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Introduction to the Best Car Audio Speakers

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Many modern vehicles use cheap factory installed speakers, with a single driver which produces the whole range of audio signal frequencies. Car manufacturers use low-quality speakers to reduce manufacturing costs.

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However factory speakers can degrade really quickly, especially if you listen to your music at a really loud volume level. Fortunately replacing your standard auto speakers is easy. In most cases the only tools required is a screwdriver.

Replacing the factory audio devices with high quality car speakers can provide a remarkable improvement to the audio landscape of your car.

When people ask “what are the best car speakers?”, I generally explain two-way and three-way speakers are the most popular replacements because they have separate drivers which produce the lower and higher frequency ranges.

This approach differs to cheaper factory speakers which have one speaker producing the whole frequency range. It tends to lead to a garbled mix of bass, mid-range and treble.

Our Car Speaker Reviews

Finding a great pair of car speakers for sound quality is easy if you know which features are required. Just always keep your budget in mind.

The markets best car speaker brands change the whole feel of an album and can be one of the most enjoyable purchases you can make for your car. I have personally found the easiest way to find your perfect speaker is to read on-line car speakers reviews.

Today’s finest quality speakers allow you to hear vocals you never heard with the factory speakers. You’ll hear lyrics you couldn’t previously detect. You’ll pick out subtle musical notes hidden in the mix.

You’ll feel the drums as if at a concert. By replacing your factory speakers, you’ll actually look forward to commuting in your car. You’ll want to go on long road journeys.

High quality car audio speakers help you rediscover your passion for music – and the Pioneer T-Series, Infiniti Reference and JBL GTO car speakers give you the best chance of this.


Read our car speakers 2015 review articles for more information about these models.

What is the Best 6×5 Speaker?

Door speakers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. For example smaller cars tend to use 3.5-inch and 4-inch speakers due to the limited cabin space. Most medium SUV use 5.25-inch speakers inside their doors.

We reviewed these speakers by listening to a diverse song playlist on a flat EQ. The best 6.5 car speakers have wide frequency response, high sensitivity and power handling, low impedance, and shallow mounting depths.

Our pick for the best 6.5 speakers are the Infinity Reference 6032cf 6.5-Inch 180-Watt High-Performance 2-Way Speakers. These speakers will out-perform any other brand which sells for under $100.

They sound great, may not have the bass of some other 6×5 brands but the high frequencies are very crisp and clean. We’re sure if you purchase a pair of Infinity Reference 6032cf you’ll agree they’re the best 6×5 component speakers on the market.

In our opinion the JBL GTO638 6×5-Inch 3-Way model is also a great pair of car speakers . As soon as we installed these speakers we said WOW. They play really loud and clear even with a factory head unit.

Installation is a breeze, only requiring a screwdriver and 8 of your own screws. After drilling a few holes in the rear panel they are ready to install.

There is a button in the middle of the tweeters that tones the high frequency sounds down a little which is a nice touch for fans of music with rich vocals.

What is the Best 6×9 Speaker?

Larger speakers such as the 6×9 inch variety are the heart and soul of your car audio system. Most car owners upgrading their car audio system will go for a large sub-woofer and amplifiers if they want a lot sound.


However, if your main requirement is to build an enjoyable car speaker system, the best 6×9 car speakers should be the first item purchased. Due to the size of these speakers they are usually mounted on the rear parcel shelf of a sedan, behind the back seat headrests.

They generally perform most of the work in terms of sound reproduction, handling all sound frequencies apart from the lowest of the low. Here we review the two .

We rate the Pioneer TS-A6995R as the best 6×9 speakers. They are a really pleasant departure from the competition. This speaker model can reproduce music with outstanding quality; and the bass sounds are stunning.

Pioneer equipped the TS-A6995R 6″x9″ speakers with multilayer mica-matrix high quality woofers that stay rigid even when the volume’s turned up, keeping distortion to a minimum so your bass sounds really clear.

Each woofer gets paired up with a mid-range speaker, tweeter, and two super tweeters to add clarity and warmth to your playlist. These speakers will sound great running off your factory stereo, but they’ll really shine when driven by an after-market head unit receiver or an external amplifier.

Don’t drive another day listening to tired-sounding tunes, when you can enjoy luxury sound quality with these speakers in your vehicle. Our pick for second in the 6×9 inch speaker category is the JBL GTO938 6 x 9-Inch 3-Way Loudspeaker.

JBL makes installing the GTO938 speakers a breeze. Designed as replacements for factory-installed OEM speakers, they easily install into nearly any factory-built 6×9 location.

If you are upgrading an older set of after-market speakers, the GTO938’s easy installation makes replacement simple as well. This JBL GTO938 has crisp mid and high range sounds, accompanied by excellent booming bass.

We HIGHLY recommended these JBL speakers for anyone looking to upgrade their sound system.

What is the Best 6×8 Speaker?

These two 6×8 speakers from the top manufacturers will blow your socks off! So let’s dive into investigate what are the best 6×8 speakers!


Pioneers stylish TS-A6874R A-Series – 6×8 speakers 3-way speakers are our pick as the best 6×8 speakers currently on sale in 2015.

With smooth transitions between mid-bass and tweeter, sound from these speakers is not marred by crossover frequency dips. Nice highs, good mid-range and decent lows which you can really hear at higher volume levels which these speakers can handle being rated at 350 watts.

Constructed from high density materials such as carbon graphite IMPP cone, Butyl rubber and an interlaced aramid fiber woofer cone, these speakers provide excellent sound even when driving on the open road.

Pioneers have designed the speaker to allow positioning the tweeter in a different direction from the woofer for the best possible sound imaging. These are a great set of 6×8 inch speakers and I’m positive you will agree.

Also a fantastic option is Infinity’s 6832cf 6 x 8 speaker which includes a powerful 300 Watt, 2-way speakers providing everything a car audio enthusiast could want out of a quality car speaker.

The glass-fiber woofer offers the deepest bass lines for the highest quality sound while listening to your favorite tracks. These great 6×8 speakers have more surface than equivalent model from the competitors due to the technology of the Plus One woofer cone. The greater woofer area delivers fantastic bass and better response.

UniPivot technology in the tweeter gives ultimate high-frequency response. Installation is simple and the speakers include an added feature of front accessible tweeter adjustment, to personalize and optimize sound to your specific vehicle.

If you’re looking for a speaker which fit both 5×7 and 6×8 enclosures at the same time, Infinity includes a bracket which surrounds the speaker and has a different set of holes which fit either 5×7 or 6×8.

Normally it takes only 4 screws to install a speaker. This speaker has 12 holes for a wide variety of screws.


There are many other awesome car speakers available in the market but we feel these models are currently the best on the market.


When it comes to car audio, we want the highest quality and most affordable. You can go for any of these speakers as per your budget and your personal preferences. Don’t forget to like and share the post.

Remember, the music we listen to says a lot about us.

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