iLand Genesys 3 Lite Review

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“Being that we are in the age of fast pace technology advancement, and aspires to stay ahead of this; we remind ourselves daily of the following key factor in our operations: Elegance, Reliability, and Affordability Because it is indeed, a NEW ERA. iLand is an electronic design and development company providing high quality and affordable Android OS mobile phones and apps with great customer experience for developing countries.” – iLand Mobile.

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Welcome to the review and unboxing of the GENESYS 3 lite smartphone made by the iLand Technologies. iLand technologies, rumored to be of Nigerian origin and based in Texas aims to design affordable phones for African developing countries, and this is one of their entry-level phones I was able to get my hands on. Giving that we have taken a liking to exploring other smartphones product available on the market, we have picked the iLand GENESYS 3 lite as the phone to review.

We are also doing this to support their (iLand) goal of being socially responsible and attending to the education of underprivileged kids, taking them off the street, and helping to keep them in school. The phone cost N28,500 and is available on Jumia. I will be rating its various features over 10 when compared to phones within its price range.

iLand Boxed
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Full Specifications

Body: 154.5×76.9×9.8mm, plastic frame.
Screen/Display: 5.5 HD with 720×1280 resolution, 267 ppi Pixel Density, 1100:1 contrast and IPS Screen, Mali-400 525MHz.
Chipset: MediaTek MT6580, QuadCore Cortex-A7 at 1.3 GHz speed.
Memory: RAM; 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM with External Storage Support Up to 128GB using Micro SD card (T-Flash Card)
Primary Camera: 13.0 Mega Pixel, f2.2, with LED Flash, 88 degrees wide angle, Auto bokeh effect and 720P video recording capability
Secondary Camera: 8.0 Mega Pixel, f2.2, back camera (dual with the primary camera).
Front Camera: 8.0 Mega Pixel + 5 Mega Pixel, f2.4, 8b degrees wide angle.
Software: Android 7.0 Nougat.
Battery: 4000mAh, 5V 1A, No flash Charge.
Connectivity: Dual SIM card Standby, Micro + nano card, 2G, 3G, OTA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Colors: Black, Silver, Gold (Only gold available on Jumia)


iLand Accessories
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Accessories that came with the phone includes a charger rated 1000mA (really disappointing), an earpiece, user manual, 1-year warranty card, a free case with dust protection for the earpiece and charger ports, and plastic screen protector.

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Phone in hand
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Concerning design, the phone is excellent and fits well in my hands. The phone has a plastic casing, and the round corner provides a firm grip, the earpiece jack is located at the top, the speakers at the back and charging port is at the bottom. The power button and volume keys are located at the right-hand side. It is not bezel-less (which is very obvious) but still manages to remain pretty.

The back looks catchy though the iLand logo could have been moved elsewhere or still, changed to fingerprint sensor considering the fact that they still had to put the “designed by iLand in Texas” at the bottom side. There are different colors, but the gold is the only one available in Nigeria. For its price though, it is a “you get a little bit more than you paid for” design. Compared with some phones within its price range that I have gotten my hands on, I score it 8/10.

UI/Homescreen and Display

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Homescreen With Nova Launcher

Maybe it’s because I have been used to other displays, but the User interface wasn’t really cool in my opinion. I have never been a fan of colors though, while the display looks easy on the eye, I felt the colors were too much. The file manager screen is too plain, app icons are just bleh, and I think iLand was just trying too much to be different.

Though my friends here loved it, maybe it is all down to choice after all. The light option is excellent and bright with adaptive brightness. The wallpapers are cool though, and there are many Launchers out there that you can customize to get your desired Home Screen. After installing Nova Launcher and File Manager by Xiaomi, I loved it more. The phone can play 3D games well. Final score on UI is 8.5/10.

Battery Life

iLand Battery
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The phone has a 4000 mAh battery that allows you to charge your phone once and use it through the day. I am sure this is part of iLand’s goal to provide phones with lasting batteries for a lower price. From 100%, playing Dream League Soccer with internet connection for 60 minutes took the battery to 87%. I listened to some music, saw a few movies (not streaming, mind you) and chatted with a few friends on split screen for 3 hours with the 3G network on and bright screen, and it only took the battery from 87% to 54%.

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From there on it was just fair usage with internet connectivity still on as I was busy all through. 8 hours later I still had 38%. The battery is good though charging is sloooow as it takes about 3 hours to get from 0 to 100. Well for those of us who know how NEPA/PHCN frustrates us, 4000mAh is enough to carry us till they resupply electrical power. Final score here is 8.5/10.


iLand Camera
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Well, this phone’s camera is cool. A 13MP + 5MP back camera gave a broader picture frame, and the front camera is excellent. Not a fan of pictures though but I know a lot of persons will love the camera. It supports gesture snapping which is a neat feature and a few options including the blur and PRO camera feature.

The only thing I hate is the lack of selfie flash? really who does that? PHCN isn’t friendly over here, and no front flash means I have to forget about taking pictures at night. I give it 7/10

Gaming and Speed

With 2GB RAM and 1.3GHz Quad-core processor, well the phone is fast. Games didn’t lag, and the commentary on my Dream League Soccer game ran smoothly. After opening about 15 apps and leaving them on the recent apps tab, I played Six Guns for about an hour to see its performance, and everything went smoothly. Switching between apps is sleek and smooth. For that, the score is 10/10.


The Genesys 3 lite has 16GB inbuilt memory for file storage. While this is not enough though (only pictures and music files will take up that space), it also provides an SD card slot. This allows you to use your dual SIM without sacrificing any slot for extra memory. The expansion slot supports up to 126GB of data which is good. Score, 7/10.

Media and Speaker

Genesys 3 lite supports a range of video extensions; AVI, MP4, WMV, RMVB, MKV, MOV, ASF, RM, FLV, up to 1080p. The audio extensions supported are MP3, M4A, AAC, MKA, AMR, ALAC, FLAC, APE, WAV.

The phone comes with iLand music app that offers African music for free once you sign in. We can call it our own African SoundCloud. The speaker offers an excellent sound quality, and it is quite loud so we would not need to strain our ears to catch the words while playing Music and seeing movies. Also, the voice quality when making calls is good too. Media Score, 9/10.

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phone top horz
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The phone comes with its own manager and locker app in the name of iLand app lock so you wouldn’t have to worry much. It is not heavy and is easy to use. There are inbuilt battery and data saver, no option to download other fonts though so we are stuck with the default font, though there are options on the Play Store.

There is an inbuilt eye protection feature that helps you operate it at night. Also, there are smart gestures and sensor options like automatically dialing a contact from SMS thread by just putting the phone close to your ear, though you will have to turn this on. The gestures also have support for driving mode, and also supports Google TalkBack for persons with vision impairment. The score here is 8.5/10.


The design is fresh, the weight is just right, and the speed is great. I love the battery life and speakers, suitable for gaming and entertainment. The eye protection and smart gestures features are well appreciated. The camera captures astonishing images so our moments and memories are preserved in clear pictures.

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No selfie flash which is bad, No fingerprint sensor, Color Choice is limited to just one color, and the 1000mA Charger really ticks me off.


The iLand Genesys 3 lite is good enough for its price and considering all its features, and I there is 7/10 chance I will recommend it to anyone seeking to get a phone within that price range (below N30,000).

The iLand Genesys 3 lite featured in our 15 Insanely Discounted Phones Below N40,000 With Nice Specs,please do well to check it. Also, if you need a phone with more specifications, check 14 Amazing Discounted Android Phones Below ?65,000. You should also, check How To Migrate Your Data From An Old Android Phone To A New Phone once you get the phone.

Got any questions for us regarding the phone, want to contribute? We love your thoughts and criticisms. Please use the comment box and we will do well to reply you.

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  1. I read this review then bought the phone. But phone came with a malware that pops up random ads and sometimes subscribes me to sms services. I have formatted, and root formatted and the virus wont go. I have uninstalled in safe mode too. My last resort is to return the phone to its owners.

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