15 iPhone Keyboard Apps in 2021

iPhone Keyboard Apps

Apple’s iOS, as we all know, isn’t the most accessible operating system to use when it comes to customization. However, things aren’t as bad as they used to be, and you can now customize some things in the operating system, including the default keyboard.

Keyboard customization support was first introduced with iOS 8, which means tons of different third-party keyboards are available on the App Store.

Third-party keyboard apps help improve keyboard performance. There are various iPhone keyboard apps available in the iOS App Store that can enhance your typing experience.

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But the question is: which third-party iOS keyboard should you be using on your iPhone? Well, we have selected for you some of the top iPhone keyboard apps that you should be using.

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1. Swiftkey Keyboard

Swiftkey Keyboard iPhone Keyboard

Swiftkey keyboard is one of the top and most popular iPhone keyboard apps you can use on your iOS device. The app is top-rated and offers some unique features.

The amazing thing about the SwiftKey keyboard is its autocorrect feature, which is based on artificial intelligence, which effectively detects wrong types and fixes them for you.

Another great thing about the Swiftkey keyboard is its emoji prediction, which automatically predicts the most suitable emojis as you type.

To download the Swiftkey Keyboard, click here.

2. Bitmoji

Bitmoji iPhone Keyboard

Bitmoji is another iPhone keyboard app for iPhone that you can use right in place pf the default iPhone keyboard. The amazing thing about Bitmoji is that it offers everything you need for your typing. From text suggestions to automatic prediction, Bitmoji has it all.

However, the keyboard app focuses more on emojis and has many emojis that express your mood. So, Bitmoji is another of the best iPhone keyboard apps that you can use.

To download the Bitmoji Keyboard, click here.

3. Fleksy

Fleksy iPhone Keyboard

Fleksy is another popular keyboard app available in the App Store. The app is basically made so that it can help you improve your writing ability. Additionally, Fleksy provides users with more themes to choose from.

And not only that, but Fleksy also provides users with gifs and stickers which can be used on various social media sites. Fleksy is also one of the initial iPhone keyboard apps to introduce gesture writing.

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Fleksy also allows you to tap and hold the space bar key to move the cursor and execute changes. Its ability to use the space bar as a cursor was just introduced lately in the iOS keyboard.

To download the Fleksy Keyboard, click here.

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4. FancyKey

FancyKey iPhone Keyboard

As the app’s name suggests, FancyKey is for users looking for a keyboard app with countless customization options. FancyKey offers users a plethora of customization options that can transform their typing experience.

Also, FancyKey has over 100 fonts and over 50 themes to choose from. Besides, FancyKey is also known for its smart auto prediction and auto-correction features.

To download the FancyKey Keyboard, click here.

5. Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly Keyboard iPhone Keyboard

Grammarly keyboard is another outstanding iOS keyboard app that all users would love to have. The Grammarly keyboard’s best thing is that it offers some unique features that can improve your writing and grammar skills.

The iOS keyboard app automatically detects typing errors and shows you the correct word. Not only that, but the Grammarly keyboard also corrects grammatical errors and displays a brief explanation of each correction.

To download the Grammarly Keyboard, click here.

Blink Keyboard is one of the best iPhone keyboard apps that you can use right now. The app doesn’t offer many customization options for users, but it’s just the features that set it apart from the crowd.

Blink keyboard for iPhone is known for its advanced autocorrect tool, which effectively corrects typing errors. Other features of the Blink keyboard include gesture support, one-handed mode, and more.

To download the Blink Keyboard, click here.

7. ReBoard Keyboard

ReBoard Keyboard iPhone Keyboard

If you are looking for a user friendly and easy keyboard app for your iOS device, the ReBoard keyboard may be the best option for you. The best thing about the ReBoard keyboard is that it offers 27 built-in apps to increase multitasking efficiency.

These apps can perform various tasks like finding products on Amazon, sharing files, accessing cloud storage, etc.

To download the ReBoard Keyboard, click here.

8. RainbowKey

RainbowKey is quite similar to the Go Keyboard app. The best thing about RainbowKay is that it offers users thousands of keyboard themes to choose from.

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And not only that, but RainbowKey also gives users several wallpapers, key layouts, fonts, effects, and sounds. So RainbowKey is one of the best iPhone keyboard apps that you can use right now.

To download the Rainbow Keyboard, click here.

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9. Better Fonts

If you are looking for an iPhone keyboard app that lets you write stylish and original fonts, Better Fonts may be the best option for you. Better Fonts offers users a wide variety of types of fonts to write on.

After installing the app, users need to press the F button to select a font and start typing. So Better Fonts is another of the best iPhone keyboard apps you can use today.

To download the Better Fonts Keyboard, click here.

10. Tenor GIF Keyboard

If you are looking for an iOS keyboard app that offers users lots of GIFs, Tenor’s GIF keyboard is undoubtedly the best option for you. The best thing about Tenor’s GIF keyboard is that it allows users to search for GIFs, browse categories, and save them for chats.

Therefore, the Tenor GIF keyboard is one of the best iPhone keyboard apps on the list that you can consider.

To download the Tenor GIF Keyboard, click here.

11. Flash Keyboard

Another top-notch iOS keyboard that you can use right now is the Flash keyboard. The keyboard is known to predict the next word intelligently. The Flash keyboard automatically adapts to your writing style to suggest the next logical word.

Moreover, the Flash keyboard provides users with a wide range of themes to customize the keyboard’s appearance.

To download the Flash Keyboard, click here.

12. WordBoard – Phrase Keyboard

WordBoard – Phrase keyboard is also one of the unique iPhone keyboard apps available in the App Store. It is not a full keyboard app, but it does allow users to control key inputs. This means that a keyboard app can save you time when typing.

With WordBoard – Phrase keyboard, one can add a key to automatically enter email addresses, hashtags, quick replies, phrases, etc. If one is tired of typing the same words and phrases over again, then WordBoard – Phrase keyboard has you covered. The app would enable you to create a personal custom keyboard for phrases and responses.

To download the WordBoard – Phase Keyboard, click here.

13. Color Keyboard

The Color keyboard is a keyboard design app that allows users to create colorful keyboard themes and change the background. With the color keyboard, you can easily customize button colors, key colors, and fonts.

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Also, the Color keyboard can assign additional buttons in landscape mode. Hence, Color keyboard is another of the top iPhone keyboard apps that you can use right now.

To download the Color Keyboard, click here.

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14. Gboard

Gboard iPhone Keyboard

Gboard is not only one of the top keyboards for Android users, but it is trendy with many iPhone users.

The best part about using Gboard is the fact that it has Google search integrated, which means you can search for a location, articles, images or GIFs, or even emoji thumbnails and instantly share them with the person who you talk to, without having to go the application in which it is located.

Besides, the keyboard also offers all the amazing features like swipe/drag/type gestures, handwriting input, Google voice dictation, AI predictions, and more. The keyboard has also been recently updated with new features like creating your GIFs, stickers, etc.

Overall, the Gboard is one of the top iPhone keyboard apps you can use on your iOS device.

To download the Gboard Keyboard, click here.

15. Go Keyboard

Another of the top iPhone keyboard apps is the Go keyboard. An outstanding feature of the Go keyboard is that it provides a few customization options to transform the keyboard’s look, which allows you to choose the keyboard look according to your discernment.

It also comes with tons of exciting features, which include swipe type, custom symbols, and multiple themes.

Go keyboard offers next-word prediction, swipe typing, emojis, and stickers. This keyboard is very customizable, with tons of themes, custom backgrounds, and even key tones and fonts.

To download the Go Keyboard, click here.


So this is the top iPhone keyboard apps that you can use right now. With these apps, you can get rid of the default keyboard app for iOS, which has no basic function.

Well, above are our top picks for iPhone keyboards apps. Are you using a third-party iOS keyboard for your iPhone? Which one is your favorite? Share your opinions and views using the comments section below.

If we missed the keyboard app you love, drop its name, and we will check it out.

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