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How to Share Post With Only Selected Facebook Friends Using Friends List?

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Sometimes we may want to share a few personal stories with some friends on Facebook without using Messenger, but it may not always be so as whatever we share is visible to all our friends.

One feature within Facebook that is mainly underused is a separate friends list from the main list. Just like in those days of 2go, you can group your Facebook contacts/friends into Facebook Friends lists and also make sure only a group receives/sees your status updates.

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Lists also help filter stories you see in your News Feed and the best part, people will not even know when you add or remove them from any list. This article will show you how to create and delete lists.

To help you get started, there are already three defaults Facebook lists. They are;

Close Friends List: this contains friends you may want to share information exclusively with. You will get notifications when they post stories, and you can turn these extra notifications off when you want.

Acquaintances: this list is for People you might want to share less information with. You can also choose to exclude these people when you post something, and it can be done by choosing Friends except Acquaintances option in the audience selector.

Restricted: This list is reserved for people you’ve added as a friend but just don’t want to share anything with, like your boss or teacher. When you add someone to your Restricted list, they will only be able to see your Public content or posts of yours that you tag them in.

To access this list, on your PC scroll down to Friends Lists under the explore section by the left-hand side of your News Feed.

You might also see a list (called smart lists) automatically created and updated based on places you have stayed, worked and schools you have attended.

To create a new list

  •  First, Click Friend Lists under Explore option on the left side of your News Feed. 
  • Click Create List option.
  • Enter a name for your list and then the names of friends you’d like to add. Keep in mind you can add or remove friends from your lists at any time.
  • Click Create.

To add friends to a custom list or smart list:

  • Click Friend Lists under Explore on the left side of your News Feed
  • Click the name of the list you want to edit
  • Click Manage List > Edit List
  • Click On This List > Friends
  • Search for friends, then click on their name to add them to the list
    Click Finish
  • To remove someone you’re friends with from a list:
  • Click Manage List > Edit List
  • Click on a friend’s name to remove them from the list
  • Click Finish.

You can add a friend to more than one list.

To add multiple friends to your Acquaintances list at once:

  • Click Friend Lists under Explore on the left side of your News Feed.
  • Click Acquaintances.
  • Find the List Suggestions section on the right, where we’ll show you a list of friends you haven’t interacted with much on Facebook recently.
  • Click See More Suggestions to see more friends.
  • Click Add next to the friends you want to add to your Acquaintances list. You can also search for a specific friend you want to add.
  • To remove someone from the list, click Manage List in the top right, then click Edit List. Click on a friend’s profile picture to remove them from your Acquaintances list.

You can edit a Smart list to: Rename it, Add or remove friends, Archive it, Increase the radius for location-based smart lists

To edit a smart list:

  • Click Friend Lists under Explore on the left side of your News Feed.
  • Click the name of the smart list you want to edit (example: Chicago, Lagos, University of Ibadan).
  • Click Manage List in the top-right corner, and select an option.

How can I use lists to share to a specific group of people?

To share updates to people in a particular list, you can use the audience selector to choose the list you want to share a post with. Type your post and select the audience. Click see all and click specific friends

Select the list. You can also search for the list and maybe friends if you wish to.

Save changes and the group selected will be displayed on the audience selector

You can add friends to your Close Friends list to get a notification each time they post. You can turn these notifications off at any time.

To add friends to your Close Friends list:

  • Go to their profile
  • Hover over Friends at the top of their profile
  • Select Close Friends

To delete a friend list you created:

  • Click Friend Lists under Explore on the left side of your News Feed.
  • Click on the list you want to delete.
  • Click Manage List and select Delete List.
  • To archive a smart list:
  • Click on the name of the list you want to archive.
  • Click Manage List and select Archive List.

Note: You can’t delete smart lists, but these lists will stop appearing on your homepage if you don’t use them.


You’ll automatically get notifications when people on your Close Friends list post to Facebook, but you can turn these notifications on or off:

  • Click at the top right of Facebook and select Settings.
  • Click Notifications in the left column.
  • Click On Facebook.
  • Next to Close Friends activity, select On or Off.
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