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How to Remove System Junk Files From Windows

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Your computer hard drive may be filled with all kinds of files: saved important data, software installations, temporary files and so on. As time goes by, more and more files will be kept on computer.

Then, you will find computer becomes slower and slower. What’s worse, you may receive a low disk space warning or even may get stuck in computer freezing.

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In this case, deleting the junk files saved in computer hard drive may be a solution. But here is a question – what are junk files in Windows computer?

In general, junk files are consisted of large ranges: duplicates, downloads and temporary files. Or the files that are not useful. It’s necessary to delete these junk files without influence of system normal running.

As there are both system junk files and ordinary junk files on your computer, you need to employ different methods to remove these junk files. In the following section, we will demonstrate how to remove system junk files as well as other unnecessary files.

How to Delete Junk Files on Windows Computer

Since there are different situations, the methods are also various. Please try these methods on basis of your actual situation to finish Windows junk removal to release more free space to speed up your computer.

Case 1. Remove System Junk Files with Disk Clean-up

Disk Clean-up, a Windows snap-in cleaner, is specially designed to release space for computer hard drive by removing the junk files. It will scan and analyze the hard drive for the files that are no longer useful and show them by the type.

You can use Disk Clean-up to remove these kinds of junk files: temporary internet/Windows files, downloaded program files, recycle bin, downloads, delivery optimization files, etc. Now, follow these steps to get rid of system junk files from your computer.


Step 1: Open This PC.

Step 2: Right click C drive and choose Properties.

Step 3: Hit Disk Clean-up from the pop-up window.

Step 4: The utility will begin to scan and analyze the hard drive and show you the result, from which you can see how much space you can get by using Disk Clean-up.

You’d better click each item to see the description and then decide whether to remove the files or not. After making a decision, press OK and follow the wizard to complete removing system junk files from your Windows computer.

Case 2. Remove the Useless Downloaded Files Manually

It’s certain that you have download may files on your computer. These files are usually saved to the Windows default download folder or some specified locations on hard drive.

If you don’t want to get rid of them all in once, you can access to Downloads folder and manually delete the unnecessary files.

If you downloaded files to the default location on Windows, the Downloads folder should be located in C:\Users. Enter the location to delete the useless files.


If you changed the download location, just access it to perform the junk removal as long as you remember the location. If you forget the specified location, never mind. Make use of web browser to find the downloaded files.

Case 3. Delete the Duplicate Files

In fact, there are plenty of duplicate files in computer. These files, also regarded as junk files, take up much space on the hard drive. You can make use of a duplicate file finder to detect all duplicate files and delete them.

Compared with a duplicate file finder, it’s better to delete these files from locations like Documents, Pictures, Downloads or Videos folders, because your computer may become unbootable sometimes when using duplicate file finder.

Case 4. Delete the Useless Files Manually

Except for files mentioned above, you must save numerous files on computer. Some of them are useful, while some of them are needless for you. So, it’s necessary to get rid of the needless ones from your computer.

You need to finish the whole process manually. Just take your time. Or you can form a good habit of cleaning the useless files periodically to create a good computing environment.

After trying these methods, we think most junk files have been removed from computer and you’ve got much free space. Then, your computer performance will be improved greatly.

If Some Useful Files Are Deleted by Mistake

If you deleted some important files by mistake when you were deleting junk files with methods above and you can’t find them anywhere, a piece of third-party data recovery software can help you find the lost files.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery, a free file recovery tool, can meet your demands. It is specially developed to rescue lost files from various kinds of data storage devices, including computer hard drives, memory cards, SD cards, USB flash drive, and so on.

Please follow this guide to rescue the deleted data back with MiniTool Power Data Recovery:

  1. Open the software to get the main interface.

  2. After entering This PC module, you can see all drives on computer. Select the target drive (where the deleted files used to locate) and click Scan to begin the scanning process.


  1. The scanning process will last for some minutes. Just be patient to wait.

  2. You can see the scan results after the scanning process ends. Browse each folder to check the items and choose what you want to recover by click Save. Choose a destination to keep these recover files.

Final Words

Reading here, I think, the questions about how to remove system junk files from computer and how to get rid of junk files from hard drive to free up disk space have been solved.

At the same time, you get to know this useful tool – MiniTool Power Data Recovery, which is able to help you rescue important files deleted by mistake.

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