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How to Register a Business Name in Nigeria?

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I have finally completed the registration my business name “Krafty Sprouts” which all my present and future works will operate under, the process took just a few weeks here in Port Harcourt and the process was then easy. I was actually scared at first but then I got my mojo to try it.

I will be sharing with you a guide or the process I took, am not going into details though, you can make some Google search if you want on benefits and why you need a business name and stuffs like that.

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Before you get started make sure you already have a unique name you will use as a business name, make sure they it does not look similar to an already established business name or company as it will be rejected, which means #500 wasted

If you are finding it hard coming up with names I will suggest you use expireddomains.net if your business will be mainly online based or not. I got the name “Kraftysprouts” from one of the expired domains listed there and other domains to.

Name Search and Approval

I will recommend doing the name search and approval online as it’s faster.

1. Go to services.cac.gov.ng

2. Create an account if you don’t have one,

3. In the name search box input 2 names of your choice, only one is required then procced to the next step

name registration


4. Fill the form with the required information, which should look like mine


name registration5. This will display your information, I mean ones you have already filled, all you have to do is stroll to the bottom of the page and fill up the additional information, then proceed to the next step.

name registration

6. All you have to do here is make a payment of 500 Naira online. Choose your preferred option then proceed to make payment, after making a successful payment wait for an approval email from CAC, if you don’t receive an email after a week or two then login to the site and check. This is for the name search and approval.

Name Registration

Alright so your name got approved what is next? For me, everything went well here in their Port Harcourt branch as I had no problem only one of the workers showed me bad behavior lol.

First print out the receipt of payment and approval of name note found under My Reservation History, use the action button.

Next head to CAC office in your state, to complete the process. For me when I got there, I got help from a business center lady who said you will have to buy the form then someone will type the details of your business, first copy the category your business fall into from the noticed board inside CAC office.

You can ask people there for help, mind the way you approach CAC workers, some of them are very rude.

Good luck, let me know in the comment box if you need any help.

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