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300+ Ijaw Baby Boy Names and Their Meaning

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What would it take to find the perfect Ijaw name for your baby boy? I mean, there are thousands of names to choose from, but making up your mind on what name suits your little prince best can be a difficult task.

We have decided to make the job of selecting an Ijaw name for your little one easy with the list of Ijaw baby boy names featured here. Factors to consider before selecting an Izon name for your son includes the name’s meaning, ease of pronunciation, how it sounds, and ultimately, what you want from a perfect name.

It is a common belief in Africa that names are powerful and have an influence on the lives of the bearer. Since this is a belief that many cultures share, it is only right that you wish the best for your progeny by selecting an Izon baby boy name that they would be proud of even as adults.

The Ijaws are famous for their delicious delicacies like unripe plantain porridge, fisherman soup, and also roasted plantain and fish. For many years, people have associated the Ijaws with weird English names like Independence, Leader, Respect, and many more.

However, there are thousands of beautiful Ijaw names for baby boys that sound nice and have lovely meanings. Some quick facts about the Ijaw or Izon people of Nigerian before we proceed to share baby boy name options with you:

Fast facts about the Izon people of Nigeria

  • The Izons are considered a minority ethnic group in Nigeria, but they are, infact, the 4th largest ethnic group.
  • The Izons occupy areas of both eastern, southern, and western Nigeria.
  • Most Izon communities are fishing communities, and their primary occupation is fishing. They also boast of being some of the best swimmers in Nigeria.
  • The Ijaws people speak a total of 9 different languages that belong to the Niger-Congo language group.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most popular Ijaw baby boy names for you.

Ijaw names for boys

Abadi-ingoboRiches from overseas
AbalaghaI am not worried
Abarasi-TamunopiriI leave all for God
AbbeyFine boy
AberebieghaI do not want trouble
AberemangighaI face my problems/ I do not run away from problems
AbiddekariAsk them before you say anything
AbosimaghaMy coming was not wrong
AdaereFather’s name
AdagogoGrand father’s resemblance
AdangoFather’s wealth
AdaobuA child born after the death of the father
AdawariGrand father’s house
AdonyeMy wish
AfiniThe fire of God
AjubonyanaghaI have none other than God
AkaderiLaughter is not love
AkeTo receive
Akpo-otupeikumoDo not listen to the people of the world
AkpodighaLive life carefully
AkpoebiLife is good
AkpofemoweiA man who will enjoy life
AkpotutariMay the people of the world love me
AlamieyeseighaWhatever the king does is right
AmabaraRight hand
AmabipiThe voice of the people
AmaibiThe good of the land
AmaitaraThe town loves me
AmakediLook upon the town
AmasoThe God of the land
AmiesimanyeoforiInnocent/ I have done nothing wrong
AnjuMy life
AparabieghaI shall not seek revenge
ApawaribimI come from a good home
AsitoghaI have no evil intentions
AtonyeGod’s plan
AyebabomoteGod’s praise
AyebadeinyefaNothing is greater than God
AyebaemomoemiGod is with me
AyebaeninideteiGod has shown mercy
AyebaidobamoGod has made me great
AyebainakarimanateGod has answered my prayers
AyebaseigheGod is not bad
AyebatariGod’s love
AyebatonbraGod’s plan
AyebawomoemiGod is with us
AyetamaranbrakemiLife is in God’s hands
AyibaebiGod’s goodness
AyibaefieGod’s time
AyibaemiThe goodness of God
AyibanengiyefaNothing is greater than God
AyibaseingheGod is awake
Ayibatonye idumobie mieLet the will of God be done in my life
BaafuroTomorrow is pregnant/ Nobody knows tomorrow
BalafamaDo not be afraid
BanimibooforiNobody knows tomorrow
BaratuipreHelping hands
BasoeneTomorrow is another day
BeinmonyoI am fulfilled
BiedimaI am comforted
BiedimanyeA thing of comfort
BieobumaDon’t be offended
Bietonyewhat I expected
Bietonyeghawhat I did not expect
BinalayefaThere is nothing like relatives (family)
BitegeraghaCloth does not speak (a child is worth more than material things)
Boboye/ BubuyeOne’s own
BolouapamoyenemoghaNobody knows tomorrow
BoloupudighaNo one knows the heart of a person
BrakemiIt’s in your hands
BrasinLeave it for God
BubarayeMy personal thing
ChekirifaghaThe land with water cannot get lost
DabaraThe father’s hand
DagogoFather’s resemblance
DamieibiThe good deeds of the father
DamiesimaghaMy father has not done wrong
DaminaboThe father’s friend / related to God
DaobomateGod bless us
DaomunaGod is awake
DaopunyeThe father’s hope
DaowanateGod has heard us
DaowaninamiGod is with us
DatonyeGod’s plan
DatuboThe father’s child
DauebiFather’s good
DaulayefaNothing can be compared to a father
DawariMy father’s house
Debakedoumenel desire to be great
DeinaboComes with peace
DeinmoTo be victorious
DemezoukumorDon’t be in a hurry to insult me
DerioteidouFree from ridicule/ laughter
DibiobumaDo not take offense
DiepreyePersonal gift
DimbainimiobofaNobody knows tomorrow
DimienGod’s work
DitorusinMind your business
DoukpolaghaBeyond discovery
Ebi-egberiGood news
EbiagaGood character
EbiakpoGood life
EbiaredeMy eyes have seen good
EbiasuodeI have come into goodness
EbiboseineyaghaThe blessings are mine
EbideI am now successful
EbidisebofaWho doesn’t like good things?
EbidoughaDoing good never ends
EbieyaYours is good
EbigbaSpeak good/ Talk good
EbikaboweiGoodluck/ Comes with good
EbikemeHandsome man
EbikemefaNo one is good
EbikemieDo good
EbikeneyeGood things are my portion
EbiketonPlan good
EbikewenimoMoving to glory
EbikiseyeA rich man has many brothers
EbikonboweiHe who comes with good
EbilayefaNothing is greater than a good thing
EbimieDo Good
EbiminiIt shall be well
EbimunuIt shall be well
EbiotuGood people
EbioweiHandsome man/ Good man/ kind man
EbiowouGood way
EbipadeGood has come/ good luck/ something good has happened
Ebipamor-oweiGood will always follow you
EbipereGood wealth
EbiperemeneIt will be good to me
EbisdorEverything is good
EbisenbofaNobody is perfect
EbisuodeGood has come
EbitariGood love
EbitimiRemain blessed
EbiunduGood life
EbiyeGood thing
EbiyopreyeIt is well with you
EbiziimoBorn into glory/goodness/ fortune
EdisemorkrumorDo not look down on me
EgirigiGreat person
EkankumoDon’t plan bad against me
EkiodieyeghaSense/ wisdom cannot be shared
EkiofeghaSense/ wisdom cannot be bought
EkiyeRemember me
EkiyorClever man/ Wisdom
EkpoblokemiI am ahead too
Ekpöebi-ölameneI shall be as good as you people
EkpolayunIt will reach you too
EmbeleakpoSweet life
EmomotimiStay with me
EnaiMy own
EnemoEndurance/ Perseverance
EneteghenaHear my prayer
EneyiMy own
EnibraMy hand
EnietinkumoDon’t ask for what is destined to be mine
EremiemiMy name shall live on
EsikumoDon’t be afraid
Ewoyengipasisei-inetemonaPlease God hear my prayers
EzoukumorBe steady/ Do not be in a hurry
FasinghaA name never dies
FinidiOpen and see
FundudiyeghaOne’s education cannot be inherited
FunkuroKnowledge is power
FunpereEducation is wealth
GesikemeTruthful man/ honest man/ upright man
IbiamaGood land
IbiasoGood path
IbibamaMy kindness will not backfire / kill me
IbiboNice fellow
IbieneboBorn on a good day
IbiereGood name
IbierefaghaGood name lasts forever/ is never lost
IbifaghaA good deed is never lost
IbifubaraGood luck
IbikisiGood health
IbimI am good
IbimaIt will be good
IbiminaGood relations
IbiminapaWealth attracts many friends
IbinyeGood thing
IbisaGood time
IbisoGod is good
IbitamunoGood God
IbitoruGood sight
IbiwangiGood journey
IbiwariGood household
IbiyeA Good Thing
IbumieghayeNot my making
IbunimiKnow yourself
IdaereMy father’s name
IdahMy father
IdakariMy father’s decree
IdalaMy father’s wealth
IdaseniboMy father is a house elder
IdawariMy father’s house
IdawarifaghaMy father’s house is not lost
IderimaDo not ridicule me
IgbiegeraghaMoney does not speak
Ikio-tonyeWhat I thought of in my heart or mind / Heart’s desire
IkiomoyemiThere is hope
IkomiemiphobiaSay no more/ No more talks
Ikubienemibo-OforiNobody knows my heart
ImomoemiAbide in me
ImomotimiStay with me
InakposeimokumoDon’t destroy my life
InangoMy wealth
IngofeghaPoverty is not bought
InibrayekedohFind your own
InyanaboimieariMy God is not done with me
ItuatonRemember me
IyealaMy children are my wealth
IyeopuMy greatest possession
JesumiyenJesus has done it
KariebiThe blessing we prayed for
Kemeke-emienebibraghaI will never forget the good works of people
KemelayefaNothing is greater than a human being
KurokaghaI didn’t take it by force
KurokemeStrong man
NdukariPray for long life
NengimoteAbove all
NgoebiMoney is good
NgoebiyeWealth is good
NgowariWealthy house
NsanawajiGod’s mercy
Nye-IgbaribiyaMy own shall not miss/ pass me by
OdounkakpoLong life
OgbotuboChild of the soil
OifieThis is our season
OkubhatobofeghaMoney cannot buy a child
OlobofaThere’s none like him
OndotimiStay alive
OndoukariPray for long life
OndowareOld House / The family shall live long in the house
OpukimiBig man
OpukiriBig land
OpuoweiGreat person
OrotonyopaghaNot as they wish
OweipaMan enough
OweipareA man has arrived
OwoufimiuoweiA man who opens the way
OyakemederekumorDo not make fun of the poor
OyinagonoemiGod is in heaven
OyinbiamotimiMay all God’s blessings be with me
OyinbrakemiIt’s in the hands of God
OyindeinmodeGod is the greatest/ God supercedes
OyinenadeGod has heard me
OyinketonperemunuGod will plan for me
OyinkuroGod’s power
OyinmeideGod has done it
OyinmiebiThe good deeds of God
OyintareGod’s love
PadaboughayefaAll things shall pass
PaibiProgress/ Success
PèreWealth/ Riches/ King
Pere dieyeaghaWealth is not shared/ You can only become wealthy from your own efforts
PereamaWealthy community/ town
PereboweiA man who comes with wealth
PerekebenaWealth brings relationships
PerekemeWealthy person
PerekemebinaoyaghaA rich man doesn’t lack relatives
PerelayefaThe richest
Peremobo-oweiA man born with wealth and riches/ comes with wealth
PeremoboereGood fortune
PereotuWealthy people
PereozoukumoDon’t rush for riches
PerepakerekereThere are different types of wealth
PeresuoteiKing/ wealth has come into the home
Perewari-perefaThe rich man’s house will always be rich
PereyeiWealthy husband
PreyeGood/ Gift
SeighaNothing is spoilt/ bad
SeikemefaNo one is bad
SeimieghanDo no harm
SeimobofaNo one can destroy me
SeiyefaNothing is bad
SelefirimoghaThey don’t send money on an errand
SeriakeChosen one
SongoHeavenly wealth
SualaWar lord
Tamara-brakemiIt’s in the hands of God
Tamara-denbofaThere is none greater than God
Tamara-doubraGod’s will
Tamara-ebiGod bless
Tamara-ebielareGod’s goodness is mine
Tamara-emiThere is God
Tamara-emoemiGod is with me (Emmanuel)
Tamara-etuemiGod has my back/ God is behind me
Tamara-karenaServe God
Tamara-pereThe riches of God/ God is king
TamarakpoGod owns the world
TamarakroGod is strong
TamaralayefaThere’s none like God / Nothing is bigger than God
TamaramiebiGod’s gift
TamaramiyeneGod has done it
TamarataenaGod heard my prayers
TamaratareLove God
TamaraudoubraGod’s will
TamaraukroGod’s power
TamaraumieyeiseighaThe works of God cannot be faulted
TamarautareLove God
Tamuno-idahGod is my father
Tamuno-iyeowunaGod heard my cry
Tamuno-ogonoemiGod is above
Tamuno-omi/ Tamuno-emiThere is God
TamunobarabinyeWhat I requested from God
TamunobarasuaCommit it into God’s hands
TamunobeinimibooforiNobody knows the mind of God
TamunobesaGod’s time
TamunobiekirimGod’s mind is different
TamunodenyefaNothing is too big for God
TamunogobofaghaHe who beleieves in God is safe
TamunoibiekpomamGod has increased my hope
TamunoinyeonwaGod has answered my prayer / cry
TamunoitekenaGod answered my prayer
TamunomiebakaGod has done much/ God has done well
TamunonengiyeoforiNothing is greater than God
TamunoprinyeGod’s gift
TamunosaGod’s time
TamunosakiGod’s time is the best
TamunosikiGod’s time
Tamunotonye/ TonyeGod’s will/ God’s desire
Tamunoyemiepiriyabo-oforiThere’s no one that God doesn’t do something for.
Tari-emiThere is love
TarikebulouLove first
TarilayefaLove is the greatest/ there is nothing greater than love
TarimoboeweiThe one who comes with blessings
TeinaneGod has answered
TekenaListen to my plea
TimadiLet them watch and see what I will become.
TimiebiHave patience and wealth will come
TimiebiboThe joy of living
TimieriLive to see
TimilaemiIt’s worth staying put
TimioyeinkediStay and look up to God
TimipameneYou Will Live Long/ You Will Not Die Young/ You will stay till you are out
TimipreStay for me
TorukroBe strong
TubokebimaThe good child
TubolayefaThere is nothing like a child
TuboukëyeiThe child is the husband/ A child is a husband
WariebiGood family/ progressive family
WengibunughaGod does not sleep
Woyengi-MomoemiGod is with me
WoyengidengimokuronipreGod give me power to conquer.
WoyengiemiGod is alive
WoyinpreyeGod’s gift
YoubaitonghaThere is no forbidden day for travelling
ZiolaThe last born

If we missed anyone don’t forget to let us know if the comment section below.

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Emem Aye

Please what is the translation for glory or God’s glory in ijaw

Kingsley Felix

There are about 20 ijaw clans and all have their own meanings, so you have to be specific.