How to Spy on Someone?s Android Phone With No Experience

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Different reasons warrant spying on someone?s phone. If you are a parent, you may be worried about your child?s activities on their phone.

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A spouse may also be concerned that their partner is cheating on them. Whatever reason you have to spy someone?s device, choosing the right app is very important.

If you are interested in knowing how to spy on someone?s Android phone, this post is for you. The great thing is that you don?t need to have any experience. As long as you can use an internet-enabled phone, you can spy on any Android device.

Let?s see how this works.

Part 1: Spyzie-The Perfect Android Spy App for Beginners

Many spy apps are available online but for many, you need to have some levels of technical skills. However, Spyzie promises to spy Android phone easily. You don?t need any experience to use the app. Spyzie features one of the most advanced technologies for spy app.

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The interface is highly intuitive, which makes it the best choice for beginners in this field. From the account creation point to accessing your Spyzie dashboard, everything is seamless. Spyzie lets you spy someone?s Android phone without their knowledge.

If you?re worried that your child may fall victim to cyberbully, use Spyzie to monitor their online activities. It is also the perfect tool to keep a tab on your spouse?s online and offline activities on their phone. Spyzie offers numerous features and gives complete access to your target device.

Spyzie: 100% Access to Target Android Phone

An Android device comes with a lot of preinstalled apps. While using the device, the owner also has the opportunity to download more apps to enjoy the features of the device. When using Spyzie to monitor someone?s Android phone, you gain complete access to all these apps.

This means you can view all activities happening on the device. To help you understand all you can view on a device with Spyzie, we?ve highlighted some unique features.

Social Media Tracking

Social media is a major platform where you find young adults. This means your spying escapade is not complete without access to your child?s social media accounts. Spyzie gives you absolute access to all social media accounts on the target device.

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This means you can access Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, and WhatsApp on the target device. From your dashboard, you can see all posts, private messages, and shared media of the social media accounts.

With this, you?ll know the kind of content being shared and received by your target.

Text Messages Tracking

People use text messages to communicate a lot. Whatever conversation your child or spouse is having through text, you can see it on your Spyzie dashboard. You?ll know who they?re texting and the details of the person. If they delete any messages, you?ll have access to them on your dashboard.

Call Logs Tracking

If you want to know who your target talks to frequently, you just have to log in to your dashboard. Check the Call Logs menu and you can see the details of all caller ID on this webpage. You?ll see the details of the caller, including the name, profile photo, phone number, frequency of calls, and timestamps.

Web Browser History

It?s crucial to know the kind of searches your target makes on their browser. What are they looking up online? You can find all these details with Spyzie. The app gives you access to all browser history and you can review each of them.

Location Tracking

Spyzie works with the GPS of Android devices. This makes it easy for the app to transmit the real-time location of the target device to you accurately. You can see where your target is per time. Spyzie also allows you to set boundary restrictions with the geo-fencing feature.

With this, you?ll get notified when the target crosses the restricted areas. There?s a lot more that the Spyzie app offers its users. You can find the complete details of the features on the Spyzie official website.

Part 2: How to Spy Someone?s Android Phone with no Experience

Within a few minutes, you can set up the Spyzie app and get it up and running. The process is simple and seamless. You need no experience to get started.

Let?s look at the simple steps to activate the Spyzie app:

  • Step One: Create a free Spyzie account with your email.
  • Step Two: Since you want to spy an Android phone, select Android as the device to spy. You will be redirected to the subscription page. Here, select your preferred subscription plan based on the number of devices to monitor and duration of spy.
  • Step Three: As soon as you pay the subscription fee for your chosen package, you?ll receive the set-up instructions in your inbox. The instructions detailed how to install the app on the target device and how you can access your Spyzie dashboard.

You need to access your target device for a few minutes to install the app. The app is small in size and doesn?t take long to download and install. When you complete the installation of the app, click the ?Hide icon? button to make the app disappear.

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It?s crucial to mention that if you want to spy an Android phone, you must install an app. There?s no technology that supports spying an Android device without installing an app. If you find any app that makes this claim, you need to stay away from it.

When you have completed the installation process, you can log in to your Spyzie dashboard. Check the selection panel on the left. You?ll see the list of features available on the app. You can click each of them to view the specific activities on the target device that are associated with it.

To view the text messages of your target device, click the ?Message? menu. Click the social media menu and select the specific social media platform to spy. The interface of the app is very seamless and you?ll easily find your way round using the dashboard.

Part 3: Why Choose Spyzie to Spy on Someone?s Android Phone

Spyzie has a huge features list. Additionally, many other factors are considered before recommending the Spyzie app as the best choice for spying Android phone. Let?s look at a few.

100% Safe and Secure

Your data and your target?s are safe on Spyzie platform. The site reportedly doesn?t store data on its server. This is why it is a web-based platform. It?s impossible for a hacker to access your data.

No Rooting your Target Android

Using Spyzie doesn?t require that you root your target Android device. All you need to do is install an encrypted app that won?t introduce malware on your target device.

100% Undetectable

When installed, it becomes impossible for anyone to detect that Spyzie is working on the device. The app works in stealth mode and remains hidden and undetected by the device?s owner. Spyzie app doesn?t interfere with the smooth running of a device.

It works in stealth mode and doesn?t make the battery become hot or drained. The size is small and it doesn?t take up storage space.


So, if you need to spy on someone?s Android phone, the Spyzie app is the best choice for you. It is affordable and very easy to use.

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