How to Use Apple AirPods with Non-Apple Products?

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Apple’s AirPod was created to be a game-changer for lovers of the wireless earbud, which serve as an option for so many people throughout the world.

The style and convenience that Apple brought to the table have made other competitions like Samsung to follow the same steps with their earbud products.

With the Apple ecosystem being so closely linked, however, the question in the mouth of users is, can the Apple AirPods be used with other Bluetooth-enabled devices?

Can the Apple AirPods be used with non-Apple products?

The short answer is yes. It’s somewhat surprising, but you can and you can use your Apple AirPods with devices outside the sphere of Apple.

This means that your Android devices and other Bluetooth enabled devices like laptops and such can be connected to your earbuds. Below are the steps you can take to connect your AirPods to other Bluetooth enabled devices:

  • First, navigate to the Settings Menu on your device
  • Locate the Bluetooth section (on Android, go to Settings >> Connections >> Bluetooth)
  • Then confirm that the Bluetooth is turned on
  • While on your AirPods, open the case with the AirPods still inside and then hold the setup button that is located on the back of the case
  • Then wait for the flashing light located between the seats for the AirPods
  • Check, your AirPods should now appear on the list of Bluetooth devices found in the menu

You are done, your Bluetooth devices are now paired and should work with your AirPods.

Tell us what you think about this post and other ways you can connect your AirPods to other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

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  1. Do you know if pairing it with a non-apple product will then de-pair it with my current iphone? As in, will I need to press that button again next time I want to use it on my iphone? because as it is now, I can just open up the case and they automatically connect to my iphone

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