How to Send WhatsApp Message to an Unsaved Contact


WhatsApp has emerged as one of the most popular cross-platform messaging apps in the world due to its simplicity and ease of usage.

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While the security aspect may be up for argument because it is owned by Facebook (topic for another day), no one can dispute how easy it is to send a message to another contact by simply adding them to your contact list.

But there lies the problem itself. Not everyone wants to save the number they intend to send messages to. This may be because they don’t want the said contact to view their status, they are too lazy to restrict their status privacy or the connection is just a one-time incidence.

Since deleting the contact may also be too much, I hereby present a little bit less painful way to message a number on Whatsapp without saving it.

While there are third-party apps that offer this feature, security is our utmost priority and using such apps may put you at the mercy of a WhatsApp ban.

Without further Ado, here is how you can send messages to a contact without saving the number. This method works for both Android and iOS devices and it can be used by following simple steps.

  • Step 1: Open your web browser or notepad and copy this link
  • Step 2: Replace the xxxxxxxxxxx with a phone number e.g Remember 234 is the country’s code (Nigeria’s code)and 8051231234 is the person’s phone number
  • Step 3: If you are using a browser, tap enter, if you copied it to a notepad, save and it will change to a browsing link. Tap on the link. It will launch WhatsApp and attempt to connect you with the number or it will fire up the web browser and open the link
  • Step 4: if done well, this will take you to a web page with the receiver’s phone number. A green message button should be present too. Tap on the green button and it will open your WhatsApp app and allow you to send a message across to the recipient without saving their number.

See the video below:

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