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Is Megan Markle Already Expecting Her First Child?

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It seems there is a royal baby on the way already. Just recently, Megan was seen to have stepped out with her husband Prince Harry in a beautiful loose blue gown. This got her fans asking why the loose gown, most especially for the fact that it was so loose around her stomach area.


The 37 year old royalty apparently has sparked up some curiosity in the hearts and minds of her fans with the beautiful blue dress which she wore to the 100days gala right there in London. This was an event she attended herself.

The gorgeous dress just fell a little bit to Megan’s knees and had quite a lot of ruffles which could potentially hide a baby bump. A fan immediately tweeted that she suspects Megan to be some weeks pregnant.

Even though a potential baby bump may have been hidden, but another feature of Megan that couldn’t be hidden was her glowing skin. As if that wasn’t enough, her mum Doria Ragland is also giving us extra reasons as to what the news could possibly be true.

Doria who has been reported to soon be on a trip to the United kingdom. Not only just a visiting trip but it is rumoured that she might be staying over there quite awhile. She was seen to start attending baby-care classes not so far from her home in Los Angeles.

The classes which she enrolled in is located at Cradle Company, a place that is located in Pasadena. This classes have been said to teach vital skills, and the we all think that its in preparations for her first grand child.

She had even gotten therapists and physicians who have begun teaching her lots of vital fundamentals on first aid which will certainly be needed when taking care of a young infant. Two teachers from the company named Brandi and Hannah come at specific times to Doria’s home to teach her. This is because they are trying to avoid unwanted attentions.

An inner source says that if it is possible, Megan would stop hiring staff when a baby arrives. The best solution to have that happen for Megan is that their mum should move in with them. Plus her mum is super excited to have this occurrence since its something she had always wanted to do anyways.

Doria who had already specialized in child yoga had already learned everything that has to do with taking care of an infant ranging from breastfeeding, consultancy on child lactation, basic baby care, first aid and all round child care.

The course also covers a lot on sleep training, post natal care, weaning of the child as well as helping the new mother heal and recover quickly. We didn’t expect anything less from Doria as Megan and Doria are extremely very close. “Megan is having a hard time being away from her mum which is one major reason her mum is moving down here” the source said.


Doria has always been a doting mother on Megan and while she loves being free and loves her life as well, she does not mind being there for her daughter and possible grandchild. With the level of training and the type of qualification she has attained as well her role as the grandmother of the child, by the time the child arrives, she certainly will be ready to give her daughter all the necessary help she needs when the new prince or princess arrives.

But despite all the happenings of Megan’s dress and the actions of Doria, the duchess’s mother, another source very close to Megan came up to debunk the news saying that Megan isn’t pregnant and both the Prince and his wife doesn’t pay rapt attention to all the rumours going on about them as they have come into the acceptance that it is simply a part of the nature of who they are most especially because of the fact that they only just got married.

“Megan is well aware that she is under public scrutiny as everything she wears now will be analysed for pregnancy signs and clues to give her away. She knows that everything she does will be in the eye of the public and she is getting used to that fact”

Although the pregnancy rumours are circulating the media, Both the Prince and his wife intend to start a family very soon with cute kids. In general, they are planning for a small, closely knit family and We hope for their sakes that their dream comes true.


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