How to Resolve TV Remote Issues in a Relationship?

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Being in a loving relationship is a beautiful thing that would no doubt get other people jealous, but you would also agree that no matter how rosy a relationship is, a few bumps here and there are inevitable.

It is no surprise to find a couple who can face life’s challenges together, get into fights over simple things; things as simple as a TV remote. The television world has numerous programs that have caught individuals attention in varying ways.

Worst still, these programs are shown on different channels. This doesn’t make it easy if Mr Chris wants to watch a football match of his favourite at the same time his wife Doris wants to see a fashion show on a separate station.

The introduction of the Television was to inform its audience, but this same informative device has been the reason for numerous issues in a relationship via the use of a TV remote.

The flash of colours, the telenovelas, thrillers, horrors, sports, cartoons, reality TV shows, news, documentary and many other programs readily win the hearts of the viewers in various forms.

Whoever handles the remote, controls the Television

Most couples deem it fit to unwind by having a seat on their favourite chair, having their meal while seeing the programs they enjoy on television.

The complication, however, starts when their partner wants to see a different program on the same television set and the fight for dominion over the TV remote starts. This can be referred to as Remote wars.

We all can come to a conclusion that the quarrels caused by the TV remote only creates gaps between you and your spouse, build up negative tension in your relationship and sometimes might even make you feel you and your partner are a mismatch.

How to sort out the TV remote war?

  1. Compromise if you have to. It is a big step in resolving remote television conflicts. You both could watch your partner’s favourite TV show tonight and watch yours’s the next night. Meet each other half way for peace sakes.
  2. If your partner is passionate about a show and you are well aware of, it is best to allow them to handle the remote. This doesn’t signify defeat; it isn’t a war in the first place.
  3. It is most ideal to communicate the TV remote issue with your partner, so you both know the best civil way to handle it without either of you upsetting each other. Not only do you come at a solution to the remote problem, but you also work on you threatened relationship.
  4. Consider getting another TV in another part of the house. If you have a TV in your bedroom while there is another TV in the living room, this development automatically solves the remote/ TV problem.
  5. If you feel the situation of things have gone out of hands and it is beyond your power, do well to seek professional help.
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