How to Install Apps That Are Missing From the App Store?

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We know Apple for its strict rules and regulations towards apps that can get into its App Store. However, some apps are laundered into the App Store and are made available for a while before they are taken off.

It’s good news for people that come across apps before they are removed because once they lay their hands on it, they can use it continuously. Removed apps don’t behave the same way as other apps.

They don’t show up as available for re-download after they are removed from the App Store. So now the question is, how do you install apps that have been removed from the Apple App Store?

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Challenge Faced While Installing Apps Removed From the App Store

It’s getting more difficult to install apps missing in the App Store this past few years. It has become more difficult since Apple removed downloading and managing apps from iTunes. Since that feature is no longer in existence, the only way to install apps is through its App Store.

And since removed apps don’t remain in the App Store, which leaves you stuck. You might try jail breaking and side loading to get around this problem, but you will land in more trouble.

The hardest part of installing apps is not in the App Store is that you have to look for the app elsewhere (somewhere). It could be from a friend’s computer or a website. Wherever it is, you must download it because, without it, there’s no way to install it.

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How to Install an App That Was Removed From the App Store?

Make sure it back your phone up on a computer. And since they have erased the app from the store, there’s no way to re-download it. Once it’s removed from your device, it’s gone forever unless you made a backup.

Note: If the app was downloaded on your iOS device, then you should be able to install it.

Once the device is synced with a computer, it will prompt you to transfer your purchases from the device to your computer.

This can be done manually by going to iTunes and then click on File >> Devices >> Transfer Purchases. That should move the app to your computer.

2. Another way you can get the app is if a friend or a family member has the app backed up on their computer then you can get it from them. Locate the folder on their hard drive where the app (s) is (are) stored in. To do this, follow the step below:

  • On a Mac, go to Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Mobile Applications
  • While on Windows, go to My Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Mobile Applications 

Note: Apps that are removed from the store cannot be accessed through Family Sharing.

  • Find out about the app you want, and if it can be emailed, copied into a USB drive or downloaded, get it. Wherever the app was gotten from, drag and drop it into iTunes or into the Mobile Application folder mentioned earlier. If the app refused to show up immediately, quit and restart the iTunes app.
  • Finally, connect back your iPhone, iPad, etc.
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Note: Since iTunes no longer supports Apps tab, if you can have access to older versions of iTunes that still includes it, you can click on the iPhone icon under the playback controls in the top left corner of iTunes.

Then go to the Apps tab and look for the app. Click Install and then click Apple icon at the bottom right to install the app on your iOS device.

Also, remember to downgrade to older versions of iTunes since Apple has removed the ability to sync apps to iOS from its recent updates.

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Some Reasons Apps Are Removed From the App Store

There has never been a good reason for app removal from the App Store. We list some of the most common reasons apps are pulled from the App Store below:

  • Being offensive
  • Promoting illegal, dangerous behaviour
  • Being of low quality
  • Copyright
  • Violating Apple’s rules/policies
  • Containing malware

Does Apple refund the price of removed apps?

If an app that has been purchased is pulled from the App Store and you found out and choose not to go through its installation, you may request for a refund.

It’s a good fact that Apple hates refunds, but they are made under circumstances. Find out how to request a refund from iTunes.

I hope this article helps you sort out those apps you so desperately want but are no longer in the App Store. Send us feedback and your thoughts about this article by using the comments section below.

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