Instagram Live Video Download: Repurpose Live Sessions in 2022

Instagram Live Video Download

Instagram is not only a platform where you can monetize and sell products or your personal brand with the help of stories and posts.

At the moment, the most popular form of content for engagement is Instagram Live. Moreover, this type of content is a way of getting to know and interacting with your target audience, conducting Q&A sessions, as well as training.

Instagram Live is most likely needed to be downloaded in excellent quality if you aim to share some pieces of it with more viewers. 

Many Instagram users know that you can save from Insta pictures and videos or Instagram stories, but it seems that Instagram Lives posted by other users are not possible to download.

But that’s not true! However, there are special services, like Insta downloaders that allow you to download not only the sessions that you conducted from your profile but also the broadcasts that users hold from their accounts.

Also, any Instagram profile downloader will let you to keep the whole content as an archive. 

This content can be extremely useful if you need to cut out certain parts, for example, an interview or communication with an expert or a specialist if you need educational information or a video lesson offline.

For these purposes, a downloader is just a necessary tool that will help you save and cut out the most important sections of the Live in order to view them without the Internet.

Next, we will look at how you can save Lives and tell you about popular ways to reuse fragments or whole Lives in order to attract as much audience as possible to expert and high-quality content.

Instagram live video download: the simplest way

When saving content from the Instagram social network in its original quality (and you will most likely need it in its authentic quality if you want to reuse this material for other social networks), you will need special third-party tools.

There are many different services that allow you to download content from social platforms in the original quality, however, some of them will be faster and some will be paid, so you should choose the most suitable option for yourself.

It’ll depend on whether you need to download content on a regular basis. If only one episode should be saved, then you can use these services for free because they offer trial downloads for free.

However, if you want to constantly download large amounts of content, it will most likely be more convenient and profitable to subscribe to a high-speed downloader that allows you to save various forms of content from any public Instagram. 

So, how does the magic tool called the downloader for Live broadcast work? In order to use it, you will only need to copy the link to that Instagram profile and where the Live is published.

Next, the system will find this Instagram profile that is associated with this URL and you will see the magic download button.

By clicking on this button you will be able to open the entire broadcast as a video file that will be available for download in high quality.

This is a very handy way to save unique and useful content that may probably be useful to an even wider audience than the audience of a single Instagram profile.

How to use an IG Live session?

Save Live & cut the most important pieces

If, for example, you invited an expert from your industry for a Live session or conducted a training or training seminar, then probably excerpts and the most important moments from this broadcast can be useful to you for different purposes. For example, you can use them for fragments of video ads. 

Slicing a clip can be a great demonstration of expertise and content. You can also use fragments for other video platforms such as TikTok, YouTube.

Fragments in excellent quality can be mounted and adapted to the format of any social network. 

Convert videos into audios

Often your audience may not have enough time to attend a live broadcast and be concentrated on a monitor or a phone screen.

In order for important materials and the session that you were preparing not to be wasted, you can convert the video into an audio track and publish it in a more convenient format.

Thus, a user can simply listen to an interview with headphones even if they are driving or busy, without having to look at the screen or be in the application. 

Convert Live to text

If you are engaged in creating content, you understand that many people are interested in watching videos, but sometimes in the text format, the idea can also be conveyed faster, and more importantly, the supporting points can be highlighted clearly.

Therefore, you can always transform the video into text. Further, based on this text, which will either be an interview or answers to frequent questions from users, you can make an expert article, social media copy, etc.

Most often, you can get so much information in one Live that this text is enough for a whole series of posts. 

Thus, you will be able to cover different topics in a particular format of communication – audio, video, the text just by downloading one Live.

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