How to Train Your Puppy?

How to Train Your Puppy
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How to train your puppy is specially written for dog lovers who want the best for their four-legged buddies- it shows you how to socialize, potty-train, leash training, basic commands, and fun tricks.

One of the many fantasies of dog lovers and dog owners is having a well-trained puppy or dog. We enjoy the “awws” when we walk our dogs and puppies.

Nonetheless, training your puppy can be an uphill task, and it requires a lot of patience and many other things.

Also, how to train your puppy is overwhelming, especially for first-timers. But don’t worry, we got you covered.

Don’t be carried away by videos and success stories of dog trainers; no one had it easy, not even the professionals- training your puppy is not easy.

It is a big project that requires your time and effort.

Besides, almost nothing good comes easy. However, it is rewarding and will make you and your dog happy.

Furthermore, it is essential to begin the training process for your dog as early as possible if you want the best results.

Besides, proper training, exercise, and nutrition are some of the vital things your dogs need.

Training your puppy can be fun, and one way to ensure this is to get treats, lots of healthy treats to get your pup’s attention.

So, are you ready? Good, let’s get started!

How to potty train your puppy?

The first thing you will need to teach your pup is where to do its business; when dogs have to go, they have to go.

Your job is to tell them where it is suitable for them to do their business, especially when they are in-house pets.

Before you attain perfection, be ready for many blunders… you won’t get the best result on the first try.

Besides, your new puppy did not come magically with the knowledge of where to use the bathroom- it is the reason you should be prepared for a lot of accidents down the road to perfection, but the early start will prevent even more damages.

Again, to get a fast result, you need to be consistent and diligent. However, puppies and dogs still have “accidents,” especially when they are excited or expressing submissiveness.

If your dog again pees around the house, before you get discouraged, try to know the reason behind it.

To ease out the process, there are dog products available on Amazon, such as Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover Trigger Spray; it helps to remove stains and or odors from your apartment. Best of all, it prevents your dog from peeing in the same area again.

How to socialize your dog

Apart from potty training, socializing your dog or your puppy is another vital thing to teach your four-legged friend. Socialization is an essential habit you need to teach your dog; it helps your dog to accept new people, animals, and places.

Your dog is more welcoming to others and less likely to develop behavior hiccups after successful socialization.

Furthermore, it is a great tool to help to eliminate anxieties and phobias- socialization makes your pup, you, and everyone else in the environment happy.

Dog kennels and dog crates training

If you are a new dog breeder or loves having a lot of pets around you, then kennel or crate training is a must. It is an essential tool in the dog training process.

The trick to crate training is to create a space that your puppy will accept and enjoy- don’t make him feel, the crate is a punishment for bad behaviors; he will never come to love his crate.

There are a lot of cool crates for different breeds and sizes here.

Leash training

Another vital thing to teach your dog is how to use a leash without feeling threatened. Many reasons for your dog to learn to use a leash and one of them includes going to a place where there is a leash law.

Also, you may find yourself in situations where you want to have your dog on a leash for his own safety, like walking your dog on a busy city street or preventing him from getting distracted- yes, a dog can run off pursuing birds or anything small animals.

The first thing you need to do is to acclimate your pup to the leash; as soon as he is used to it, you can introduce how to walk right while on a leash.

Make sure you keep the leash loose when you walk; it makes walking with your dog on a leash better for both the owner and the dog.

How to use a clicker method to train your dog

Some pet lovers believe clicker training isn’t necessary and should be avoided, while others believe it is one of the effective ways to train your dog.

Nonetheless, it does not stop the fact that clicker training your dog is an easy, yet effective way to your dog. It serves as positive reinforcement and can be used to teach your dog new commands and tricks.

Furthermore, many pet owners prefer using a clicker for training because it has been known for being quickly adopted by dogs.

Basic commands and tricks for dogs

There are a few basic commands you want your pup(s) to learn whether you choose to use the clicker method or not.

Basic commands are essential because they provide your dog with structure; prevent behavioral problems. Basic commands are not for entertainment, though we pride ourselves when people are “wowed” by our dogs’ performances.

They provide your dog with mental stimulation; he needs to grow into a healthy adult dog.

Proofing behaviors

Proofing behaviors in dogs help your pup to be well-behaved in new situations, for instance, when you are taking him to the park, or a new home.

To do this, you will want to practice the needed behavior in different situations and locations that have varying levels and types of distractions.

If you do not prove the behavior, you will find that your dog may be well-behaved because he is at home, and with the people he knows but will act differently as soon he finds himself in a new environment and people.

What are the common behavior problems in dogs?

Some of these problems include excessive barking, pooping in unwanted places, or misbehaving in new situations. You must note these problems so you can spring into action when you notice these behavior problems in your pup before it becomes uncontrollable.

Finally, every dog is different, and they learn differently, just because it took two months for your neighbor’s dog to learn, does not mean your dog cannot be trained after consistently teaching for four months.

Besides, you may need to alter your training strategy for your pup depending on his breed, size, history, and age.

Take your time to learn about your dog to find ways to customize the training program to get the best result for the dog.

Training does not stop; humans learn every day, same with our furry friends; you can move on to more advanced training when your pup has mastered the basic commands and potty training.

These activities will strengthen the bond between you and your four-legged best friend.

So, that’s all we have for you on how to train your puppy, for other pet-related articles check around.

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