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Indisplay Everything, Dual Notch: Top Device Features We Expect to Blow Your Mind in 2019

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While 2018 did see the increase in notched devices and the innovative pop up cameras and indisplay features, the year 2019 promises more than we can think of. For the smartphone world, new features may be introduced by these OEMs while existing features may be improved upon.

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Here at Techcrub, we think these are the top 5 features we may see (and some have been already confirmed.)

Welcome to 5G

The Next Generation of the mobile internet connectivity is upon us as 5G as been confirmed and will be available for public consumption in 2019. The network which has been hyped to allow users to download full length moves in seconds has been launched by Verizon while AT&T has already completed the 5G test with a Moto Mod.

This has seen chip makers like Qualcomm launch 5G ready Snapdragon 855 chipset, software and hardware are already being upgraded and tested as Internet Service Providers seek to get ready in the first half of 2019. Samsung, LG and OnePlus have already made their plans known.

“The adoption of 5G will even faster than what we saw on 4G, which was already fairly fast.,” said Ignacio Contreras, Qualcomm’s director of marketing for 5G.

One thing is certain though, unless you are using one of those Motorola Mods devices, you will need to get a new device to be able to use 5G effectively.

Since it is fairly new, many users may choose to hold on to their old devices till the network is devoid of all the bugs and problems that come with the launch of a new feature in the tech world.

Indisplay everything / Hole Punch Cameras

In 2018, Vivo made the indisplay fingerprint and sound sensors more popular as they climbed to the summit of the phones with the highest screen to body ratio with the Vivo Nex A and Nex S.

Since the race is still own to deliver larger displays without increasing phone sizes, and obviously not using pop-up cameras, we are going to see hole punch cameras or indisplay everything.

Indisplay optical fingerprint readers will get improved ultrasonic sensors in 2019; the sound speakers too will be improved upon.


In order to reduce the top bezels and ditch the notch and pop up, smartphone makers like Oppo and Samsung have already lined up some hole punch camera devices for 2019.

This feature coupled with the already existing indisplay fingerprint sensors, sound speakers and other sensors embedded under the screen will give way to indisplay everything. Smartphone makers are expected to unveil new indisplay speakers at CES 2019.

One thing though, OLED makers are going to make more money in 2019 as you need OLED panels to achieve this.

Welcome Foldable Devices

Whether we believe it or not, foldable devices are coming in 2019. Over discussed by the media I am already tired of reading about it. This is because, the devices are coming, but they will likely be premium, only made for the selected few.

This may not be what the device makers intended, but the high cost of components may make it so unless something happens.

“Although a magnet for gadget lovers, the folding phone’s inevitable high cost and its trade-offs in usability will result in limited shipments. Problems are likely to include poor readability in sunlight, a bulky design to protect the screen’s fold and the need for an external screen,” says Ben Wood chief of research at CCS Insight.

Samsung, LG, Huawei, Oppo and a host of others have already released patents for their own devices, and mass production has started. Google is betting on these devices, and the Android OS will soon be optimised for these devices as they were for the notch.

The unveiling of 5G may delay their release though as well as increase their overall prices as OEMs may want to include it as a deal breaker.

“Don’t be surprised to see the £2,000 phone in 2019 – the advent of 5G, premium materials, perhaps foldable devices and more will see the emergence of a new ultra-premium segment,” says Wood. “Apple has let the way on smartphone inflation, and we expect manufacturers to keep pushing the boundaries – particularly as people hold on to their phones for longer.”

Advanced Pop Up Sliders

Again, we are still onto the highest screen to body ratio war. Introduced as an alternative to the notch, the pop up released by Oppo and Vivo were welcomed but they did suffer some criticisms for using mechanical parts that may develop issues.


Xiaomi did release a better improved version that relied on magnets instead of mechanical parts. Since not everyone fancies a notch and not everyone can afford the indisplay camera phones, the pop up might just be the alternative.

2019 may see some device manufacturers tend to the pop-up and work on it to make it more appealing.

The Dual Notch

Well, some love the notch as it is and some will even love it more if they can get the dual notch. Yes, for those who do not fancy the indisplay fingerprint features and still want their fingerprint sensors on the front side of their device, the dual notch is the way to go.

The Aquos R2 Compact by Sharp already exists, and concept just needs to be worked upon by other device makers. We may see more of that in 2019, and it may not be as bad as you think, especially if Apple chooses to adopt it.

Cameras, More Cameras and Even More Cameras

2018 gave us triple rear cameras, and while we were expecting more, Samsung took a huge step and released the Samsung Galaxy A9 with quad rear cameras. This move is made to give camera lovers more option than they have.

Dual cameras only allow users to have a standard camera and a secondary camera that acts as either a super wide angle camera, a low light secondary camera or a night focused camera.


The quad camera can allow users to have all of those and more and we may see more of them if OEMs can design their devices to accept the extra camera modules without looking bulky.

These extra cameras come with more megapixels of course which will definitely be a good thing.

0-100 in 5 minutes?

While there are already different types of fast charge technologies, 2019 will see us getting even more speed for less time. Nobody wants to charge phones for hours anymore, and Qualcomm has revealed that in 2019 there will be a new triple charging system that will offer up to 32W for charging.

Since sleeker designs do not allow for battery capacity expansion and better displays drains power quickly, charging phones from 0-100 as soon as possible is the only way to solve the problem.

It Is All Screens

In order to totally avoid the notch, pop up and indisplay craze, Nubia gave us what we didn’t really expect; the dual screen. The Nubia X is amazingly beautiful and well made with dual with Dual AMOLED screens adorning it. It is all screens.

Nubia X has 93% screen to body ratio as the rear screen is used for taking selfies. The device sets a trend which other devices are expected to follow in 2019, and we are hopeful it will cost us our kidneys as the Nubia X sells below $500.

The Vivi Nex 2 has already improved upon what the Nubia X offers and heck, I prefer this concept over all the others.

Hello Shepherds Here is More RAM

2018 made 6 GB of RAM space and 8 GB of RAM space a norm, but then we even saw the Oppo Find X with 10 GB of RAM and Lenovo Z5 ProGT with 12 GB of RAM. in 2019, these (10 GB and 12 Gb of RAM space) might become norms.


Alongside the increase in RAM that we may not fully utilise, there is also an increase in storage space as we now have 512GB storage options introduced by most flagships.

Next year we will definitely witness 1TB of storage space, especially in the Chinese market.

Also expected is more demand for AI and processing as Apple’s Bionic Processors, Samsung Exynos and Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 are already NPU equipped.

Laurence Inyanghttps://rencetek.com
Laurence is a computer science graduate, an anime otaku, web designer, curious cat and wordpress lover. He loves writing about smartphones and few other opinions. He is here to give accurate information and also help people with his articles. You can reach him via any of the social media handles.
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