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6 Pro Tips to Increase Engagements on Your Instagram Stories

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Are you looking to have more engagement and a father rich on your Instagram stories? Then this article is for you.

According to the latest statistics at present, there are over 500 million Instagram stories that people upload daily, and this number is increasing at a very drastic rate. What this means is that Instagram stories are a potent yet competitive resource for people who are looking to gain the attention of customers and other Instagram users.

More and more individuals, brands, communities, and companies are using Instagram stories to draw the attention of customers and gain more followers.

We will be sharing six amazing professional tips with you as read further that will help to enhance your Instagram stories design and look and also help to boost the engagement on your Instagram stories.

1. Make use of photo editing applications to spruce up Instagram stories

The popularity of smartphones and other easy-to-use devices, alongside the fantastic number of people that make use of Instagram which is the most popular photo sharing platform on the globe have made people discover how important photo editing applications are.

Instagram has some photo editing features, but they are very few. That is why a lot of people use third party android photo and video editing apps as well as free iOS applications to correct and improve colours, crop and rotate pictures, manage white balance and brightness, as well as add as many stickers and animations that they want to their views and videos.

Some of the most famous photo editing applications are lens distortion, snapseed, photo director photo editor, PicsArt, foodie, and PIXLR.

2. Save money and time using pre-designed Instagram story templates

You can make your Instagram story design a little more catchy by applying some effects or filters, including text or stickers, or you can decide to take the easy route by using the pre-designed animated or static Instagram story templates.

You don’t have to stress over the layout phones effects as everything is designed, well thought out, and packaged into one easy to edit template file by Instagram professional graphic designers.

All your required to do here is to download an Instagram story templates PSD file then write it in photoshop with your custom text and content. The Instagram stories templates are a nice shortcuts that will help you create consistent Instagram stories branding when you stick to several templates layouts and designs and just rotate them whenever you want.

3. Take advantage of the easy to use Instagram clickable stickers

Have you tried the Instagram story sticker feature? If you haven’t done so then, you have to work it as soon as possible. Trust me when I say that what you need to engage your audience on Instagram is the Instagram story stickers.

Instagram as a platform provides you with a wide range of labels that are interactive, clickable, animated, and even stickers of a favourite emojis. Below are the stickers that will help you get as much engagement as you want.

a). #Hashtag Stickers

When you use #Hashtags, you automatically boost the discoverability of your Instagram stories. Every time you put a hashtag to your Instagram story it automatically becomes visible in search amongst other stories and posts with the same hashtag.

When you want to post campaigns or highlights branded hashtags all you have to do is make use of hashtag stickers.

b). Location sticker

Whenever you add a specific location to your Instagram stories, you will be automatically expanding the reach of your audience. How this works is that anytime you include a place to your Instagram story whenever anyone searches for a post with that specific location tag your post will also appear in the search.

So if your business is one that has a physical location, this is a very significant opportunity for you to have people nearby discover you and also gather followers that are around your vicinity.

c). Mention sticker

When you mention someone in your Instagram story, the person automatically gets notified that you have mentioned him or her and they can reach share your story through their account.

The mention sticker is a fantastic way to help you build a community, create your account, make a partnership with other brands, and even humanise your communication with followers. All of these will help to increase engagement.

d). Question and poll stickers

Another wonderful option that can help you engage your followers is to make use of the question and poll stickers provided by Instagram.

The fantastic thing about this kind of stickers is that they allow your followers to learn valuable informations, learn about interest, and also helps you determine the preference of your audience. You can also gather feedback from products services and your customer’s thoughts on your company, amongst other things.

4. you can lunchtime ltd special offers through your Instagram stories

Human beings are always looking for different ways to cut down expenses and save money. This is something you can take advantage of by creating promotions and sales and also including the emergency factor that will make your followers go crazy.

The engagement on your Instagram stories will be increased, and decreased rates also will be increased every time you post a time-limited special offer. You should also remember to encourage your followers by using an enticing call to action text that would require them to post with detailed information about your promotions or offer.

5. Make your Instagram story more interactive by using animation and music

People love to see interesting and funny videos so when you make your Instagram story more interactive. By adding different types of animations and sounds will definitely be drawing the attention of more followers.

You have the option of including GIF right in your Instagram videos; all you have to do is choose one from the many gifts that are hidden under the GIF sticker option. Something else you can do is to add animated text or animation to your Instagram story via a third party application like pixaloop, hyper type, adobe spark post, and imgplay.

6. Add a link that direct people to see more on your webpage or online store to your insta story.

If you’re not only looking to increase your instagram story engagement, but you are trying to convert the views into traffic for your blog, your website, or even increase sales in your online store, then if you should add a link to your Instagram story.

You would be providing for yourself the perfect solution. There is a swipe uplink feature that has been made available only to accounts like public figures brands and celebrities that have gathered over 10000 plus followers.

If your account falls into any of these categories and you are sure you have collected the required number of followers then by all means you need to use this feature.

All you have to do is click on the link chain icon which is usually at the top of your photo or video on Instagram then include the link and a call to action that will send followers right to your website or your blog.

You can also provide the link in your bio whenever you want people to click on a link this does not require you to have thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers anybody at all can put a link in their bio.

These tips will help you to achieve your dreams by using your Instagram story we hope that when you are done using the steps, you would come back and leave a comment below.

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Emmanuella Oluwafemi
Emmanuella Oluwafemihttps://freelancespace.org
Emmanuella Oluwafemi is a sociologist, anthropologist, fashion model, and senior writer at Krafty Sprouts Media, LLC. She is also the founder of https://freelancespace.org
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