How to Uninstall Multiple Apps on Android Using Google Play Store?

Uninstall Multiple Apps

Every Android user knows that Google’s Play Store is the most critical application on their device; it gives access to so many excellent capabilities because it’s the ‘Fort Knox’ of all Apps and Games to make your Android experience much better.

Yeah, I know how stressful it can be to spend your time on the Play Store to get your new phone ready for use. But that is in the past now; because lately, Google has done a lot of optimization and improvement on its Play Store by implementing features that will make your experience exciting.

While the play store is going through its renovation, they are also trying out a dark mode which is still under testing. To make navigation more comfortable, they plan on improving the user experience by allowing the user to uninstall apps directly on the Play Store.

This can be done by going to the app page and clicking the uninstall button. It is a convenient way of removing unwanted apps.

However, there is another fantastic feature that allows you to uninstall multiple apps.

Formerly, it was impossible to uninstall multiple apps at the same time, but using batch uninstalling, you can uninstall apps in batch. Still, it’s not applicable to the beta version of apps.

This option is only available on the stable version, and it does not require you to sign up for any beta programs. Follow the necessary steps to get it done;

  • Go to the app drawer on your device, search for the Google Play Store, and tap on it to launch it.
  • When the play store has opened, swipe right on the menu and click on the ‘My Apps and Games’ option. That action will take you to another screen where all your installed apps are displayed. Also, you will come across various sections of the app named Installed, Updates, Beta, and Library.
  • Tap on the installed section and then go to storage; you’ll see a list of the Apps and Games that are installed on your phone.
  • Select the Apps or Games that you want to uninstall then tap on ‘Free Up’. This action will bring up a pop-up that will ask you to confirm your choice. When you have confirmed, tap on the Free Up to get rid of the selected apps and games.

Thanks to Google Play Store’s new features, we can now end the stress of getting multiple Apps and Games uninstalled from our smartphones.

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