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How to Use iMessage on Android

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One of the significant differences between Android and iPhone is that Android devices can’t utilize iMessage. But if you have the proper software, the right type of computer, and some technological savvy.

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It’s feasible to install iMessage for your Android phone.

Why Can’t I Use iMessage on Android?

You can’t make use of iMessage on Android as a result of Apple’s unique end-to-end encryption system in the message. This ensures that messages sent from a device through Apple’s servers to another device receiving them are secured.

Because each message is encrypted, the iMessage network only works on devices that can decrypt the message.

You should know that Apple reserve iMessage and all its cool features, including iMessage apps, which is restricted to devices running iOS & macOS as a means of driving individuals to acquire their products. As a result, there is no iMessage for Android app accessible for download on the Google Play store.

However, there is a way around Apple’s control over iMessage. Android users can utilize a program named weMessage. If you wish to know more about weMessage, kindly read further.

What do you need to utilize weMessage?

You require the following to use weMessage:

  • An iMessage account: This could be your existing Apple ID
  • A Mac running macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher: Utilizing weMessage requires you run a program on your Mac
  • Java 7 or a higher version inaugurated on your Mac
  • An Android phone that runs on Android OS 5.0 (Lollipop) or more
  • The weMessage app should be installed on your Android device

How weMessage allow you to use iMessage on Android

Although iMessage isn’t compatible with Android phones, it does work on both iOS and macOS. It is iMessage compatibility with macOS that matters here. weMessage is a program for Mac that links messages via the iMessage system.

This means all the texts that are sent to weMessage are then transferred to iMessage for shipping to and from macOS, iOS, and Android devices, while still utilizing Apple’s encryption.

How to configure weMessage to use iMessage in Android devices

weMessage requires a smart bypass to handle apple’s security for iMessage, and this would be easier for tech-savvy. There are many steps here, and it employs a more complicated setup than most programs.


This is an alternative if you are committed to installing the iMessage app on your Android phone.

Here’s what you’re required to do.

Setup weMessage on Mac

  • Install Java on your Mac to use weMessage. Ensure that you have it by piloting to Applications >> Utilities, then launch the Terminal app on your Mac. Type Java, and then click return

If you notice an error, it means you don’t have Java. But If you don’t see the error, you’ve got it. Ensure you have the recent version

  • Download the weMessage software for your Mac
  • In the weMessage folder, double-click the run.command text file to initiate weMessage. If you notice an error indicating the program can’t operate because it’s from an unknown developer. Tap the Apple logo >> System Preferences >> Security & Privacy >> General, and then click open anyway
  • You’ll be required to enable some Accessibility features on your Mac. In the System Preferences >> Security & Privacy screen. Click the Privacy tab, and then click accessibility
  • Click the lock symbol at the bottom left to access your settings. If incited, input the password you used to gain entry into your Mac
  • Click the + symbol, and then navigate through your hard drive to Applications >> Utilities
  • Click Terminal >> Open
  • Double-click run.command again to start the program. This will initiate a Terminal window
  • Enter the email address you used with iMessage, and enter a password

How to configure weMessage on Android

  • On your Android phone, go to the Google Play Store and install the weMessage app
  • Launch weMessage on your Android
  • Click on Continue
  • If the permissions error pops up, click ‘okay’ to give the app consent to access your phone settings
  • When the setting opens, click on the button next to modifying system settings to provide the weMessage with access to your device
  • Tap the rear arrow at the top to return to the app
  • When asked to assign a default SMS app, choose weMessage and then select as default. Tap ‘okay’ on the “help” reminder
  • Input your Mac’s IP address into the app so that it understands how to relate to your computer. Learn how to locate your IP address if you don’t know how
  • Input your iMessage email address together with the password you chose while setting it up

Supposing everything has been appropriately configured, a screen that contains all your conversations will pop up. Test to know if you can send iMessage texts from an Android device by texting an iPhone.The text bubbles will turn blue if the set up is correct.

The instructions stated above only work when your Android device is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Mac. However, you’d need to set up port forwarding to use iMessage on your Android phone anywhere you are.

Port Forwarding programs your home Wi-Fi network to allow external connections. This is how your Android phone will connect to the weMessage app on your Mac regardless of where you are.

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