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How to Protect Your Tyres From Early Wear and Tear

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It’s never good to wait until a tyre goes flat or actually bursts in order to replace it, as this can be very dangerous when you’re on the road.


It’s always a better option to get a new tyre or set of tyres before they get very worn so you reduce your risk of a blowout or of a tyre going flat and leaving you stranded.

While tyres will eventually wear down simply through everyday use, note a few ways you can protect your tyres from early wear and tear so you can avoid having to replace them sooner than you should.

1. Don’t use summer tyres in the wintertime

Winter tyres will have thicker tread in order to tear through snow and keep you steady on ice. Summer tyres are usually more lightweight and don’t provide that added tread. In turn, driving summer tyres on snow can mean damage to that lighter tread.

You will need to get them replaced much sooner if you drive those summer tyres on winter roads, so either change out your tyres every season or invest in all-season tyres.

2. Always align and balance new tyres

Improper alignment and balancing of the tyres on your vehicle will usually cause uneven wear and tear on at least one of them, as it’s pulled to one side rather than rolling straight down the road.

It’s not unusual for a car owner to neglect having the tyres aligned and balanced after buying a new tyre for less simply to avoid this added cost, but this can mean having to replace at least one if not all four tyres sooner than you should.

3. Keep tyres inflated

Tyres that are not properly inflated are putting excess wear on the tread of the tyres, as the tyre then is flatter against the pavement.

In turn, the tyre will see early wear and need to be replaced sooner. Check your tyre’s inflation every month or so and ensure they’re not underinflated.

To ensure tyres are inflated, if one should get damaged, have it repaired by a professional rather than using a patching inflation kit on your own.


These kits often provide a very poor-quality seal that allows air to escape the tyre over time, so that you may be driving it while underinflated without realizing it.

Note that if you need to keep inflating one tyre in particular, it may have a leak around the rim or valve that should be fixed so you don’t keep driving it underinflated.


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