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How to Use the New iOS 12 ‘Do Not Disturb’ Features on iPhone

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With iOS 12 already rolled out, Apple introduces a set of exciting features around its Do Not Disturb functionalities. Some of these features are based on users feedbacks and wish lists, going all the way back to when Apple introduced its ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature with iOS 6 in 2012.

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The first ever design in iOS 6 allowed you to disable your phone sounds and set actions that will allow calls from only a limited group of contacts. Also, iOS 12 Do Not Disturb is packed with new features.

What are the latest features in iOS 12 ‘Do Not Disturb.’

Six years later Apple decides to use the iOS 12 Do Not Disturb to add more contextual features on the iPhone.

Now you can set up your DND (Do Not Disturb) using five different filters:

  1. Bedtime Mode.
  2. Location or Geofence with ‘Do Not Disturb Until I Leave This Location.’
  3. Do Not Disturb for an hour.
  4. Setting up ‘Do Not Disturb until the next day morning.’
  5. Integrating Do Not Disturb into your Calendar events.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the features and provide a step-by-step guide to assist you in making use of these new features on your iPhone. We will also explore how there’s integrate back to your macOS and watchOS experience since many users use different Apple devices.

Comparing the Do Not Disturb features on iOS 11 and iOS 12

Let’s start by taking a look at the iOS 11 Do Not Disturb settings to ground ourselves with the feature at hand.

You can enter the Do Not Disturb settings in iOS 12 the same way as in iOS 11. There is no change there, but the only difference is that Apple has added in the new “Screen Time” piece to the group of settings in iOS 12.

On your iOS 11, tap on Settings >> Do Not Disturb; you get to find out that it shows you all the familiar Do Not Disturb features along with the DND While Driving, which was introduced in iOS 11.


The basic settings in iOS 12 DND screen look the same as that of iOS 11. The differences in the settings become only visible when you enable the ‘Scheduled’ button in iOS 12.

How to Setup and Use Bedtime Mode in Do Not Disturb

When you tap on the Settings >> Do Not Disturb >> and enable Scheduled. You immediately see the new option called ‘Bedtime Mode’ in iOS 12.

When you activate the new Bedtime Mode in the Do Not Disturb setting, it pretty much sets up a dark display automatically on your iPhone and blocks any alerts or notifications.

Apple redesigned this new Bedtime Mode feature to make the quality of sleep a bit better for those users who usually wake up in the night to pick up their iPhone as alerts and notifications light up their screen.

When you enable this setting, you will see message ‘Calls and notifications’ will be silenced while your device is locked. Notifications will be sent to History.

So, now any new notifications that come in are going to be sent to the notifications history so that you can be able to check them when you wake up in the morning rather than having to look through your iPhone in the night.

You can also swipe up on the Bedtime Mode Display screen to see the missed notifications around missed calls and texts.


However, when you swipe from the bottom of the screen, it takes it to your home screen. Also, when you swipe from the middle of the screen, you will see notifications history without having to go and disabling your ‘Do Not Disturb’ setting.

Siri Suggestions will come up automatically reminding you to call back the person that tried reaching you during the Bedtime Mode.

How To Setup Location or Geofence Based Do Not Disturb Settings Using Control Center

At times when you are in an important meeting or meeting someone important for business, and you don’t want to be disturbed or distracted.

The new iOS 12 feature comes in handy for those moments. You can now set up a Do Not Disturb based on location and schedule it.

You can handle this new feature through the Control Center on your iPhone. When the 3D touch or long press (which is for devices without 3D Touch) the DND button on your iPhone Control centre, you will decide to set this feature up by selecting the ‘Until I leave this location’ option.

As long as you are in a particular location, your iPhone is set up to auto Do Not Disturb mode. The moment you leave that location, it automatically gets disabled. That’s an easy way to set up this feature without having to go through a series of settings or manually entering a location.

So it is important to note that this feature requires you to turn on ‘Location Services’ on your device settings otherwise you will not find this particular option in the list of 3D actions on your Control centre.

Not Been Able to See the ‘Do Not Disturb Until I Leave This Location’? Or it’s Not Working?

  • Navigate to Settings >> Privacy >> Location Services and make sure it’s turned ON.

  • Scroll all the way down to the system settings.
  • Make sure that the Location-Based Alerts are turned on.
  • Now verify that your Cell Network Search is also turned on.
  • And if one or both of these are already turned on, try to turn them off, then wait for a moment and then turn it back on.
  • Then restart your iPhone.

Using Long Press or 3D Touch to access the New Do Not Disturb Features

The other 3D Touch options that are available to you are setting up Do Not Disturb for an hour, until the following morning or entering your schedule by tapping on the “Schedule” line.

These simple settings make it more convenient to put your iPhone into DND without having to go to the detailed settings. They help in a temporary Do Not Disturb mode that can be set up for the hour or until the following morning.

This is somehow different from iOS 11 in that the older iOS didn’t have any 3D Touch options. So it was merely a toggle in the Control centre that helped to switch on or off the DND mode on your iPhone.

Do You Want To Get Rid of the Do Not Disturb Lock Screen Notification?

Some readers can’t bear seeing the new Do Not Disturb notification when they Do Not Disturb Mode turns on. They do not want or need a reminder of how DND works (i.e. silences notifications and calls until it is turned off.)

So, is there a way to disable this message showing up every time you engage the Do Not Disturb mode?

Sadly, no, at this time, but there’s no way to turn off this annoying notification.

We are suggesting that you send Apple your feedback concerning the issue and ask them to provide a way off these Notifications in their future iOS software update.


How to Integrate Do Not Disturb (DND) with your iPhone Calendar

You will love this particular feature.

There have been times when you walk into an important meeting and you switch your phone to DND mode but then you also forget to disable it after the meeting, and you end up missing out on important messages and calls.

Apple has made it super easy and convenient in iOS 12 for you to avoid such issues with forgetting about turning off your DND mode. Whenever you set up your calendar meetings using your iOS Calendar app, the next morning on your schedule is automatically inserted into your DND 3D Touch setting.

Now you can select the option ‘Until the end of the next event,’ and that will do the trick. Easy right? As soon as the meeting comes to a close, your iPhone will revert to normal mode from Do Not Disturb mode.

We are all aware of how meetings are. When most meetings at work run late, so it’s advisable to be mindful of using the ‘until I leave this location or the change the setting manually’ if required.

Do Not Disturb mode keeps Turning On by Itself?

If you have noticed that your Do Not Disturb turned on by itself or if you have been having issues upgrading to iOS 12 or 12.1, then you are not alone.

The best way to go when you are facing this is to disable Do Not Disturb Bedtime Mode. That should be able to fix the problem you are having with DND turning on by itself. We are hoping in the future Apple will provide a way to fix this issue.


How Does Do Not Disturb Features Integrate with macOS?

For this, I will like to check if Apple has any enhanced functionality on the MacBook when it comes to Do Not Disturb setting and more.

As with older macOS, you can gain access to your notifications and DND status on your MacBook by clicking on the icon at the top right corner on your screen.

Clicking on the notification tab will enable you to see the DND settings.

And it appears that your Do Not Disturb settings do not synchronise across your iPhone and MacBook. If your bedtime mode is turned on on your iPhone for DND, make sure you have your MacBook close by because you will still be able to see notifications, and FaceTime calls come through on your MacBook.

There’s no section in the iCloud settings that will permit you to enable your settings for sharing between the devices when it comes to DND.

But you can access the Do Not Disturb settings on macOS Mojave by just clicking on the Apple Menu >> System Preference >> Notifications.

However, you can either manually setup your DND options on your MacBook by choosing your desired window or select the option “When Display is sleeping.”

Stayed tuned to more articles on iOS and macOS and let us know in the comments section if you have any tip or questions that can help readers.

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