners make a similar mistake of trying to copy the content of the most popular YouTube channels.

Obviously, this is a very wrong approach because who needs a copy if they can always watch the original?

Especially when the number of such copies is immense. On the one hand, studying successful channels can be a good idea, but only in terms of understanding their content and how you can stand out with yours.

On the other hand, the only way to success is uniqueness. It is the unique content that has turned YouTube into a dominating social media.

However, by this term one implies that your content must be uniquely yours, but not necessarily YouTube-unique.

If you have other active and popular social media pages, you can always transfer this content to YouTube, with certain minor adjustments, of course.

Use your existing content as a stepping stone to the benefit of your channel promotion.

Spread the Word

According to YouTube algorithms, the more views you already have, the more you are getting in the future.

To promote your YouTube channel, utilize all other tools you have – Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, podcasts etc.

Share your videos via all these media and don’t be shy to ask your friends to help and do the same. By the way, videos can be embedded even into emails.

Just be creative and make the maximum use of every possibility available.

Final Remarks

Gaining success on YouTube is a long way to go with numerous challenges and obstacles.  Be prepared to face some failures along the path and don’t give up. If you are persistent enough, you’ll succeed for sure!

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