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200+ Ijaw Baby Girl Names

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Are you in search of Izon or Ijaw baby girl names? Well, we’re making your search much easier with our list of famous and beautiful names for that Izon damsel of yours.

But why opt for an Ijaw baby girl name when you can always Christian your baby an English name? Here is our take on this critical question, before we share the list with you.

Nigeria is the most populous African country, and the country owes this to several factors which will not be discussed here. With over 540 languages and ethnic groups, this culturally diverse nation has been able to create a beautiful collage of rich cultures and traditions.

The family, being the primary unit of every society, is made of unique people who share a blood relation, but stand out as individuals with different names and personalities. One of the fastest ways to identify a Nigerian by their ethnicity is through their names.

Yes, an Izon man can easily stand out in a crowd of Nigerians from other ethnic groups when he calls out his name, and so can an Ibibio man.

Giving your child a name that is local to your ethnic group is one of the few ways to portray your child’s identity, remind them of their roots, and teach them to be proud of their heritage wherever they find themselves as they grow older.

The world has evolved past the stage where Africans are too ashamed to be called their native names, and this is a good thing. Besides, there’s a beauty to how female Izon or Ijaw baby girl names roll off the tongue, and you don’t want to give that up for anything.

Also worthy of note is that the Ijaw people are the fourth largest ethnic group in Nigeria, with populations scattered around parts of the south, and western regions of the country.

Ijaw communities are mostly riverine, making their primary occupation fishing, and causing them to be great natural swimmers. While Ijaws are notorious for adopting English names, they are also known to have some of the most beautiful native names in Nigeria.

Here is our list of Ijaw baby girl names you should consider.

200+ Ijaw Baby Girl Names

AbiyeWhat I want or need/ my desire
AdenbofaThere is no one greater than her
Adibobouigbe/ AdiboHead turner/ Whoever takes a look at her hits the bush
Agake-ereA woman’s character makes her a wife
AkpotutariLet the people of the world love me
AkumoereThe only woman amongst women
AlaereQueen/ A woman of substance
AlakereRoyalty makes a woman
AlayingiRoyal mother
Amafini-ereA woman who opens up the glory of a town/ community
AnitorufaNone like her
AyakpoNew life
AyawariNew house
BekearaEnglish woman
BeleuziFirst born
BeriyaiRejoice/ jubilate
BibinideiI have been accepted
BiobeleHappiness/ joy
BirakumoDon’t forget me
BobolayefaNothing can be compared to my own
BobomieghaI didn’t do it on my own
BodisereA woman who likes to come into the world
BoyelayefaNothing like your own
BuboupakumoDon’t grow alone
Dabota / DataFather’s beloved/ Father’s wife / Daddy’s girl
DedeloliaMorning Star
DirimoebiBlack beauty/ African beauty
DiseiinPeace, tranquillity
DisemiGod’s work / I like it
EbeleakpoSweet life
EbiakpoGood life
EbiaredeMy eyes have seen good
EbiarereGood gain
EbiasuodeI have come into goodness
EbibaniGood water
Ebidein-ereBest woman/ Most beautiful lady
EbideseghabofaThere’s no one who doesn’t like good/ good things
EbidisebofaEverybody likes a good thing
EbidomereA woman who wants or likes good things
EbidouereA woman in search of good things
EbiereA beautiful woman/ Good woman
EbierediseghakimifaEveryone loves/ craves for a good woman
EbierelayefaThere’s nothing better than a good woman or wife
EbierideiI have seen good
EbieyaYours is good
EbikakeAccept good things
EbilamobofaMost beautiful / There will be none more beautiful than you
EbimeiseghaDoing good is not bad
EbimieDo good
EbiminiIt is well
EbimoboereWoman born with blessings/ A Woman who has brought good
EbimotimiGood stays with me
EbipadeGoodness/good fortune has happened to me
EbipateiGoodness/ good fortune has happened to me
EbisinkumorDon’t praise beauty
EbisuodeGood has come in
EbitareLove is good
EbitariGood love
EbiwouGood road/ path
EbiyeA good thing
EbiyopreyeIt is well with you
EbrakumoDon’t forget me
EdubamoHonour me
Egbesopiriye/ SopririyeEgbesu’s gift/ Divine gift
Egbesupiriala/ SupirialaEgbesu has given me wealth/ Divine wealth
ElayokonTake what reaches you
EmeleakpoGood life
EmomoemiStay with me
EmomotimiStay with me
EndiseimokomorDo not look down on who I am today
EneyiMy own
EniyeMy child
ErebemoboyiamaSpecifically sent to me
ErebiThe beauty of womanhood
EredapaWomen household
ErefaghaMy name is not lost
ErekpodesiemiI love woman too
EremiemiMy name shall live on
EreminaWomen household
ErewarifaghaA house with women shall live on
Eyoroki-ebidein-emiWoman is the best
Faghafagha-ebiUnending beauty
FasinghaA name never dies
FiberesimaDeath is the end of everything
FimienyeWhat death has done
FunakpoBook life
FunebiKnowledge is good
FunereBook woman
FunwareA family full of knowledge
FuropanyeMy own blood
FuropanyekirimYour child is your child
IbiereBeautiful woman
IbifuroFruitful womb
IbigidoGood mother
IbimeI am good
IbiminaGood relative
IbinaboCame with good fortune
IbisoI am well
IbumieghayeNot my making
IkaebinyoI will be good too
IneboloubelemereThe woman who makes my heart rejoice
InekidouLook for your own
Inemo/ InemoweriEndurance
IneyeMy own
InibrakemiYour destiny is in your hands
IniebiMy good
IsoGod’s will
ItohanI don’t wish you bad
ItorufaThere is none like you (refering to God)
IzibekienGod’s gift
KalayaLittle grandmother
KariaraI prayed for her
KariebiThe blessing we prayed for
KemelayefaNothing can be compared to a human being
KorimodiHead turner/ Branch to take a look
LeleruHappiness/ joy
LuckereLucky woman
MakuereCute woman
NadenI understand
NengimoteAbove all
NgoebiMoney is good
OgbotuboChild of the soil
Okoba-ereGood woman
Okubo-ereMoney woman
Orubai-ereOld-fashioned woman
OrubibisiaThe Promise of the ancestral gods
OyabradeI have forgotten my sorrows
OyeinkeperemoGod’s gift
Oyin-efiyeGod’s time
OyinagonoemiGod is in heaven
OyinbodeiOur mother has returned
OyinbraGod’s hands
OyinbrakemiIt’s in the hands of God
OyinenadeGod has heard me
OyinenetaenaMay God hear my call
OyinkarebiThe reward/ beauty of serving God
OyinkenumuworimiOnly God knows
OyinkuroGod’s power
OyinmeideGod has done it
Oyinmi-ebiGod is good
OyinprebiMy gift from God
OyinpreyeGod’s gift
OyintariGod’s love
OyintekeBeg God
OyintokoniPraise God
Pabura-ebiereA beautiful woman/ An endowed woman
Pere-ereWealthy woman/ Queen
PereasuodeiWealth has come to me
Peremobo-ereWoman that comes with riches
PinaereLightskinned woman
PówéìlaReceive happiness
SeiakumokumoDon’t take me in a bad way
SobomaboThe one who praises heaven
SodienyeHeavenly gift
SotonyeHeaven’s will / purpose
SuotonJust as planned
TakumeireMy pretty daughter or woman
Tamara-enikarinateGod has answered my prayer
TamarabrakemiIt’s in the hands of God
TamaradenbofaThere is none greater than God
TamaradenyefaNothing is greater than God
TamaradoubraGod’s will/ The way God wants it
TamaraefieGod’s time
TamarakarenaGod has heard my prayers
TamarakarinateGod hears prayer
TamarakruGod is strong
TamaralayefaNothing is bigger than God
TamaramieminiGod will do it
TamaramieyeseighaGod never makes mistakes
TamarapreyeGod’s gift
TamarataenaGod has heard my prayers
TamaratareGod’s love
TamaratonyeGod’s will
Tamarau diepriyeGod’s gift
TamarauemiThere is God
TamarauifieGod’s time
TamaraukarinaGod answered my prayer
TamarautonbraGod’s will
TamunoibiGod is good
TariebiThe goodness of love
TariebiLove is good
TariemiThere is love
TariereBeloved woman
TarikebunaLove is relationship
TarilayefaNothing is like love
TarimoboereA woman who comes with love
TariperedeiLove has been given to me
TekenaHear my plea
TimiereLive to see
Timipamo-ereShe who will survive
TobolayefaIncomparable child
Woyengi-inetemonaGod answer my prayers
WoyengidiepeyeGod’s gift
WoyengiemiGod is alive
WoyengifieGod’s time
WoyengitonyeGod’s will
WoyinbodeGod has come
YenimiereIntelligent woman
YinkeyeA mother is valuable/ great
YinlayefaNothing can be compared to a mother
YinlayefaghaMother is supreme
YoriyoriSparkling/ shiny/ clean/ adorable thing
YoroakpoA Woman’s life
ZiniebimieteGod has done another good/ great thing
ZiolaThe last born
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