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How to Turn Your Boring Facebook Account to a Famous One?

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Is there anybody you know that is not in any social network? I am sure there is nobody you can point out. This goes to prove that the population of today’s world widely uses Instagram, Facebook, and other similar social media networks.

People of all ages have a facebook account you will be surprised that even your grandma and her friends probably have a facebook page where they sat and talked about all things old school. The use of social media is one friend that will not change anytime soon because it is now an intricate part of human life.

One thing that is undeniable with the use of social media platforms is that every single person does their best to be unique and get noticed by their Facebook friends and friends of friends.

Your Facebook wall is that part of your Facebook account where you can post videos, images, and statuses about anything going on in your life in an attempt to update the people who have become your friends on the platform or follow you there.

No doubt Facebook is a very fantastic platform that allows you to stay in touch with acquaintances, friends, and even family members that live close to you, and those that are far from you. But also to get noticed by the thousands of Facebook users around the world requires a lot of work.

So in this article, we have prepared some handy tips for you that would set you on your way to becoming one of the most exciting and appealing people on facebook.

1. Be original

To thrive on facebook and any other social media network it is essential that you are original. The way your profile looks, the kind of statuses you write, and the kind of pictures you upload will definitely say a lot about your personality.

A place where you can quickly begin to display your originality is on your facebook cover photo because it is the first thing anybody would see when they visit your profile. Whatever picture you would post on your Facebook account must be exciting and one that describes your style.

It is easier for people to like you and follow your activities on Facebook if you choose a particular style and you are able to stick to it. Doing this will show that you are a consistent person and consistency to what a lot of people look for on social media.

2. Always use familiar language

People online are used to a certain kind of language when it comes to writing. And if you go through the accounts of those that you follow on Facebook and those who are your friends, you would notice their style of writing and the languages they use.

When you use similar words as those that your friends use it would be a lot easier for them to relate with your status update and like you. An added advantage of using a familiar language is that you can avoid any potential misunderstanding.

3. Encourage conversation

If you’re an active user of Instagram, you probably would have noticed by now that a lot of Instagrammers and influencers write some questions in the description of their pictures. They ask you things like “what your favourite food or favourite movie is”. Some might even ask you what your horoscope sign is and so on.

This is what I consider a creative conversation starter. When you see things like that under somebody’s post, the next thing you want to do is drop your opinion, and before you know it, you are engaging in a conversation with other people and the original owner of the post.

This technique does not only work on Instagram; it is something you can also bring to your Facebook page to make yourself more likeable and approachable.

When you make other Facebook users feel like their opinion is important to you ( even if you don’t care what they say or think in real life), they tend to pay more attention to your account and always want to comment on your post.

When your Facebook friends leave a comment under your pictures or your videos, make sure to reply to them so you can quickly increase the number of interactions on your account and possibly get more friends.

4. Post regularly

Consistency is critical in the world of Facebook, so you must post as often as possible if you must stay relevant. Try to make a post several times weekly or even more if you have exciting things to share.

However, try not to post more than one a day, so you don’t appear as an attention seeker. If you are always on people’s feeds they just night her board of you and decide to unfollow your annoying amount. Try to be present on Facebook thought-out the week but don’t overdo things on the platform.

5. Be Trendy

Do not make people get irritated by how old-fashioned and boring your posts are. So you’re best to stay up-to-date work trends so that the contents can be updated accordingly.

If there is a new film or song everyone is talking about, try to share your opinion about it but make sure it is a seen sensible opinion, so you don’t attract the wrong attention online.

6. Pictures are always better than write-ups

The truth be told, the world is acting tried of reading texts. Nobody has the time to sit behind their phone screens and read endless lines of boring texts from you. Now that you know this how do you capture the attention of your text avoiding facebook friends simple all you need to do is upload beautiful photos.

People are moved by what they come so if you take gorgeous pictures with perfect backgrounds or you upload photos of other things or people and places your audience will be forced to like your account and even engaging interactions with you.

Are you still confused about how to get famous on facebook? I guess not. So what are you waiting for? Log in to your Facebook account and give it that boost it deserves.

Leave a comment below to let us know if you find this article interesting or if you have any other things you would like to share with us.

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Emmanuella Oluwafemi
Emmanuella Oluwafemihttps://freelancespace.org
Emmanuella Oluwafemi is a sociologist, anthropologist, fashion model, and senior writer at Krafty Sprouts Media, LLC. She is also the founder of https://freelancespace.org
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