IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited Lunches Tucana.ng: the Most Secure Web Host in the Continent

Web Host

Something big has arrived the country!

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IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited is an IT firm with expertise in cyber security, digital information and advisory consulting. IPI has decided to take things a notch higher by including Web hosting platform called Tucana.NG, and it has been officially lunched. Tucana.NG is focused at solving challenges and simplifying the steps associated with web hosting.

The CEO of IPI solutions Nigeria Ltd, Mr Garbage Adams said “Tucana.NG was built as a result of the observation in the tech industry in Nigeria, which is so disorganized that people host in different places, especially outside the country, as well as users’ complaints usually on constant down-time and poor customer support.

Being a 1-Tier CSP Microsoft Partner, which over a long period of time, has built an industry practice around data center solutions including hosting for different applications at the enterprise level, there was a need to develop a product that will give this enterprise experience to small businesses.”

One of the most primary challenges that users have to deal with in Nigeria is the lack of a 24/7 active technical support. This is one thing that sets IPI solutions apart from other tech companies as they have a proven track record of more than a decade of providing enterprise-level support to their customers. This is one service that Tucana users will greatly benefit from.

Users will be provided with a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year billing and technical support through emails, telephone calls, and live chat.

The way Tucana.NG is designed, it will be the fastest most reliable and secure web hosting platform in Africa in general and Nigeria specifically. Tucana explication site, Microsoft Azure is currently the most enormous server farm in the globe with over 140 data centers around the world and a place in every continent you can think of. Thus, any websites hosted on Tucana has Azure grade 99% uptime. Cool right!

In an attempt to tackle the massage traffic within the Nigerian web space, Tucana chose the primary extension.NG. Mr. Garbage said “This is because we want the traffic to be regulated in Nigeria. One of the ways we want to accomplish this is by hosting DNS server ourselves. We also have accreditation with NIRA as one of the .NG premium providers which as a result, makes our domain cheaper.

Although, the host of the entire platform is Azure, the traffic and all the information that traverses over the network is resolved locally within the DNS servers in our virtual online network, the domain host and the content in a given pool.

This is to give a unique Nigerian experience to the globe and global experience back to Nigeria with standard industry practice, while all the content is still regulated and monitored through our virtual network host (Azure) and DNS Servers.”

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What we can tell from the current growth rate of the digital transformation of Nigerian businesses, is that business owners are starting to become more aware of the endless privileges they can tap from having an online identification for their brand.

The user interface of this platform has been made very easy to understand and navigate so that users can have a stressful experience on it. Tech professionals will also find the interface easy to use and get their jobs done faster.

The major target of this company at the moment is to get as many businesses and individuals as possible to enjoy a unique experience that is both optimised and verifiable online. Tucana wants to see more local businesses push their way Into the global market by having an online presentation that customers that relate with.

The first 1000 accounts to purchase a starter plan on this new platform will get a free .com domain.

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