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Reasons Why You Should Include Dark Chocolates to Your Diet

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There are so many sugary foods that are not healthy for the body and it is quite possible to add chocolates to the list but then hold on a bit. Do you know that chocolates are very beneficial to your health, most especially your brain? Are you surprised?

Not all chocolates are healthy though but this post is all about dark chocolates. Dark chocolates are so much healthier than white chocolates and milky chocolates.

It has been scientifically proven by researchers that dark chocolates have helped to keep your brain cells Sharp and active. They also have a good effect on your heart and likewise, help reduce the risk of having several heart diseases.

Asides this, there are so many nutrients and antioxidants contained in dark chocolates that help keep your body in a very good and perfect working condition. We have been able to compile some reasons why we are encouraged to have dark chocolates as our snack:

1. Dark chocolates are very nutritious

Dark chocolates with a very high amount of cocoa in it are extremely very nutritious. They contain a good level of soluble dietary fibers as well as loads of minerals. Although, dark chocolates are not encouraged to be eaten daily, however we are allowed to take it as snacks every once in a while.

They come with about 600 calories and little amounts of sugar. The fats present in dark chocolates are usually mono saturated fats as well as saturated fats. Some of them may contain little amounts of poly unsaturated fats.

Dark chocolates contain little trace amounts of caffeine but it is highly unlikely that this trace amount can keep you awake at night. The amount of caffeine in dark chocolates is very little compared to that of coffee.

2. Dark chocolates contain very high amounts of antioxidants

Dark chocolates contains lots of organic compounds that are biologically active and they also function as antioxidants. The antioxidants found in dark chocolates include polyphenols, catechins, flavanols and so on.

The cocoa present in dark chocolates are the actual source of these antioxidants and they ‘re way very powerful and they are essentially needed by the body.

3. Dark chocolates help improve blood flow within the body

One of the antioxidants present in dark chocolates helps the endothelium and the internal lining of the arteries by stimulating it to produce Nitric oxide which helps in smooth flow of blood.

Flavanols causes the release of nitric oxide whose function is to send chemical signals to the arteries to relax not contract. When these arteries relax, it will cause a decrease in the rate of resistance to blood flow present in them thereby reducing the blood pressure in the body.

4. Dark chocolates reduces the risk of having several heart diseases

The antioxidants present in dark chocolates as well as the compounds found therein are highly protective against the oxidation of bad cholesterol(LDL).

Once oxidation of LDL occurs, it will cause the particles found in LDL to react with free radicals which are found traveling in the blood stream.

Once this occurs, it can make these particles more reactive and it becomes extremely capable of destroying other tissues. However, antioxidants present in dark chocolates help to prevent this. Research has shown that there is a high reduction rate of heart diseases in people that consumes dark chocolates.

5. Dark chocolates helps improve brain function

Dark chocolates help improve brain functions and the level of memory retention in humans. There was a recent survey that was carried out among healthy volunteers showed that eating dark chocolates for five straight days improved blood flow to the brain.

It also been seen that in some elderly people who have some sort of mental impairment, dark chocolates have been seen to improve cognitive functions. Stimulants such as caffeine and threobromine can help enhance brain function.

6. Dark chocolates help reduce your body mass index

Researchers have found a relationship between dark chocolates and the reduction of a person’s body mass index. The intake of dark chocolates helps to shrink a person’s BMI by helping to combat fatty acids in the body.

7. Dark chocolates help to improve the eyesights

We probably have heard that carrots are very good for the eyes? Well, dark chocolates too also are very great on the eyes. Cocoa flavanols which are present in dark chocolates have been seen to help improve blood flow in the arteries that supplies the retina, the eyeballs and also the brain and this will help increase and improve your sight.

8. Dark chocolates can help reduce swelling and inflammation

The antioxidants and fibers present in dark chocolates don’t get properly digested at the upper gut up until they get to the colon. At the colon, the compounds in dark chocolates starts to digest and they get absorbed into the body system.

This absorbed compounds helps to reduce swelling within the cardiovascular tissue and this helps you by reducing the tendency of stroke.

9. Dark chocolates help to protect your skin and maintain your skin tone

Well, dark chocolates helps to maintain your skin tone and asides your sunscreen, dark chocolates helps to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of Sun.

10. Dark chocolates helps to reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase the good and helpful cholesterol (HDL)

Dark chocolates and cocoa contain polyphenols which in turn helps to reduce the rate of bad cholesterol level which will then help prevent so many cardiovascular and heart diseases. They help prevent stroke, arteriosclerosis etc.

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