How to Stop Sites from Autoplaying Videos on Your Computer

Autoplaying Videos

Let’s say you visited your favourite site just to read the latest news, and suddenly a video pops up and starts playing and automatically blasting loud music or voices through your speakers. Not only can it be annoying but it can be annoying also for the people around you.

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The following article goes over possible ways to stop videos from playing automatically, saving you some stress and challenging issues in the future. So let’s start with the first:

Website Settings

Popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook provides its users with options to turn off videos from playing automatically; the settings are right in the menu.

On Twitter, you will need to click on the Profile icon. Next, you have to navigate over to the Content section. There you uncheck the box for “Video autoplay.”

While on Facebook, click on the “Down arrow icon” which is available on the top right corner and then select Settings. Next step is to click on the left pane to switch to Videos. On the right pane navigate to “Auto-play videos” and turn OFF the option.

facebook video autoplay

But what if these settings are not ideal for you? Just calm your nerves, the modern browsers also provide users with the option to disable video autoplay on the website.

On Google Chrome

The Chrome browser has the option to manage auto play directly by default. For example, you can let the browser auto play videos and also mute the videos at the same time.

To mute videos on websites:

Right click on the tab that is making noise and choose the ‘Mute site’ option from the menu.

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To turn off autoplay videos:

For this, you will need to take the help of a Chrome flag. So for that, you need to visit the following page:


Here, from the drop-down menu, you need to select “Document user activation is required.” to apply the changes, click on the Relaunch Now button which is available at the bottom.

Once this feature is enabled, the video will only play only when you click on it.

Apart from using the flag, there are also various extensions available on the Chrome web store which can also be of help. Google is also working even more robust solutions to solve the same task.


The Apple’s Safari browser also offers its users settings to turn off the autoplay of the videos on the sites. It also lets users select if they want to stop Autoplaying of the video for the particular website. Here is how you can access the feature:

You need to right-click on the address bar and choose “Settings for this website.” and under this, you need to select either “Never Auto-Play” or “Stop Media with Sound.”


Firefox browser comes with its quick option that users can use to stop videos from Autoplaying on the entire browser. Here is the step you need to take to make this happen:

always ask

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Click on the ‘More icon’ which is available on the upper right corner of the browser and select ‘Options.’ Next, switch the “Privacy and Security” tab available on the left panel.

From there you head over to Permission section and select either ‘Always Ask.’
Or ‘Don’t Autoplay’ to keep yourself in the peace.

Microsoft Edge

On the Microsoft Edge browser, there is also a quick option to turn off autoplay of the videos.

You need to navigate to Settings >> Advanced >> Media Autoplay. Here, you will need to set “Limit” or “Block.”

You can also do the same for a particular site from the certificate icon which can be found on the address bar. Here is how you can go about it:

Click on the Certificate icon (Secure icon) seen on the upper left corner. Move over to ‘Manage permission’ sections and click on the link which reads “Media autoplay settings” and select Limit or Block.

These are a few of the most common, and easiest ways to stop videos from auto-playing on a website. As ads become more obtrusive, blocking videos and sound continues to be a beneficial feature on your computer.

Did you find this article useful? Do you have any other way to the same thing? Please feel free to share your ideas and thoughts in the comments section.