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 Introducing HouseAfrica

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At HouseAfrica, we’ve combined innovative technological solutions with deep investing expertise to create a platform that helps any investor own shares in multiple properties across Nigeria.


We divide housing projects into shares (measured in square meters (SQM)) and allow users to own them and enjoy annual returns from the rents.

Our platform and team do the hard work of property acquisition, maintenance, and portfolio management for you — all while our assets sustain the strong investment performance that real estate is famous for: 4.5%-20% historical net annualized returns.

However, we know that any investment represents an important decision by the investor. With that in mind, we’ve put together this short guide, helping you understand some of the most important elements of the HouseAfrica investment experience.

How does it work?

It typically takes less than 5 minutes to create an account and begin investing with HouseAfrica.

  1. Select your desired property: Find one or more building projects to buy shares in.
  2. Choose number of shares in Square meter you want to own: Select the total number of shares in square meters to buy.
  3. Make payments: Once your payment is confirmed, you receive Instant Ownership Certificate recorded on the Blockchain.

What’s unique about HouseAfrica?

It’s easy and free

We charge no fees to investors and you can invest with your ATM card.

Anyone can invest

As long as you are over 18 years old, you can invest no matter who you are or which part of Nigeria you’re from.

Great Returns

Real estate will generate an ongoing passive income, and is a good long-term investment as its value increases exponentially over time.

Low Entry

Buying shares from as low as N10,000


All Shares and properties titles are secured and held by SEC approved Trustee and Blockchain Technology. The building is also insured.



Your Share can be sold with capital gain to another shareholder, new user or transferred to a relative

How does an investment potentially earn returns?

Real estate investments typically generate returns in two forms:

Dividends (Income) — Revenue generated on an ongoing basis through a reliable cash flow, like tenants paying rent. HouseAfrica pays out earned dividends to investors on a yearly basis.

Appreciation — The increase of a property’s overall value over time. Our platform updates yearly price index on the invested properties. So, this determines the price of the shares yearly for investors that wand to sale after holding period.

What are the properties like?

HouseAfrica contains both residential and commercial real estate deals, including single-family and multi-family rental properties, for-sale housing, School hostels, hotels, retail space, and office buildings.

We have an in-house team of real estate professionals who personally identify, analyze, and underwrite all of our real estate deals. Our ability to identify high-quality, opportunistic investments is at the core of our platform’s historical success. Only a fraction of the properties we see meet our selective standards — we typically accept less than 1% of the thousands of potential deals we review every year.

As a result, our portfolios and investment plans offer genuine and deep diversification, while maintaining the powerful 4.5-20% annualized returns for the investors

The number of properties held by your portfolio generally depends on you. There is no limit of numbers properties. Although KYC required when you own more than N500,000 worth of shares

Does HouseAfrica charge fees?

  • HouseAfrica charges 10% of rental returns from the properties as management fee. We only earn when
  • 5% charge when investor wants to sell their shares before the holding period and 2% after the holding period.

Why are we using Blockchain?

We are using Blockchain to create;

Digital assets representing property shares (Square meter token (SQMT)) Holds as POO (Proof of Ownership)


Global Verification of Ownership

Investors share ownership can be verified on the Blockchain

Instant issuance of Proof of Ownership

Once Shares is Issued, Poof of Ownership is generated and recorded on the blockchain

Faster ownership transfer in Seconds

With our SQMT, share ownership can be transferred to another in seconds

Where can I contact you?

Our Investments Team is our in-house department of experts dedicated to helping you understand HouseAfrica, the opportunities in real estate market, and your investments placed through our platform.

You can reach them by email at any time, at hello@houseafrica.io We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

How do I get started?

Now that you’ve learned some of the important HouseAfrica basics, you might want to get started with a property of your own.

If so, you can open your account here and start your journey toward becoming a real estate investor. Checkout housing projects open for Investment here (https://houseafrica.io)

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