How to Secure Your iPhone and Your Computer?

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Getting an iPhone can be exhilarating, however, it can become a nightmare when someone hacks your phone to gain access to your files or personal documents. Unfortunately, sophisticated phones such as iPhones are easy targets; everyone wants a bite of the apple. Malware attacks on iPhones have existed for a long time.

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Apple had to issue an iPhone software update because of false ransomware attacks on iPhone users, to unlock the iPhone’s browser. Ransomware is a malware that threatens to publish user data or block the users from accessing specific apps on their device unless a stipulated ransom is paid.

Immediately the malware hits iPhone users; it pops up a screen when the user opens the browser app, accusing the phone owner of pirating music or accessing illegal pornography. Then it demands a ransom of £100 in the form of iTunes gift card with a code sent by text message to a particular mobile number.

However, this information was fake. This, in turn, scares some users into paying this ransom to unlock their browser app and make use of it. Unknown to them, clearing the browser cache was actually enough to restore full access to users.

This malware ran on JavaScript, and this code is standard amongst many sites as they are mostly written in it, and this programming language is cross-platform. This proves the fact that iOS and Apple devices are equally vulnerable to malware attacks and hackers- posted by BBC News March 29, 2017

If you want to protect your iPhone from malware and threats, there are few necessary security measures you need to do;

Update Your Phone

Oftentimes we tend to overlook the app update notifications because we feel there is really no need to go the trouble. Nevertheless, it is essential to update your iOS immediately you are prompt to do so. You will get an app notification on the Settings app – usually, you will see a little red bubble in the upper-right corner with a “1” in it.

Once you see the red bubble, click it to run the update at your convenience.  Alternatively, you may see a notification on the App Store icon when updates are available, just tap it, go to the update section, and then click the “Update All”. Easy, isn’t it?

Also, app updates may take some time; it depends on how receptive your network provider is in your area, but it’s worth the time you’d probably spend to clean up your iPhone when it becomes infected or attacked by malware.

Likewise, if a developer finds a weak angle, they will patch it in an update, so it is highly advised that you run updates whenever they are available, as these updates have been developed to deal with malware. Ignoring these updates is quite easy, but it is needful that you don’t.

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Update Your Computer

You can’t just update your iPhone and leave your computer hanging, although it is normal for computer users to overlook the importance of computer updates, it will do us a lot of good and eliminate the risk of having malware in your system.

Update your computer or mobile app as soon as you get update pop-ups. Pop-ups notify us about the latest and available software updates for our PCs, but we get too busy or in the middle of something significant and we merely resort to the “Remind Me Later” button. Later this pop-up is back again, disturbing us to install these updates, but still, we are in the middle of something, and the cycle continues, and it goes on and on.

Although, performing these updates may seem like an uphill task; they work on both the operating system and the software programs. Running these updates delivers multiple revisions to your PCs, like adding new features, removing old features, updating the drivers, dealing with various kinds of bug fixes, and most importantly fixes security breaches that have been discovered.

The use of Anti-Virus Software

Antivirus program protects your computer from viruses, malware, rootkits, worms and other online threats. It wedges unwanted programs and access that can make your pc unstable or breakdown.

No matter how careful you are with your computer or iPhone, you need active antivirus protection that will eliminate the risk of malware or virus invading your phone or computer. Getting an antivirus is not enough, it is advisable to keep your antivirus program up to date at all times; it helps to detect and remove new threats.

Nevertheless, an antivirus program is not mainly needed in your iPhones because of its iOS is structured; the Apple iOS forces the iPhone to run independently of the support of its operating system. It makes it difficult for malicious apps or malware to take control of your iPhone.

Furthermore, it doesn’t mean that your iPhone is not vulnerable to a certain level of infection or threats. It just means that the probability of your iPhones being attacked by malicious apps or malware is less compared to other Smartphones, and it makes unnecessary to run an antivirus app on the device.

Back up your data

You may be thinking that your hardware is reliable, but trust me on this, it is not. I have lost important files due to negligence. You need to backup your files because everything fails, and when it does, you stand to lose all your important data such as business documents, family photos, favorite videos, private information, etc.

Data loss can be as a result of theft, natural disaster, household accidents, physical failure of your PC, or human error. It is very common to save data in one destination, in your PC’s hard drive. However, if something bad happens to your hard drive, all hope of getting your information is gone.

Backing up your data is a critical aspect of IT that is overlooked. By backing up your information on your PC, you are making a copy of your important files, which can serve as a restore point if the original data is lost, damaged or infected.

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