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How to use iPhone as a Webcam with various Easy-to-use Apps?

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We are in the 21st and regardless of how we try to deny it, the advanced technology is at its best and surprisingly, it’s here to stay. Many are the times when we go away from home and miss everything in it including our lovely pets but thanks to the new technology, you can now use a webcam to track your home as well as your pet.

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There’s no need to break your bank just to buy a webcam because you can successfully use your iPhone as a webcam with the help of amazing apps. With that, you can keep track of live audio and video feeds, adjust the video’s resolution and get alerts for audio and face detections.

Sound surprised? If yes, that’s acceptable but because we don’t want to keep you waiting, here are some of the top-class iPhone apps to use your iPhone as a webcam.


icam iphone

First on our list is iCam, a top-notch app you can use to stream live videos on your iPhone. iCam comes with a special feature which does not only record but also plays back the motion events. Surprisingly, you receive notification anytime this app detects anything.

Using this app is as easy as ABC given that the only thing you need is to download iCamSource software or purchase its mobile app. All the iCamSource motion events are backed up to cloud thanks to iCam cloud support. When considering a webcam, one of the most important things to consider is the quality of the camera and iCam will not disappoint.

IP Cam

IP Cam

IP Cam is yet another top-class app that helps you to use your iPhone as a webcam. With this app, you can record videos and capture everything you want. What makes this app stand out is that it can be used to capture the computer videos when your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi.

Also, it comes with an option of adjusting the brightness, saturation, and contrast according to your personal preferences to ensure that the recording is on top of the world. Besides being compatible with MJPEG streaming, it boasts grayscale and night vision mode that protects your eyes in the night to ensure that you are comfortable, and your eyes don’t strain.

Air Cam Live Video

Air Cam Live Video


Air Cam Live Video is the perfect choice for anyone looking forward to viewing the live video feed from the internal or external webcam of their computers. With this app, you can excellently set up a webcam in your office and monitor people and their activity remotely from your iPhone.

What’s more is that as soon as you pair this app with an external webcam, it can work as a home surveillance system helping you to have peace of mind as you can easily monitor the activities of your home. The app gives you an option of setting up motion detection to enable automatic video recording. It also helps you to adjust the frame rate as well as volume right from your iOS device.



WebCamera is without a doubt one of the most popular iPhone webcam apps, and for good reasons. This app has amazing features that turn your iPhone into an excellent webcam. The video quality, latency, and modes are top notch and it has the ability to capture videos in various resolutions such as 640×480, 480×360, and 192×144.

WebCamera is compatible with several messaging apps and what makes it stand out is that it can work with video production software like CamTwist, Boinx TV and Camtasia. The app is user-friendly and one of the few apps you can’t regret spending your hard-earned money on.



PocketCam is yet another app that can never disappoint when it comes to transforming your iPhone into a webcam. What makes it exceptional is that it can change your iPhone into a wireless webcam for your Windows or Mac PC.

The app is user-friendly, and anyone can set it up within a few minutes without the need to have technical knowledge. This means that if you are not a tech guru, this will be the perfect app for you to buy if you wish to use your iPhone as a webcam. Another added advantage about PocketCam is that it comes with easy to use features, has great video quality and excellently supports FaceTime, audio and iMessage.



If you are looking for something with the power to deliver videos in high definition and low latency, iVCam would be a perfect choice. What makes this app an admiration to many is that it can support common video sizes and 720p, 480p, 360p as well as 1080p.


What’s more, you can excellently configure the audio and video quality, not forgetting the frame rate according to your personal likings. iVCam supports both portrait and landscape modes meaning that the choice is all yours to decide how you want to experience your viewing. Many users love this app due to its ability to support video flip/mirror, face beauty and flash among others.

Instant Webcam

Instant Webcam

Instant Webcam is another top-notch app that can effortlessly transform your iPhone into a webcam. It is equipped to stream full-screen audio and videos to various devices connected in the same Wi-Fi network. It boasts amazing features such as 30 FPS video, 100-millisecond latency, and CD quality AAC audio.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose the video resolution you’re comfortable with. What makes Instant Webcam special is that you can either use rear or front camera to shoot videos in all their glory. This app works excellently with different web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox and you can use your favorite browser to record and download MPG videos.

Bottom line

The world we are living in is becoming better with each dawn thanks to the advancing technology. It all started with the introduction of life-changing phones such as iPhone, and now the experts have gone a notch higher to help you transform your iPhone into a webcam.

Above are high-quality apps that can help you use your iPhone as a webcam, and the ball is now on your coat to decide which one to go for depending on your personal preferences. All in all, the app you choose must have the option to effortlessly monitor video feeds and produce high-quality videos.

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