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Reasons to Start Icing Your Face

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Water, in its many forms, has proved to be a solution to many beauty problems we face and many problems we are trying to avoid. Water itself, has many health and beauty benefits.

The steam from water has been used for many beauty regimes and now I’m about to tell you the health benefits of ice as part of our beauty and health quest.

There are many beauty products and procedures these days, each with their unique purposes, effects and brand names.

While these products may work efficiently, there may be short or long-term side effects in the form of allergies, formation of wrinkles, effects of too many chemicals being used, etc.

Natural home remedies, however, have proven to be cost effective and generally healthier with little or no side effects that may deter our health.

The use of ice cubes being one of them. Using ice cubes on the face has so many benefits and is based on the concept of thermogenesis. Thermogenesis simply means heat production.

Thermogenesis has been recently discovered to have many healthy effects on the body.

Thermogenesis methods are broadly classified into 3: exercise induced thermogenesis, non-exercise induced thermogenesis, and diet induced thermogenesis.

Icing and cold baths fall under the non-exercise induced thermogenesis in the form of shivering.

Shivering is our body’s natural defense mechanism to produce heat for the body in cold environments. Ice water baths have been used in weight loss processes as well as sport therapy and injury rehab.

However, today, we are discussing the benefits of icing only the face, because, let’s face facts, the idea of submerging yourself in a bathtub filled with ice sounds scary – I mean titanic scary.

Icing your face is quite an easy process. Put a piece of ice in a light cotton cloth and work it all over your face. This should be done in an upward circular motion for the best results. The benefits of icing your face are:

Fat burning

This probably sounds absurd, I assure you it isn’t. thermogenesis methods have been found to burn fat and icing your face is no different.

This is achieved by means of the vagus nerve in the face that is intertwined with nerves of the heart and other important nerves of the body. Subjecting the vagus nerve to thermogenesis through the icing of the face, by extension, makes other nerves to follow suit.

Improved skin appearance

Icing the face plays a major role in beauty. These beauty benefits are:

Skin refreshment

After a stressful day, we crave rest with a little tender love and care and this could come in the form of massages. The use of ice cube on your face makes you relaxed and refreshed while massaging your face muscles, making you look and feel less tired.

Treatment of inflammation

The skin on our face is several times thinner and more sensitive than that on our body and is, in some cases, the most exposed to the harshness of the sun and pollution.

This gives the face blisters and is more prone to breakouts as Sun exposure also has a way of opening up the facial pores.

Icing the face not only treats inflammation but also speeds up the process of healing cuts and bruises as it clots the blood to the injury. It also closes the pores of the face, making it less prone to breakouts and tightens the face.

Acne treatment

The use of ice on acne prone skin is very much recommended. Acne may result due to hypersensitivity to the chemicals in cosmetics and exposure to the sun takes advantage of this and damages the skin even further. Use face ice treatment to treat the burns.

Ice also cleanses the pores and closes them, reducing the occurrence of acne and pimples.

Tightens the skin and gives a radiant glow

If you make face ice method a daily routine of about five minutes, it tightens your skin overtime and reduces wrinkles and minimize fine lines. It also wards off dullness in the face, making the face have a radiant glow.

Easy and affordable

Ice face treatment is easy to do and requires no professional help so you need not go to the SPA for this. It can be done in the comfort of your home. The materials needed are ice and a small piece of cotton cloth (perhaps a handkerchief) and these are definitely more cost friendly than the everyday cosmetics.

I’d like to think and I hope that after today, you make this a part of your beauty regimen from time to time so that you may gain from these benefits.

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