How to Send Money From a Nigerian Bank Account

Money is always in demand. There are times when the lack of money can be stressful or even problematic. That’s why people will often send money from one country to another.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how you can send money from Nigeria using different methods.

Why Is It Necessary To Send Money From A Nigerian Bank Account?

Imagine that you’re a Nigerian citizen who is temporarily abroad, working as a consultant in a foreign country. The company that hired you promised to pay your salary every month.

But here’s the thing: they made a mistake and sent the money to your local bank account, which happens to be in Nigeria.

It’s up to you to find a way to get the money out of Nigeria to use it in your new country of residence. Another example: you have an unemployed relative who needs financial assistance.

You wish to send money to help him start a business, but you don’t know how. No worries. There are easy ways to send money from outside Nigeria using different methods.

How Can You Send Money From A Nigerian Bank Account

There are several ways of sending money from a Nigerian bank account. Let’s take a look at these methods.

Money Order

Let’s start with money orders, which you can use to send money from Nigeria to another country. You’ll need to get a money order from your local bank. Once you have the money order, fill in the recipient information and send it through the mail as usual.

The bank will then send the requested funds directly to another country’s banking system. However, there is yet another option: direct wire transfer (DWT).

Bank Transfer

Bank transfer is probably one of the easiest ways to send money from Nigeria, but it may not be as fast as you’d like it to be.

For one thing, there may be a delay of 3-7 working days before the money you sent arrives at the recipient’s account.

Still, this method is reliable and secure, which is why many people still use it even today. And while bank transfers are popular among Nigerian citizens and banks (as they allow customers to make payments using their bank accounts), they’re also popular with other countries’ banks and customers.


If you’re still not comfortable sending money through a bank transfer, you can use a checking account. This method is fast and relatively easy to use, as long as you have another way of paying your bills (which we will see below).

Still, it’s important to note that this method is only available for people who have accounts with the same bank in Nigeria and a foreign country.

Three Easy Steps To Send Money From A Nigerian Bank Account

The good news is that sending money from a Nigerian bank account is actually a simple process. Below there’re easy steps to transfer money from a Nigerian bank account.

Get A Free Nigerian Bank Account

The banking system in Nigeria works differently from the system in other countries. For starters, there are many different banks, and each bank has different products and services. That’s why the first step in our scenario involves getting a free Nigerian bank account. 

For example, you can visit Joinfibo for a bank account in your country. All you need is to drop contact details and receive an invitation.

Fill In The Recipient Information

Once an account has been opened, you will have to fill in the recipient’s information on the bank transfer form. This can be done either online or in your mobile app.

As always, you need to complete all fields on the form and make sure you have filled out all available fields. For example, do not forget to add your social security number.

Confirm The Transaction And Send Money

The final step involves confirming the transaction and sending money from Nigeria using your bank account. For example, you can ensure the transaction in the bank app on your phone or call your bank directly.

Benefits Of Using A Bank Account To Send Money

Bank accounts are a convenient way to send money from Nigeria. The fees and rates are relatively low compared to other methods.

In addition, bank transfers and bank checks are easy to access, as they can be made either in your home country or in Nigeria. However, it’s also important to note that not all banks provide the same services.

It’s Secure

Since money transfers are done through secure means, such as the bank transfer system, money sent via this method can be considered safe. This is why banks and financial institutions worldwide have it in their power to offer safe and reliable banking services.

It’s Quick And Easy

Another benefit to using a bank account to send money is that it’s quick and easy. Many mobile apps allow you to access your bank account from your smartphone. This way, you can check balances, transfer funds, and pay bills without having to leave the comfort of your office or home.

It’s Inexpensive

Yet another advantage to using a bank account to send money from Nigeria is its low cost. In fact, it can be considerably cheaper than some other methods of sending money. For example, bank transfers and checks tend to have lower transaction fees and rates compared to other options.

Bottom Line

There are many different ways to send money from Nigeria. Your own bank account, for example, is a convenient way to make the transfer.

The service is quick and easy, it’s inexpensive, and it’s reliable. Still, not all banks offer the same services. It may be a good idea to compare several different banks before deciding which one is best for you.

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