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How to Use Ceramic Car Coating?

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Are you tired of using car wax for your car and still not get the desired and expected protection for your car? If yes, then car ceramic coating or ceramic nano-coating is your answer.

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This liquid polymer when applied on the car forms stronger bonds and as a result, protects your car against dirt and dust along with providing long-lasting shine. Moreover, it is easier and convenient to maintain without visiting the car wash regularly.

With these and many other benefits, nano coating is absolutely worth trying. Yes, it is a little expensive but with all its benefits, it will prove to be extremely cost-effective in the long run.

How to use ceramic nano coating for your car?

Now, if you are planning to use car paint protection for making your car shinier and attractive, you should be sure of applying it in the right manner. It is best advised to take the help of the professionals to get the expected results from ceramic nano coatings.

It would hardly take 2-3 days of the professional car to properly coat your car with high-quality nano coating.

However, if you want to nano coat your car on your own, you should take care of some of these essential steps. With the proper observations of all these steps, you will be able to add the best charm to your car without any hassles.

Interested in knowing the steps to use ceramic nano coating on your car? Here are the steps to follow:

Wash your car thoroughly

Begin the process by washing your car thoroughly from inside-out. Make sure to remove all the dirt, pollutants, dust, and any type of contaminations from the car before moving any further.

Dry the car with proper measures

After you have completed washing your car, next you should take proper measures to dry your car. You can use heavy dryers to get rid of all the water from the car.

Removing all the water from the car helps to analyze and avoid any scratches or scars from the car in the best possible manner. This will make sure that your car gets the professional touch with the application of nano coating.


Apply the ceramic coating

Once you have washed your car properly, the next step is to apply ceramic nano coating on the car. You can easily find a suitable and effective nano coating kit in the market. Make sure that you have chosen an authentic and high-quality kit for getting the best results.

These are the things that you will find in the car ceramic coating kit for an easy application:

  • Armor Shield Bottle
  • Application sponge
  • 3 applicator suedes
  • Microfiber buffing towel
  • Professional gloves

Keep the application simple

There is no need to get complicated when applying the ceramic nano coating on your car; just keep it simple. Start and work on smaller portions at a time and complete applying the coating on it.

You can divide your car’s surface into parts for effectively applying the coating all over the body without any hassles.

Maintaining the car

After you have completed the coating, the next thing that you should really pay attention to is the maintenance of your car.

Never miss on the bi-weekly washing of your car to avoid excess build-up on your car. You can also clean your car with a normal cloth whenever you witness any dirt or contaminations.

Once the ceramic coating is done, it is advised to let your car stay inside for about 12-24 hours to let the car paint protection settle on your car’s surface effectively.

Final Verdict

If you want to make your car look attractive along with getting effective protection, then there can be no better solution than car ceramic coating. It is totally worth investing in for keeping your car new for the maximum time.


  1. Can the ceramic coating be applied without professional help?

Yes, you can apply ceramic coating all by yourself. However, it is advisable to take professional help for applying this car paint protection to get all its best benefits without any hassles or difficulties.

  1. How many layers of nano coating are required?

Only one!


There is no need for layers of nano coating one over another. Once, you have applied a layer of this coating, you are all done to enhance the beauty, charm, and protection of your car against the possible contamination.

  1. Can you put wax over ceramic nano coating?

Yes, you can but you really shouldn’t.

Using wax coating over the nano coating is just like using a dull wrap around an expensive and high-quality wrap that would bring no good to the car. The car ceramic coating is more than sufficient to protect your car against all the possible damages that can affect it.

  1. How to maintain the ceramic coating for longer use?

The best way to maintain the charm of the nano coating is by regular washing. Make sure that you are frequent with washing your car to get rid of all the dirt and pollutants. It won’t take you a lot of time as it is really very convenient to clean the nano coatings.

  1. When to wash your car after the coating is done?

Once the ceramic car coating is completed, wait for about 12-24 hours before washing your car. If by any chance the car gets wet before that time, the water should be removed and blow dried before it dries on the surface of the car.

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