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Justin Beiber and Hailey Baldwin to Say Their Vows in a $5million Dollar Mansion

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The wedding bells are finally ringing for these two love birds Justin Beiber and Hailey Baldwin. The duo have recently been seen picking up their wedding and marriage licence in New York city. Normally, after picking up a marriage licence in New York City, the couple have 60 days to finalise their marriage. However, for these two love birds, it appears things are speeding up for them as they have been seen to be hasty about the entire preparations.


A source currently revealed that the couple will be traveling to Canada where they will tie the knot. The source also revealed that the wedding may be as close as next week. Surprising huh?

The wedding is even supposed to be a small close up family wedding so most of their friends may not even be attending the wedding. Just some days before, the duo were spotted just outside a courthouse walking hand in hand with Justin looking very emotional and happy.

On September 13, 2018 the couple were seen to have gone to pick up their marriage licence and eye witnesses recounted that Justin was super emotional while they were at the courthouse with his fiancee.

In his words, he said he couldn’t wait to marry Hailey Baldwin. Another eye witness who was also present in the court house also recounted to TMZ that he overhead when Justin told his fiancee that they would be leaving the country very soon.

Initially, it was reported that Justin and Hailey had planned their wedding ceremony for next year but it really seems the duo can’t wait anymore to do things the proper way.

However, just before his legal marriage at the courthouse, Justin and Hailey apparently had no prenup signed. Justin is so much in love with Hailey that he saw no need to sign a prenup with his better half. The singer didn’t even let his financial team know what he was up to when he was getting legally married to Hailey.

Now a mega problem has arisen as the lawyers and his financial team are all scrambling around to help him get his $170 million dollar fortune in order so that if anything happens in the future, he wouldn’t find himself in a position where he can’t get himself out of and he may lose everything he had ever worked for.

A source said “The both of them didn’t tell their financial teams what they were up to when they were busy signing the marriage documents, and now his people are busy trying to help him get his business and his finances in order”

The fear of his financial team as well his lawyers are understandable since the couple decided to hit the courthouse without letting anyone know what they were up to. A source said that Justin’s financial team is really working hard to help him put things back in track.


Well, according to his financial team, with the current happenings in the industry, there is nothing like putting love first which has been the exact thing that Hailey and Justin has been doing ever since they first announced their engagement just two months ago.

It seems as if the couple have been living in their own love built world as if they have no care in the world. From the random trips they have taken to the spontaneous decisions they take, Justin’s lawyers are beginning to feel  little bit concerned for the couple.

According to one of his lawyers, he said that Justin hasn’t been making some of the smartest decisions financially lately.

There are however speculations that Justin and Hailey may be getting married in his $5million dollar house in Ontario. He apparently bought the house in August 2018. Inside the mansion, there are highly vaulted ceilings, an extremely spacious large floor which is about 9,000 square feet, and it also has a rustic Scandinavian decor theme. Outside the mansion, there is a private equestrian facility and also a wide race track.

As for the wedding guests that are supposed to be coming, they are only a handful and they include Hailey’s parents Stephen and Kennya Baldwin, her two uncles Alec Baldwin and Billy Baldwin alongside their wives. Also invited is her cousin Ireland Baldwin. As for Justin’s guests, we have Justin’s parents Jeremy Beiber and Pattie Mallette.

In addition we have DJ Khalid, Usher, Kendall Jenner as well as Gidi Hadid. These are the expected guests who are apparently supposed to grace the musician’s wedding ceremony. Although there were large speculations about the fact that Justin and Hailey had gotten married in the courthouse, Hailey took to Twitter to debunk the news saying she isn’t married yet but she just may mean she isn’t religiously married yet.

For Hailey, she feels that a civil wedding is highly different from a religious wedding. According to a source, Hailey says that for her, what had happened at the courthouse is just the legal way of doing things and that it is only after she had said her vows before God and men, that is the only time she can say she is truly married.


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